Sonic the Fighters Now Playable on Xbox One

Sonic the Fighters, one of the blue hedgehog’s most obscure games, has joined the ever growing list of Xbox 360 titles now playable on Xbox One.


Created by Virtua Fighter developer AM2 in 1996, the game pits Sonic and friends against one another in 3D fighting arenas. In addition to featuring obscure characters like Espio the Chameleon and Fang the Sniper, the game also marked the only appearance of Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite (who is not actually dynamite, but an explosives lobbing duck).

Anyone who didn’t get round to buying the game on Xbox 360 can purchase it on Xbox One for $5.


  1. Yeah I wish Sonic games on Wii U Visual Console we haven’t had one for years we have one is a Sonic game looks like it is called Freedom Planets a Sonic fan game on Wii U last year ago also is on PC as well is amazing but man I am so excited first classic Sonic game on Xbox One or Xbox Live Arcade is here!!! Now we need is Sonic games, on PS4 PlayStation Network Wii U Visual Console to!

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