Sonic 2’s Special Stages Return in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

A listing for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice over at Play-Asia has revealed some new details about the game both in terms of plot and gameplay. First, the game will have only 4 bosses, there are also six exploration-based levels and bonus stages similar to those found in Sonic 2.

Sonic Boom Fire & Ice EU Box
There’s also a submarine type stage in which the player looks for collectibles and a hovercraft stage in which the player must dodge icebergs. The story details are as follows.

The super villain, Dr. Eggman, discovers a powerful Ragnium element in Ragna Rock island which can fuel his robots and make them faster than Sonic. He then commands his mining robots to search the mythical island. D-Fekt, as one of them malfunctions and  is now able to magnetize everything except Ragnium. With this capability, D-Fekt gains more power and messes up the environment of other islands creating fire and ice! Dr. Eggman makes him one of Island Defenders and now ready to face Team Sonic!

Other details appear to indicate that stages take place on different islands which have been captured, the player must beat each island in order to free it.

Source: Play-Asia

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    1. Welcome to Sonic Science.

      I could see magnetism possibly pulling out lava if we’re using cartoon physics, but ice is baffling to me.

    2. Naw dude the magnetism of the PLANET has been changed, moving dem tectonic plates and changing the core of the planet.

      AKA what happened in Sonic OVA, amiright?

  1. Sounds more Classic Sonic compared to how Shattered Crystal was in terms of how the game is structured. I’m actually one of the ones looking forward to this game. Just because “Boom” is in the title doesn’t automatically make it bad like some people wish to believe.

    1. why doesnt any of the sonic console games get a special stage? why is it only on 3ds?

  2. 4 bosses? Aw. I hope one of them is Eggman himself.

    This is at least a step up from Shattered Crystal’s boss.

      1. I’ve been wondering if Shadow or Metal Sonic will be in this game as bosses or rival races. I hope there are races or mini-bosses.

      2. I’m thinking 4 evil robots ending in D-Fekt, plus rival races against Boom versions of Rouge and Blaze.

  3. a hovercraft stage in which the player must dodge ice bergs
    That sure sounds familiar. I really enjoyed Sonic Rush Adventure’s boating missions.

  4. Geesh, they delayed this game for a full year, yet it only has 6 levels and 4 boss fights? What a load of garbage! This does not sound any better than Shattered Crystal. And they said Rise of Lyric was worse…

    1. When they say levels, I’m sure they just mean worlds.

      I wonder what the bonus stages are for.

  5. Well, that’s disappointing even for my low standards. Even Gens has more levels that this! Yet again, Gens tried to resolve that issue by including a variety of missions and challenges, both those that are included with the game and those that are self-imposed, to play outside of just the levels, so maybe Fire and Ice will do that too.

    I just hope that what little we get is good.

  6. Imagine if the delay has been to get rid of all the levels and gameplay that are absolute rubbish. This resulting in a gave with 6 levels and 4 bosses

  7. To be honest, the plots, objectives, and even the visuals of these Sonic Boom games are all just starting to blend together. It’s why they aren’t as memorable.

    D-Fekt = MAIA
    Ragna Rock = Bygone Island
    Ragnium = Chaos Crystals

    Also, as long as we complain about the Monsters of the Week that we used to get (and still do to an extent), I should add that they’ve recycled this “Eggman using so-and-so energy source” plot point for four games now. This is the Hyper-go-on energy, the Chaos Crystals, and that “Shattered Crystal”.

    I know, it’s a little too soon for a rant like this, but still, they can’t come up with anything new?

  8. 4 bosses?
    Huh, the mini-bosses seem to be forgotten. Anyway, what I’m hearing might be just rumors.

  9. Hmm. Six levels does not feel or sound like a lot. I’m fairly sure Shattered Crystal had more. Hell, so did Rush and that was on an older system! Then again, I’d rather it be short and sweet than long and bitter. Call it cautious optimism. I certainly want to believe in this game, but with the people behind it…*sigh*

  10. Hold on D-Fekt is stealing Fire & Ice from other lisands to make him powerful this is actually kind of familiar to Sonic Lost World Deadly Six stealing the nature of green slime & atmosphere of Sonic world being while trees then grasses to be poor.

  11. Just admit that Sonic Boom exists solely for the merchandising and stop giving us these asinine games, Sega. You don’t need to make Sonic Boom games for the toys to sell or the cartoon to get watched by kids.

    1. But Sonic Boom doesn’t exist for the merch. It was originally meant to be a new Sonic universe centered around Rise of Lyric to bring in new fans. When that obviously didn’t work out, Sega made an attempt to shift from focusing on the games to focusing on the cartoons. But elements of the game-focused direction are still present, most prominently Sanzaru still working on Fire and Ice since it was too far along to cancel it without taking some serious losses in profit. Merch does not factor into any of that.

  12. SEGA is the only company I know that can announce “We’re adding Steam Workshop support to our ports” and “Our new game has only 6 levels and 4 bosses” on the exact same day.

    Here’s to hoping they took quality over quantity and all the 6 levels are really well-made like in Generations.

    1. 6 “levels” might be six worlds, which is the same amount for Shattered Crystal.

  13. I’m not entirely sure what to think about the fact there are going to be only 6 major levels. That’s 2 less than how many major levels there were in Shattered Crystal. I really hope to god the quality of the levels make up for the lack of stages in this sequel since if the levels are not that great then it sort leaves a question on why the game was delayed if it doesn’t have as many levels….and also raises a concern if the emblem collecting will return at full force despite that being the major problem with the original. If the ladder is the case then we may have a problem since Sanzaru promised that Fire and Ice would play more like the other 2D Sonic games.

  14. >Everyone’s moaning about only 6 levels
    >Fails to think about how long each level might be and whether they actually mean levels or worlds (translation error?)

    Ah, the Sonic fanbase, jumping to conclusions yet again.

    1. In fact, it only says “Six exploration-based levels”, this could mean there’s a lot of classic Sonic-style ones and the exploration-based ones are just few and far between instead of being the whole game like in Shattered Crystal.

    2. Kamifox, you’re really not in position to drop the ‘jumping to conclusions’ line…

      1. Where did I jump to conclusions? I said MIGHT at every point, not WILL or IS like everyone who’s complaining about the 6 levels line.

          1. I was referring to the people in the comments, not the article, as I am here. The people in the comments were doing the whole “Why was no games announced even though they said there would be?!” in the comments even though they’d never said they were going to do that.
            Here, almost everyone’s going “OH NO! Only 6 levels?! That’s terrible!” without thinking along the same lines as myself and a couple others here as well as reading that line properly.

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