Sega Launches Sonic Styles – Fashion, Style & Art

Sega has launched a new initiative for the 25th anniversary of Sonic, called ‘Sonic Styles. It’s a new official Instagram account which will feature fashion, lifestyle and art products for Sonic the Hedgehog.


According to Sega’s Press Release, brands such as Hans Cholo Silver Sonic Sneaker Pendant, Signorelli Sonic Coffee Break fashion top & Tomy Sonic Boom action figures and more will be feature on the account.

And it has some… interesting items on it already.

First up is the Silver Sonic Sneaker Pendant


And there’s also… whatever this is.


You can check out more over at the instagram account. 


  1. I want that pendant! I’d prefer it if it featured the iconic Sonic Team logo version of the blue blurs face, however, but still something I’d totally wear!

    1. WTF? Where in the world is SEGA trying to go with this? I mean, I kinda like the fashion design picture, but once the novelty of this wears out, is anyone going to take this seriously? Who in the world is the Market for this stuff? You can’t sell Sonic The Hedgehog as a fashion brand anymore than Nintendo can sell Mario as an authentic italian. Hipsters and collectors won’t really buy this, it’s not ironic/nostalgic enough. Only Sonic fans find Sonic fashionable (and maybe sneakerheads. You know they will line up for $100 Sonic shoes)

      Like you mentioned man, the poor Photoshop is strong in this one. Seriously, if they where really thinking of marketing their merch towards collectors and hipsters, would’ve killed them to get some semi-decent photographers to do this. Like that picture Convoy was talking about – the one with lazy blue cloud background? SOA is in fucking California!! They have no excuse not to do some outdoor photography, go to a sunny beach and use the beautiful natural lighting. It would have made the model and the t-shirt sexy as fuck. And the action figure shot over NYC? I’ve seen Ninja Turtle action figure ads with a better NYC skyline than that! Plus, what idiot decided to take the picture dead center? Composition 101, maaang!

      I’m really hoping that this is another troll post by Webber, because if this is actually another one of SEGA’s hairbrained schemes to maintain cultural relevance and just push Sonic as a brand, then this is one of their most pathetic (and weirdest) schemes yet!

      1. God. This fan base always finds something to complain about. I agree with your photography point, but I’m not gonna bash the fuck out of something just because of one factor. And honestly, I’d totally buy the pendant if the price is right for it. So they at least have one thing at their launch that I would buy. Might end up decent, who knows. They’re just testing it now so we could see some much more high quality stuff as time goes by.

        1. God. This fan base always finds some way to defend the bat shit crazy that just comes dripping out of SEGA’s arse….hehe, look at me, sounding all Euro.

          Am I the only one who thinks that a fashion line based on Sonic The Hedgehog is an inherently ridiculous idea? Please, tell me I’m not going mad…der than usual?

          Even if this whole venture is nothing more than SEGA taking a bunch of niche items from their merch inventory and marketing them under the veil of “fashion wear”, that’s no excuse for poor presentation of product. Furthermore, it’s still an example of a problem surrounding the Sonic IP: Putting value towards the ICONAGRAPHY of Sonic rather than the actual franchise itself. I don’t just mean the games, I mean the entire multi-media franchise, which includes the shows and the comics. SEGA seems satisfied with just plastering Sonic’s face onto any product to make some quick cash, but not confident enough to raise the value of their core product by making the games better and creating positive public image.

          Why should they? They have a gullible, yet loyal fanbase for direct marketing and word of mouth advertising, and can use concentrated bursts of nostalgia pandering to appeal to a broader audience who grew up during the Console wars. They have nearly zero confidence towards the Sonic brand as a byproduct of positive reception for a game, satisfied with coasting on their past victories, that’s sad. You know what’s sadder….people who keep defending these dumb ventures are letting them SEGA get away with it.

      2. Classic Sonic is pretty nostalgic, but on his own too mainstream for hipsters. I’d imagine that they’d go for shirts featuring less popular titles like Sonic Drift and Sonic Shuffle though.

        It doesn’t even look like a New York skyline, now that I think of it. Its probably a generic city stock photo with action figures photoshopped in. As you mentioned, this is inexplicable because there’s no excuse not to take advantage of the beautiful California setting.

        I doubt it was him. He may have endorsed a fake mobile game, but he’s never made sockpuppet accounts before. Its probably the result of Sega antics.

      1. Just because someone said a meme or something you don’t like or agree with, doesn’t give you the fucking right to just say shut up or insult them. Get some maturity or get off the Internet.

  2. Looks interesting. I think it’s especially a good idea to get onto Instagram. It’s very popular.

  3. Let’s just hope this doesn’t devolve into memes like the Twitter thing. Then again, it probably already has.

  4. Lol Hero really you want Hogfather to be a female girl of beauty that’s just so hallilous you say that front of Hogfather true but he is a male boy what’s wrong with you man but nice one out there Hero, Hogfather would be so mad at you to call her girl that’s cracks me up so much so so so so much hey!!!

    1. I have no idea what you just said but please don’t presume you would know how I would react.

  5. I really like it, not understanding some of the photomanip choices, but I’m really digging the “Sonic aesthetic” feel of this instagram.
    I’m really wishing they’d tell us where we can get the stuff 😛

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