Sega & GlamGlow to Launch A Sonic Themed Face Mask

Yesterday, there was a super secret party involving fashion and beauty products, at this party Sega & Glam Glow launched a special limited edition beauty product, a Sonic the Hedgehog themed ‘Gravity Mud’ pack. 1000 copies of the product were given to popular fashion and beauty bloggers, also at this event were a bunch of other 25th anniversary promotional products.

glamglowgravitymud1Oh and the cream is blue. Just like Sonic.


No it’s no April Fools, this is a real thing which happened! According to multiple posts on Instagram, there was a secret party/launch/preview of a new beauty cream product which when applied to your face gives it a blue colour whilst it… does whatever these beauty creams claim that they are supposed to do.

Sega, Glam Glow people. If you happen to read this, can we have a sample of this to review… and.. because… we need to look good for the prom! Johnny’s dad is out of town so we’re going to his place in his dads Jeep!

Source: aliceinqueens & kristenbzimmer


P.S. No really, we would love to have tried this out or even helped promote it, it’s been around 24 hours since launch and as far as we can see, nobody from the event has even bothered to promote/talk about this outside of an instagram post.

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  1. … I’d rather buy the Sonic Boom mask. This just looks awful.

    Also yay for face cream? All those fashionistas are totally gonna want something themed after something that’s viewed as nerdy and those Sonic fans are totally gonna want to buy something to smear on their face and pretend it makes them look pretty… See the problem here? Because apparently these guys don’t.

    1. Oh and isn’t the company called “Glam Glow” while the product is called “Gravity Mud”? You said Gravity Mud collaborated with SEGA to launch itself. pretty sure a product can’t do that. :p

    2. Not every Sonic fan is a nerd. I don’t see why a fashionista can’t enjoy Sonic. Furthermore, what makes you think that Sonic fans can’t be pretty?

          1. Gee, thanks guys, but tbh I don’t consider myself anymore of a hero than you guys.

      1. How many fashionistas have you seen that like Sonic? Likewise, how many Sonic fans have you seen that are into beauty products to that degree? A bit of makeup, sure, but that’s all, generally speaking.

        1. You didn’t answer the question. What is preventing a fashionista from liking Sonic? You don’t see a lot of fashion discussion with Sonic because it usually isn’t relevant to discussing the games, shows, etc. But that doesn’t mean that Sonic fans can’t have an interest in make-up and fashion, just that they’ve got the common decency not to shove their interests where its not relevant. Also, you failed to address at all my question regarding why Sonic fans can’t be pretty. You had mentioned “pretend to look pretty,” which carries the implication that all Sonic fans are physically unattractive– a common but untrue nerd stereotype.

          Besides, a face mask may be a “beauty product”, but its an incredibly useful one. It actually helps a lot for people who have problems with oily skin and acne– a problem which if left untreated can leave permanent scars on the face and cause low self-esteem. For those people, merely washing their faces isn’t enough, so they need the mask to capture the oils and dirt then be peeled away once they’ve been captured. Which happens a lot for teenagers, of which Sonic has several fans.

          1. I said pretends because of the bs fashion companies spout and their customers fall for, creating a placebo affect.

            You sure are making a lot of assumptions here. When did I say neither party could do any of that? I just said there isn’t much of a market for that since neither party, GENERALLY SPEAKING, is interested in the others interests. When did I say “can’t be”?

          2. So… conspiracy theories about the fashion industry? You seem to be confused about the function of face masks too– they’re not niche at all. They’re a helpful substance that countless amounts of people, particularly teenagers, smear on their faces to combat oily skin and acne. Plus fashion companies work off of what appeals to the people, not the other way around, so there is no consumer placebo effect and thus no “pretending to be pretty”. Which, for the record, is the absolutely worst way you could have worded it as it carries the implication that anybody who uses beauty products isn’t truly pretty and is trying and failing to compensate.

            You implied that they don’t do that in a lot of areas. You spouted a lot of stereotypes in the process– like that nerds don’t like makeup, that fashionable people don’t like nerdy stuff, etc. that simply don’t hold up to reality. You also presented generalizations about the Sonic fanbase and fashionistas as an absolute fact, expressing that basically nobody will be interested in this– hence leading me to come to the conclusion that you think that a fashionista Sonic fan, no scratch that, a Sonic fan interested in beauty products in any way, shape, or form is such an anomaly that Sonic-themed fashion products aren’t worthy of anything but derision. And, as I demonstrated earlier, that’s not necessarily true.

            Now, is this Sonic face mask a little weird? Perhaps. I’d grant you that one if you were able to come up with better arguments. But your arguments against them are so littered with unfortunate implications and falsehoods that there’s no way I can support them in any capacity.

  2. The mud just moisturizes your face. I’m pretty sure you just wash it off before you go outside, so nobody has to see your blue face. This catches my eye regardless.

    I’m impressed that I haven’t seen any jokes about how Sega is dragging Sonic’s face through the mud yet. Good job Sonic fanbase.

  3. The blue cream is kinda like Sonic The Hedgehog but this one blue cream is quite remind me a lot of Blue Man with a blue cream to from Blue man Group the movie.

  4. Because when I think of the blue blur, I think of fashion accessories!

    And yet this is a character who only wears gloves and shoes.

    1. Haven’t you heard? When SEGA announced Sonic Style, they said they where going to debut the line in an event….on a nudist colony!

      The only catch: everyone can only wear shoes and hand accessories. Now that is product dedication!

    1. Yes it is. 2016 is the year we celebrate Sonic’s Anniversary and Sega is stepping their game up by doing this collaboration.

      1. oh no wonder why. well back then they do a awesome collaboration back in 2011 sense sonic generations was announced in april but i already notice that sonic 25th anniversary is coming up soon.

  5. This is by far the strangest video game themed product I have ever heard of. Kudos to Sega for pushing the boundaries of what is safe and sane marketing I guess.

  6. speaking of which Sega are trying to make money at every possible corner YET, they didnt make anything from the PS4’s success so far how stupid .
    Ratchet and clank is selling very well and sega are just setting there nearly doing nothing if it wasnt for the 3rd party production team at sony we may have missed yakuza, and got persona 5 later than the current release date .
    Sega please learn to capitalize, but before that fix the sonic gameplay which i believe will make the franchise look great again .

    1. Would you rather they just crap out another Sonic ’06 on the PS4/Xbox One right now? Or would you rather be patient and hopefully get a good Sonic game?

    2. Well… Kind of to be expected since SEGA can’t stop nursing off Nintendo’s teat long enough to see the options around them.

  7. They’re getting out of hand. Should’ve been an Amy Rose pink, instead of Sonic Blue.

    1. True but who knows maybe they might do it for Amy, Tails, and Knuckles.

  8. I’m getting so annoyed with Sega… Is this a Video Game Company, or a toy manufacturer? I want a new Sonic game (and not Sonic Boom)! I feel that this is going to be the last year of Sonic… If this keeps up, this anniversary will be the death of Sonic! We should be getting a ton of games for the 25th anniversary… And I’ve been complaining about Zelda’s delay and all that, but at least Zelda puts out new games every once and a while! And I know rushing a game is bad, but another remake of the adventure games would make me a little happy while holding me over for the new game! I don’t give a crap about some Sonic Car, or a Sonic Face Painting kit, or… fashion? I just want what Sonic is supposed to be! A VIDEO GAME FRANCHISE!!!! (and the TV show… That’s good!) SEGA, if you are not gonna make games for your mascot, give Sonic to someone who will… (Nintendo)!

    1. Sega didn’t make this. Another company did.

      Are you familiar with the term ‘licensing?’

      1. Well, let’s concentrate on the one thing of Cinos brought in that has value – The question, and alter it to better reflect the term.

        Is SEGA a Video Game Company…or a licensing firm? Because despite the crazy childish rant that followed this question, Cinos may have inadvertently made a point about where does SEGA’s priorities lie. It’s not like SEGA has given any evidence to the contrary. And before you mention that other video game companies does the same, those companies at least make the effort to make good games before hand

        1. Nothing you just said made any sense.

          Sega own a popular character.

          A company wants to put it on their produce.

          Explain why Sega shouldn’t charge them money to do so?

          1. …I wouldn’t exactly say popular.

            Well known perhaps, but recognition does NOT equal popularity by any means.

        2. Ah, so the problem isn’t that SEGA are acting like every video game company, it’s that by doing so they must be prioritising merchandise over video games, because advertising is naturally more visible than development.

          Because why -not- bring up other companies? They are not making the games ‘before’ the merchandise – they are doing everything at the same time. Especially in the sake of long-running franchises – they are not stepping away from development in order to make Mario 3DS cases. Licensing and game development are very different departments. And licensing explicitly involves ordering another company to go about product development and manufacture. Technically SEGA are not involved in this product in any way other than saying ‘yeah, go do that’ and ‘yeah, I like that’.

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