Toy Factory Reveals New Classic Sonic & Tails Plushes

toyfactory sonic

You might remember how we brought you news regarding new Sonic licensing deals which were in the works, one of those was Toy Factory who were down to be making a range of Sonic plushes.

Well in their 2016 catalogue there is a picture of a Classic Sonic & Tails plush along with the  words ‘coming soon.’

No pricing details or  firm release date, the only clue as to where these plushes will be available is the ‘available for sale in Canada’ logo.

For those not keeping up to date with 25th clues… this makes another classic merchandise product for 2016.

What do you think of them, let us know in the comments.


    1. Yes, it’s called Sonic the Hedgehog and was released in 2006, did you enjoy it?

      1. One could argue against that too. Since it’s like a Sonic Adventure game, but also not like an Adventure game.

        1. How is it not like an adventure game? Literally every aspect about 06 (including plot holes, although 06 had a lot more) is like SA and SA2, with the hub worlds (SA), power-ups (BOTH), multiple playable characters (BOTH), god-like creatures (SA, unless you count the lizard thing in SA2), and a new hedgehog (SA2). Sorry it sucked, but that was just because of the glitches and early release (it was practically an alpha). If it had an extra 6-12 months it would have been amazing.

      2. Stop calling that travesty Sonic Adventure 3. And no, I didn’t enjoy the game because it wasn’t released on the Wii I own.

          1. Then you obviously don’t know jack about the Adventure series. And also:

            1. SEGA never once confirmed that it was.
            2. How is a game that was intended to be a reboot supposed to be Sonic Adventure 3.
            3. Are you intentionally trying to piss people off.

          2. How did you keep your mod title again?

            And if that’s the case, then how about Sonic Adventure 4, wise guy.

            Or a mainline 3D Sonic game, where you can play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Blaze, and Silver in their own interconnected stories, plus raise Chao at your own leisure.

          3. Declan, I have asked the same question several times and always been met with childishly aggressive responses.

            Anyway, I completely agree with your point about the game.

      3. It certainly was an attempt to make SA3, but due to bad storytelling, gameplay issues, and bugs (things completely irrelevant to the Adventure formula), it was a complete failure.

        The very idea of SA3 isn’t a bad one. However, SEGA’s not really sure how the formula quite works. So if they attempted to do it today, it would most likely fail. So for the sake of not tainting the Adventure games’ legacy, they better not name it “SA3” in case if it doesn’t live up to it’s name. Name it something cool, like “Sonic Synergy” or something.

        1. “bad storytelling, gameplay issues, and bugs, it was a complete failure.”

          So how is it any different from the two adventure games again?

    1. Funny you say that since you guys just got done complaining about too much Sonic Boom.

  1. Yeah, no lie…this looks kind of cheap looking. Definitely a step down from the prior plushes.

  2. I’ll just stick with my current Classic Tail plushie; it isn’t ugly or cheap looking, like the one in the picture.

  3. They’re kinda creepy… O_O

    I think the issue is their proportions. Sonic’s eyes are just a bit too big, his quills are just a bit too thin, and his legs are a bit too thick. Combined with that blatant seam, he looks uncanny. Tails also has proportial issues– his face is too round, his ears are just a bit too long, his arms and legs are a bit too thick, and his muzzle is literally sewn onto his face with tufts angled up, accentuating the problem with the face being too round. He also has a few blatant seams. Thus, he looks uncanny too.

    Disappointing. I know that Sonic plushes tend to be cheap, but this is ridiculous. Especially given the superior quality of the other lines of Sonic plushes, like the GE and Tomy plushes.

    1. Wanna complain about Sonic’s eyes? Be my guest in the loud minority group. Remember your arguments are gonna be taken seriously.

      1. ??? Not sure how to interpret this. Or what the heck you are insinuating, for that matter. But I’ll give it a shot.

        Looking around, I don’t think I’m in a minority for claiming that the plushes look kinda creepy and/or ugly… and I was being serious in my opinion. Plus I didn’t criticize only the eyes– the legs, the quills, and the seam all get fair representation in my comment.

  4. Sonic plushie looks ok, Tails looks like it’s an infant or something. Then again, that’s how he appears at the intro of Sonic 2.

  5. People only want a Sonic Adventure 3 because of the Chao Garden. Without that particular aspect, all you’d ever do is return or trade in the game AFTER you beat it! Just like I did with Sonic and the Black Knight. I traded in the game ONE day after buying Sonic and the Black Knight, and ended up trading it in towards Super Mario Galaxy 2!

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