The Sonic Spinball Ride At Alton Towers Has Closed

It’s the end of an era. It’s been there for 6 years but it seems that the Sonic Spinball ride at Alton Towers has had it’s last ride.

According to information posted Alton Towers’ ride times website, Sonic Spinball isn’t there, but Spinball Whizzer is. If you don’t know, Spinball Whizzer was the original name of the ride before it was re-themed to Sonic Spinball.


It would appear as if Alton Towers have turned the ride back to Spinball Whizzer based on this information. This would likely mean that the Sonic Hotel room will also be removed or will likely be removed in the very near future.

The official website however does still show that both the ride and the hotel are there, but this hasn’t been updated for some time so we’ll update the story as and when we get absolute confirmation.

Check Out The Consoles…. WHOA!!!

Source: RideTimes

UPDATE: Now confirmed, both the official site show it’s been themed back to Spinball Whizzer & the 2016 Park Map also shows the ride is no more. The hotel room, however, is still showing as being available to book.

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  1. If it’s any consolation the ride wasn’t all that special, just a Sonic themed coat of paint and a few tracks from the games on a spinning teacup rollercoaster ride, pretty generic. I don’t even think it had its own gift shop like most theme park rides do, so no decent Sonic merch either. Then again I might be biased because when I went there were only about 5 of the 20 something rides open because fuck anyone going during Half Term apparently. If you want a decent UK theme park, just go to Pleasure Beach. Expensive as hell but at least the rides are all open.

  2. Couldn’t they have just kept it up for one more year? I mean, it’s STILL the 25th anniversary after all, it just feels so unfitting to end this now.

  3. To be fair, what exactly’s left open for the thrill stuff if all those (new ones and classics) are gone? Air, and that Nemesis sequel. Some smaller names like Ripsaw?

  4. I think that SEGA would have signed a 6 year contract when they gave over the Sonic rights, and they just ran out. I imagine that SEGA didn’t see much money from Alton Towers in royalties, so they didn’t renew the contract after it was up.

  5. I think Six Flags could have deal with Sega to add Sonic themed land for Six Flags Theme Parks in the future…

  6. Damit no why Sonic SpinBall Ride has to be closed consoles to I really really hate the fact Sega closed Sonic SpinBall Ride from six years ago.

  7. im going there the 31st of March – i hope its physically open, even if the Sonic theming is taken off.
    i was amazed when i checked the website and it was still listed down as existing – the only solitary ride in Adventure land.

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