Sonic to Get Licensing “Salute” in May

So… following the panel at SXSW many are speculating that we’ll have to wait a number of months before we get more information regarding the 25th anniversary, specifically game information. However based on this information, we might be getting information a lot sooner than expected.


According to a news item on License Global, in their May issue there will be an exclusive salute to Sonic in their upcoming issue in May. However, it doesn’t sound like a random article as they hint that they will be ‘celebrating with Sega’ suggesting that Sega has some involvement with the content of said article.

We’ll keep our eyes on this one.

Source: License Global 

P.S. They also say that Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice will be released in honor of the character’s 25th anniversary.

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  1. *inb4fireandicehatecomments

    Also May sounds like the right time for SEGA to announce the next game.

    1. Seriously it’s foolish to think that they’re just going to keep quiet and not announce or tease anything before the Comic Con event. Odds are whether it’s in April, May, or June, we will get some kind of teaser/announcement before Sonic Boom 2016/whatever it’s going to be called.

  2. The suspense is killing me. Just give us any new substance about the game. It could be something tiny… Just something!

  3. Yup… less than 2 sure is a number.

    To be fair, we’ve waited longer than that for ….well anything, really.

  4. There we go, something a bit more recent. I am…satisfied. Though their idea of releasing another Boom game to “celebrate” the franchise is the hardest thing to swallow I’ve ever seen, at least outside of attempting to eat Surstromming.

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