Sonic Boom: RoL (Wii U) and SC (3DS) on sale for $20 in NA until March 21st

Sonic Boom RoL and SC

Following up from the earlier sale of Sonic Lost World on Wii U and Triple Trouble on 3DS, Nintendo just announced via this week’s Nintendo Downloads PR that both Sonic Boom games will be on sale for $20 in NA until March 21st.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal from SEGA are on sale until 8:59 a.m. PT on March 21.

Click on a game’s title to look at the game’s page on Nintendo’s site.

The prices for both are:

  • Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U) – $19.99 USD / $25.59 CDN (down from $49.99 USD and $29.99 CDN. Yes, I checked the CDN price)
  • Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (3DS) – $19.99 USD / $25.59 CDN (down from $39.99 in both USD and CDN)

Does either game interest you at that price? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I’d probably consider checking out Shattered Crystal if my 3DS eShop account wasn’t broke – I’ve heard it at least has redeeming qualities.

    1. Don’t bother, Shattered Crystal was a horribly lazy and short mess. Believe it or not, Rise of Lyric is actually better. People just give Rise of Lyric a hard time for not making the characters fast, but the gameplay can be a little fun at times. Shattered Crystal bored the heck out of me, it’s levels were repetitive and very bland looking, the graphics were horrible, and the textures were as badly pixelated as a regular DS game. The story started out interesting, but then too many plot holes, horrible dialogue, and the final cutscene just made it worse. I’m not saying Rise Of Lyric is a perfect game, but I really don’t get why people praise Shattered Crystal, when it is much worse.

      1. Every complaint you had can also be applied to Rise of Lyric but at least Shattered Crystal had decently fun gameplay, RoL is a slow, boring, mess of styles, mostly beat-em-up sections that had no depth, braindead puzzles and shitty platforming

  2. Ahah! At last I can finally get the 3DS game and for a much more appropriate price. The demo played decently enough for me so at the very least it won’t be super terrible. At the very least I can prepare myself for fire and ice.

  3. I may get Shattered Crystal at this lower price now that I have a 3DS. The level design is a major turnoff but I hear the game has some fun qualities and is a good timewaster at the very least.

    But I doubt people would pay more than $5 for RoL in any form.

    1. Trust me, Rise Of Lyric is actually better. Shattered Crystal was a total waste of time and money.

        1. Yes, I’m sure. Also, Rise of Lyric got an update that fixes many glitches and improves the framerate, so I don’t get why people are still whining. SC has terrible replay value, and every enemy in the game can easily be avoided, which makes the gameplay boring. Rise Of Lyric has some fun platforming, funny and entertaining cutscenes and dialogue, a better portrayal of the villain Lyric, and each character was fun to control, especially Amy with her hammer attacks and triple jump. I 100% both games by the way, and with Rise of Lyric, I had a little fun with it. It does have repetitive combat, but the combat wasn’t terrible, it was just nothing special. The levels in the game are big though, and can be fun to explore.

          SC on the other hand was a complete waste of time and money, it’s story started off interesting for the first cutscene, until the game starts throwing bad cutscenes with no dialogue, or background music. What’s worse is how the game made Lyric feel like a terrible villain. He started off menacing, and seemed like a real threat towards Amy, until it reveals later in the game that he’s done nothing threatening to her. He told Sonic that he had Amy captured and was using a mind control device to drain her memory, so he can figure out how to read the ancient artifacts. It turns out he never bothered using the mind control device, despite the fact it was on Amy’s head. He instead keeps pestering Amy to tell him what he wants to hear, and Amy keeps refusing. Seriously, the writing in this was just as bad as the gameplay.

          One of the dumbest things in the game besides the story, was the completion bonus you get. The world map mentions how if you find each hidden item in the game, you can unlock Amy’s house. This teased viewers into wondering what could be hidden, it might have made people question if Amy would be unlockable as a playable character, would it unlock concept art, or a free episode of Sonic Boom. Nope, instead, all players get is a horribly animated loop of Sonic and his friends dancing horribly. The animation was so lazy and horrible, and it was not worth going through all of that time of repeated gameplay to get. Rise of Lyric may not have had a completion bonus, but I still had more fun completing that game, because the entire game wasn’t a snore fest like SC.

  4. I think they are just trying to squeeze as much money out of boom as they can to make up for every thing they lost on it.

  5. Why weren’t those games already at the sale price to begin with? Were people actually buying RoL for $50?

    1. I think it’s pretty much a rule that a new console game has to be sold at that general retail price. I mean just cause cartridge games are sold for $15 nowadays doesn’t mean that was the price they always had, even ET was sold at a normal retail price before it got a price more worthy of it’s quality, $0.02 on eBay probably. X)

  6. First of all, why? Both games are about as attractive as a squashed badger at the side of the road even WITH the sales on. 20 bones is still too much for either of those games. 10 for Shattered Crystal, 5 for Rise of Lyric maybe, but not 20.

    Secondly, $50 for Rise of Lyric at RRP?! They thought Rise of Lyric, a game they deliberately ignored the endless flaws of, was worth $50?! Look, I know that companies exist to make ALL the money no matter how much they insult the intelligence of the consumer, as Sega has proven before (hello, Sonic Runners), but wow…I’m actually taken aback by that almost bureaucratic stupidity. And greed, of course.

  7. Still not shelling out money for that.

    I’d sooner buy a Sega Saturn (because emulation on the Wii is nigh impossible), and play the hell out of Sonic Jam’s mission mode (the closest equivalent of Super Mario 64 for Sonic).

  8. Ughhh ok Sonic Boom Rise Of Lyric at a low price Sega lovely because we already know that game is garbage not Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal is ok game but it’s a good Sonic game!

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