Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Dated for North America

During the SXSWGaming event, Aaron Webber officially confirmed the release date of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice on 3DS.

Sonic Boom Fire & Ice dated for Sept 27th

Webber revealed that the game would be hitting store shelves on September 27th. It wasn’t clarified (to my knowledge, no archive exists at the moment to recheck) if the date was specifically for NA, EU, or both. But seeings as the SXSW panel was hosted in the US, we’re assuming this is a North American release date for now.

We’ll update once we know for sure about the specific region of the date, though.

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  1. wow, talk about a delay. Maybe it will be a little more decent than we all originally thought.

  2. I’m guessing that it’s going to be released near the time when season 2 starts airing. It would make sense.

  3. This fills me with (determination) hope. But then again, I was pretty sad to see NO gameplay of it here. I knew there wasn’t going to be a new game announcement, but I was expecting a new Fire & Ice trailer or something, seeing as we’ve gone about 9 and a half months or so without any gameplay. So my hype isn’t too high for it, but it’s good to know how they’re taking time.

  4. I don’t even get the handheld titles for the main series so this might as well be a Cory and the House video game to me.

  5. Oh my god I can’t wait for new Sonic game coming out this year finally hopefully they don’t have long path ways as Shattered Crystals just only little path way for Fire & Ice last year by Aaron Webber it would be awesome but perfect at the same time crossing my fingers for it twice to be a best Sonic game in 2016 this year!

  6. Was this the only piece of crap shown tonight. What was the big and see a tease at the future of sonic. Was this sonic boom mess on 3ds the big hype moment. Well guess kids gotta have something to.

  7. And they said they weren’t gonna be any big game announcements. Thanks for proving us wrong, Webber ;D

    1. Well, technically, Fire & Ice is a small game, considering it’s a tie-in game to a kid’s TV show.

  8. Really? That’s the best you can do?

    It’s the 25th anniversary, release something EVERYONE wants…

      1. And they are. There’s at least a sizable amount of the fanbase that are interested in this game, to say nothing about the millions of younger fans of Sonic who may or may not be part of the fanbase yet who are also interested in this game.

    1. Except you can’t please everyone, you release an Adventure-esque game? The classic fans are upset
      You release a modern game? The classic fans are upset
      You release a classic game? The modern fans are upset

      You can’t please everyone, it’s just not feasible

  9. I feel like the only person that’s willing to give this game a chance.

    Shattered Crystal from what I’ve heard (and recently played from the demo) wasn’t too bad, so if all the supposed improvements are true I think this could be a legitimately good game.

    Although that could just be me kissing their ass because of how much I want a good Sonic game again.

    1. Well, I agree that basing Fire and Ice on Shattered Crystal isn’t necessarily guaranteeing that Fire and Ice is going to be bad.

      It does give the game a low chance of being anything beyond decent though. Which may not be unentertaining, but still not all that great.

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