Sonic 25th Anniversary Event Announced for July

Sonic will be returning to San Diego this year with a special 25th anniversary event hosted by SEGA. According to Aaron Webber, who revealed the event at the end of a Sonic panel at Austin’s South By South West festival, the event will be held at the House of Blues in San Diego on July 22, on the same weekend as San Diego Comic Con.


Webber hinted at potential game announcements at the event, as well as a look at “the future of Sonic.” He also revealed that the bands Crush 40 and Hyper Potions will be playing there, as well as exclusive 25th anniversary merchandise.

Tickets are on sale now here.

UPDATE: Webber has revealed on his twitter that the entire event will be live streamed:

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  1. That’s another 4 months of waiting, the anticipation is stabbing at the heart of this world cutting through the flesh of us mortal weaklings!

    1. yeah i thought they were gonna show this event today but i guess we was wrong but july is only a few months ago before the big 25th anniversary announcement.

      1. Who knows, might even get a little something-something during June 23rd, you know, Sonic’s actual b-day and all. I mean if they wanted to drop a teaser trailer that would be a good date, and it wouldn’t technically count as an announcement anyways. X3″

  2. FFS this is just bloody stupid now June 23rd is the day a game announcement should be done, not bloody July no wonder the fans are gettin impatient what sthe fecking point of doin this stupid event if theres sod all to say or tease about a new game, If theres a new game out this year ANNOUNCE IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. So let’s say, they announce the game, and you are happy. Then because of your constant screaming and attitude, they rush it, and then you hate it. Just have a little bloody patience.

  3. I am now convinced Sega is run by trolls. This is like the 4th time they had the opportunity to announce something, only to tell us to keep waiting. these announcements of announcements are getting old. Either show us something or STFU.

    1. I don’t know if I prefer the postponing of announcement or Square’s route, where they announce games like half decade before release.

    2. Exactly! They didn’t provide anything new except the date to the event and Big’s fishing adventure… fuck you Aaron Webber.

      1. Or you know they ACTUALLY announced the release date of a game that we were wondering about for almost a whole year. Come on guys, I know not everyone here is a fan of Boom but you can’t just say that they didn’t give us anything of substance today.

          1. Ok, what part of “ACTUALLY announced the release date of a game” did you not understand? I don’t care that it’s Boom, news is news, and that’s a whole lot more than what we have been getting lately, not to mention they did announce an event, and once again, this was never meant to be a super huge special announcement day anyway, they have literally been warning us about this for weeks. This was always meant to be a history lesson, we’re lucky to have even gotten a release date for a game at all, so bottom line, they DID reveal not one, but two things at this panel worth knowing about

  4. Yeah I highly doubt we’re actually going to hear about the game for the first time at that event. We’re probably going to get a teaser trailer before that and then get the first gameplay information at the event.

    1. Maybe E3 or San Diego Comic Con we’ll get some kind of teaser without an exact announcement and the 25th event will fully disclose what it is. If not I’m sure that even by June 23rd we’ll at least get some kind of thing, teaser or no, seeing as it is the actual 25th anniversary that the whole year is revolving around.

  5. You can’t wait until after E3 to announce your game, especially if it is as big of a game as they are making it out to be. An announcement in July with the inevitable release in November is only 4 months to hype it up and release it. You are basically throwing the game in the trash if you don’t show it at E3. I can’t take another 4 months of what is essentially nothing. I honestly just can’t. I’m gonna take a break from everything Sonic until some sort of trailer is shown. See you guys then.

    1. I’m with you, dude. This really pissed me off today. I’ll be back on this site (and the other main Sonic sites) in a few months. All they needed to do was confirm a game is in development and maybe show a logo and I would have been happy!

    2. Absolutely agreed. I really hope the game isn’t announced at this event. It’d be silly for them to have an entire booth at E3 without this game.

    3. He cant take another 4 months of waiting for nothing. So he’s going to wait much longer for the actual thing. Sorta like what we’re already doing but with playfulness sprinkled about to pass the time.

      Some people just can’t deal. Poor guy.

    4. Pfff, yeah, okay have fun with that. I’m just going to go over here to the side of the internet that is actually celebrating 25 years worth of Sonic by playing all the Sonic games I own, whether there is an anniversary game announced or not. Have fun doing nothing only to lie to yourself and come back as soon as the smallest tidbit of new shows up, because it always does.

      1. I do at least try to have a life outside of Sonic.
        Either way, I have already celebrated. I specifically booked most of my January to marathoning Sonic 1-Lost World, 100% on each of them. I think I sort of deserve a break from Sonic. It isn’t hard as Sonic isn’t the only thing that I can do with my time. I could actually put some effort into my classwork, maybe go out and hang with my friends for a while, workout, and, yah know, live my life a little bit. I think I’ve spent a little to much time with our favorite blue hedgehog as of right now. I may come back and glance at this site and TSSZ every few weeks, but after tonight when the salt settles, I’m taking a Sonic break until a trailer arrives.

        1. If that’s the case I don’t understand why you’re being so worked up in the first place. I mean if that’s really the case and you have other franchises and such to occupy your free time, then why didn’t you just take advantage of those to pad out your marathon instead of just blowing through everything in one go literally the first month. I’m not under the impression that everyone here only plays Sonic and doesn’t have a life outside of that, hell, I haven’t even so much as touched a Sonic game since I started university last year. At the very least though I would have expected that most people understood the waiting game that tends to be played with this sort of thing and space out whatever little time they do spend on Sonic so that it isn’t all used up at once, if they value it that much anyway. If you are just going to take a break in general simply because other things are being more interesting, by all means go ahead. I only find it hypocritical when people make a big deal over a little tiny disappointment and threaten to “leave” because of it. If that’s not the case here though, then go have fun, like you said there’s more stuff out there to worry about.

  6. This, “We will unveil this super awesome game SOON” shtick is really trying my patience. Granted it isn’t as bad as, say, posting a teaser for a teaser (for a teaser for a teaser for a teaser for a teaser…), but this is pushing it. Hype is already an overly toxic and cheap concept and attempting to generate it with no actual information to get hyped over just looks desperate. And it just amuses me that they’re trying to hype up a game for a franchise that is a literal punchline to the majority of the gaming population. It’s certainly not like that video from SuperBunnyHop has helped.

    As for the “future of Sonic”, I’m fairly sure what it will be; 90’s fanbase pseudo-retro pandering. Generations 2 at best, Sonic 5 at worst. SEGA outright admitted they’re steering away from actual formula-shaking after Rise of Lyric did so poorly, even though THEY were the reason it failed!

    And another thing; having your convention in the same place and at the same time as Comic-Con? That seems unwise.

    1. Yeah they should just be part of San Diego Comic-Con if they’re gonna do that…….. Wait…

      1. Yeah, well said about the part that said that hosting an event that is part of Comic Con like they’ve always done in the past and has done amazingly well is “unwise”. Man, imagine if they did something as stupid as that in 2011 for the 20th anniversary….oh, waaaaiiiit…..

          1. I also know full well that they weren’t going to announce the game in this panel, but it is basically confirmed as of right now that the game will be announced in July. AFTER E3 and AFTER people care about game announcements coming this year. It may be announced before then, but Aaron literally said “, Not saying there is going to be a game announced at this party, but you should totally come to this party,” basically confirming that the game is going to be announced AFTER anyone cares.

          2. 1. Yeah, and games are always announced on a consistent basis so that we can near-accurately predict when a hypothetical game is going to be announced like we do with the weather every year. Oh wait, no they aren’t. And if I recall when they did announce it, it was well after that teaser was first dropped that year.

            2. Just because there is a good chance that that would be the event where they “announce” something, or more accurately, are allowed to talk openly about it, that doesn’t mean that it won’t get teased first. Teasing usually tends to precede official announcements. While there is a good chance we will know of a game by July, there is still a huge gap of time between now and then where several things could happen. For one, they could just drop a teaser trailer or image out of nowhere in either April or May, well generating enough attention to perhaps show a trailer or even give an official announcement at E3 when everyone would be prime for caring, and by the time Comic Con comes around people would be well aware enough of it to actually care at the event. And that’s not even taking into account June 23rd, which would be the most likely date to expect any sort of thing to be teased or announced.

            My point here is that it might be a while before anything is officially announced, but there is still plenty of time before then to at least tease something to actually generate any attention for an announcement later on. If handled well, a missed opportunity at E3 might not even matter.

  7. Oh…ohohohohoh..Yes, YESSSS!! All of this salt, it’s like the Sonic Boom reveal all over again. Man what I would’ve give to be live at that panel and see the look on those poor faces.

    Well played Aaron, you fisher king of trolls, you! You always could bait these guppies into believing anything (even me, as evidenced by the games you sold me at the cons). Besides, SXSW isn’t really a place to announce a Sonic game, the most people should’ve expected is the confirmation of the movie and a logo.

    Then again….NOBODY EVER CONFIRMED THERE WAS GOING TO BE ANY BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS, read the fine print suckas (Unless you wanna get technical, I think they did make an announcement about BIG ;D). Big ups to the guys at the panel for trolling fans, having fun and raising hype and salt levels.

    1. Why the actual fuck are you congratulating the panel people for keeping us waiting? You think this is funny or that you’re bigger than us by laughing…?
      Seriously man, you sound like a pretentious dick who feeds on everyone’s legitimate frustrations.

      1. No man, he’s got every right to be entertained by this event, just as you have every right to be annoyed with it. The main difference here is that he’s approaching this from a positive angle and as he stated, WE ALL KNEW FULLY WELL THAT WE SHOULD NOT HAVE EXPECTED ANYTHING BIG (aside from Big’s Big Fishing Adventure 3 XD ) TO BE ANNOUNCED AT THIS PANEL. Literally, they said no games would be announced, and even then they still announced the release date of Fire and Ice so they gave us a little more than what we could have expected from as blatant as a statement as that.

        The past 5 years you know what everyone was complaining about from Sega when it came to Sonic? “Waaa, they need to take more time with their games, they keep rushing things too much, they push everything out too soon, they need to slow down!” And now things are actually moving at a slower pace and now everyone is getting all bitchy for the opposite reason. It’s like there’s just no pleasing you guys. The only people being pretentious around here are the impatient whiners that keep complaining about how they have to wait and how Sega taking time with anything is like the worst thing evar, especially if they’ve been complaining about the opposite issue in the previous years. It not only comes off as pretentious, it comes off as hypocritical, and it does nothing but to make it that much easier for the rest of the internet to laugh at us.

        So for the sake of not just everyone’s blood pressure, but your own as well, chill the f*** out and instead of mulling about how you have to wait for something instead of getting instantly gratified, try doing what millions of non-testy Sonic fans are doing and either marathon through all the games that you have or distract yourself with another franchise until relevant info comes up again. It’s not like Sonic is the only thing you have to play in your life…but in case it is, yeah, try to find something else, like seriously there’s better stuff out there worth getting worked up over.

        1. ^Good sir. Tonight, you have earned your moniker. You are the Hero we deserve…just not the one we’re getting now.

          No, that is a giant purple cat with a frog. But maybe you can make a cameo appearence.

        2. I don’t think that guy was mad at falcon for saying nothing was announced at the the panel, he was mad at how he said it. Like you said, people can say good and bad things, but that doesn’t give give someone a excuse to basically say ” YOU FUCKERS EXPECTED SOMETHING MAJOR AT THIS PANEL EVEN THOUGHT IT WAS SAID THAT NOTHING MAJOR WOULD GET ANNOUNCED! YOU RETARDS DIDN’T GET SHIT EXCEPT A EVENT! GET TROLLED FUCKERS! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!”

          1. Please. You insult me with your words.

            When I laugh at other people’s expense, I make a conscious effort to review my grammar and punctuation. You’ll never see me capitalize everything like a 12 year old unless it was to ephasize something (and that’s because i can’t figure out the formatting of this place).

            I may be a bastard, but at least I try to be a classy bastard.

            And is it really trolling when all I’m doing is enjoying your collective foolishness and anger over something so trivial and inconsequential like a Sonic panel where they CLEARLY OUTLINED DAYS BEFORE THAT THEY WERE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING SIGNIFICANT (seriously where is the bold function here?). Trust me, I’m not the only one laughing either: I’m just the only one dumb enough to laugh in everyone’s face.

          2. Again, you people are getting salty over the one of the least saltiest pretzels in the snack bar. He’s having fun with the sheer fact that everybody blantantly ignored the warnings and expected this to be a super huge thing, and yet blame Sega for getting their hopes up when really it was their own fault for doing so. Also, he isn’t being nearly as racey as you’re making him out to be in that “paraphrase” of yours. “Suckas”? “Guppies”? If you feel deeply wounded and insulted by those then maybe you need to finish grade school first. He even called himself just as gullible at one point, he’s poking fun at everyone, himself included. I’m pretty sure at this point the only reason you’re reacting to this at all is because for one reason or another you’re still pissed over the inevitable outcome of the event and you’re trying to channel and project those frustrations onto somebody else who you could easily turn into an easy target. Bottom line, it was foolish for anyone to think that there would be more given than what was previously addressed beforehand and trying to blame someone else for how you tricked yourself is an easy way to make you go from looking hopeful to looking petty.

        3. But it is fact at this point that something is pretty far in development and they could announce it whenever they want. An announcement doesn’t confirm when a game will be released. I’m not saying that they should have announced something at this panel when it has been stated that they wouldn’t do exactly that. I’m saying that waiting to announce something is stupid. They need to announce it before or at E3 or it WILL NOT do as well as they hope it does.

          1. I don’t think they really need to announce a game at E3. They announced a party event in July, which most likely tons of fans are either going to attend or go on articles like this to check up or update on news. Either way, there is going to be a lot of fan activity in the duration of the event. This gives Sega full control to announce a game if they are developing one. You don’t have to announce a game at E3 in order for it to become relevant, especially if they already planned a major event for Sonc’s 25th.

          2. They never said they wouldn’t announce it before or during E3. When Webber said “I’m not saying there will be any game announcements at this (San Diego event)” it could take several meanings. For one, it could just be a simple tease and there actually will be a game announcement then. Another possibility is that it could well be teased and announced in the span of time between now and July, at which point there would be no need to announce it at the event because everyone would already be fully aware of it, which in a sense would mean that he was telling the truth, just not the full truth. I’m fairly certain that they are aware of how timing is necessary when it comes to generating attention for a game, it’s just that there are no certain or written rules as to how early or late you do it. Doing it before E3 would be a good guideline to stick to, but there’s nothing that dictates how soon before E3 it has to be done, and E3 is still a good season away.

      2. All of the above, and then some.

        But if I am a pretentious dick who feeds on your frivolous frustrations, then I need to cut down: Too much sodium is bad for my health 😛

        1. I’m not angry about waiting. The way you wrote that comment projects such a bad image on yourself, almost as if you’re trying to be in a higher position to look down on us. Watch your wording man, even though you’re TRYING to be classy and clever, some people will see it as you simply being a dick.

          1. Or you know some people could just lighten up and have a sense of humor. If he actually started calling people “fuckers” or “retards”, THEN I would say you would have a legitimate reason to be wary of him. But no, that was you paraphrasing what he said, he’s been pretty squeaky clean so far.

            God why do I sound like a mod? I just go here…

      3. I love Sonic too, but I know that there are plenty other more important things for me to focus on in my life. Waiting really shouldn’t be as big a problem you’re making it out to be. Before you know it, the time will come. You shouldn’t be this upset that you have to wait.

        1. and as Hero has pointed out so eloquently, isn’t waiting for a Sonic game a sign that SEGA is actually taking their goddamn time with the quality control of their big anniversary game?

          Ya know, like everyone with any form of reason has been asking them do for years?

          Sometimes, I wonder if The Sonic Fanbase are all descendants from Bizarro World…man what is with me and Bizarro today?

  8. yeah i thought they were gonna show this event today but i guess we was wrong but july is only a few months ago before the big 25th anniversary announcement.

  9. I’m not surprised no new game was announced since they’ve said that before they weren’t going to announce one there. I’m glad Sega is taking their time with the new game and we now know of the anniversary event which is cool (live in California) but now we basically have to wait another four months for them to announce the game really?! I’m hoping for something at E3 because to announce it in July seems a bit late since that’s already half way into the year already leaving a couple months to advertise if they are to release it in November. I don’t know I guess we’ll just have to wait now and see how it turns out.

  10. So Sega’s big teaser announcement, was just another teaser announcement for something that will happen 4 months from now?! What a joke.

  11. I understand the annoyance of no big game announcement, but I really didn’t expect one. Hopefully this means that they’re taking their time with the game and not rushing it.
    Also, I’m pumped for Crush 40. I hope they surprise everyone with a new song (like at Sonic Boom 2011!). And I wonder if they’ll have any collabs with Hyper Potions like they did with Cash Cash?

  12. Its coming…

    But why are you making us wait until July Sega? 🙁 I know you’re doing good by giving the game the time it needs, but surely a teaser would be good for the 25th anniversary game?

    1. It’ll come, the year has only just started, 3 months isn’t as late into 2016 as you would probably think it is. There’s still the whole April-June widow for them to do something, no need to worry. 🙂

      1. I know…

        Well, maybe we’ll get more Fire and Ice news in the meantime. I’d like to see if the delay has allowed Sanzaru to make Fire and Ice more than just “Shattered Crystal: You Don’t Have to Collect Tokens Anymore to Progress.” Fingers crossed that it will!

        1. Given the extra 6 months at least, if they were only able to fix one thing, I would be really surprised if it wasn’t that.

  13. By the time the next Sonic game is announced, I can here Bill Trinen saying:

    “We give you the first look at, [Insert Game Title]”.

    (After showing the trailer and talking about the game briefly)

    “[Insert Game Title] is set for release in stores…….this week!”

    *Time to scramble your money!*

  14. Cool, I might be able to make it here, I live pretty close to San Diego. No doubt a new Sonic game will be announced and future plans with Sonic. Yeah new Sonic probably coming in 2017, and please be Multi platform not a Nintendo exclusive.

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