New Overview Trailer for Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 3DS

Coinciding with the game’s US release today, Nintendo have uploaded a brand new overview trailer for the 3DS version of Mario and Sonic’s latest Olympic crossover. The trailer shows off a selection of the events on offer, from soccer and golf to athletics and gymnastics. There’s also a peek at some of the game’s Dream Events, which add a Mario or Sonic spin on the traditional sports.

Towards the end there’s also an insight into the game’s multiplayer mode and download play, as well as a quick look at the Road to Rio story mode which has your Mii setting off on a journey to compete in the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games. If that’s not enough, you can even use your Mario or Sonic amiibo to temporarily power up your character and give yourself an edge in the stadium!

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games is out now in Japan and America, and will launch in Europe on Friday 8th April. The Wii U version is due for a later release at the end of June.

You can expect a TSS review of the 3DS version in due course, but in the meantime, are you planning to pick up Mario & Sonic’s latest offering? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Why does the handheld version always gets the story mode and not the home console version?
    I hope the wii u version will have a story mode or something as well.

    1. At least the home version lets players play all the characters in any event they do please.

    2. Beats me but the story mode in not that good anyways, though I understand the story mode is more valuable this games since the main games have had terrible stories (Lost World, Generations, Boom, etc.) but also the story mode in this one seems to be focused on the Miis intead of the main characters so thats.

  2. Wait…Sonic in a boxing match against Zavok? Mario. Luigi, Silver and Diddy Kong in the 110M Hurdles? Sonic, Donkey Kong, Tails and Cream playing volleyball together?! Could it be? No restrictions on characters in matches anymore just like Winter Olympics 2010 DS game? I hope so!

    1. Don’t get excited. Mario and Sonic can be used in all events, but everyone else is restricted to 1 or 2.

  3. I could see this game has new sports we haven’t seen it the past Golf Volley Ball & Football also there’s a lot of Mario characters then Sonic characters holly smokes that’s a lot Nintendo & Sega want this game to be popular as we all are biggest Mario fans & biggest Sonic fans to enjoy it is important all of us recommended!

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