(Update) Mario & Sonic Rio 2016 Wii U releases in NA and EU on June 24th, final NA box and new screens shown


Update: We now have a video of the intro of the Wii U version as seen below:


We now also know that the Wii U version releases in Japan on June 23rd and will cost ¥5,700.


Just announced in the newest Nintendo Direct. Nintendo has announced that Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Wii U will release in NA and EU on June 24th.

We also have the final NA Wii U box shown above, as well as new screenshots below.


  1. Oh thank God, the roster restrictions from the 3DS version aren’t present!

    Now I can make Waluigi dance!

    1. Personally I prefer side-mouth, but at least it isn’t freaky Adventure center mouth, lol. X)”

    2. Ew no. Sonic looks weird. Idk why they put the side mouth for the box art but not in the actual game. It just seems low quality for Sonic.

      1. It looks to me like they’ve been using the same models since the first game, with the only changes ever made to them were to make them a bit smoother for the Wii U. Even Mario’s face is a little bit off. Wonder why they’ve never bothered to update them? The Mario and Sonic models they’ve been tweaking since Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic Unleashed HD (Respectively) look much better.

  2. i love the art box cover of the Wii U it looks very awesome and i like how they add rosalina on the box art with her swimsuit wait is she only available in one events?.

        1. No, I mean she is only limited in the 3DS version. You can do whatever you want with her in the Wii U version. Have fun.

  3. The boxart looks pretty damn good. Just wish the intro trailer didn’t look like it was animated by a college freshman in Source Film Maker.

    1. It looks like they used the in-game models rather than the typical pre-rendered awesomeness we typically get. Wonder what made them go for this instead?

        1. Well if that got sidetracked for the sake of the anniversary title getting a kick-ass Unleashed style opening, then I’d gladly let this slide.

  4. That is so cool Samba De Amigo car from Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed reference at 1:51 cameo here.

  5. I think Sticks is in this game, because she’s taking a vacation away from Bygone Island, by means of Dimensional Portal from the Sonic Boom Comics, and she won’t be back until the premiere of Sonic Boom Season 2 and Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice!

  6. sooooo…..nobody is going to mention when Sonic grabbed onto Mario’s ass.

    Nobody else?

    I was going to say if Sonic was literally trying to ride Mario’s coat tails, but suspenders don’t count.

        1. Green Blade 64 I will give this Mario & Sonic At The Ryo 2016 Olympic Games new tralier yesterday I will give this one 100 out of 10 because of that Sonic grabbed Mario biggest fat booty is that Sonic says: Mario I’m coming for that biggest fat booty of yours! Mario says: Sonic why are you grabbing my biggest fat booty & Sonic says: Because your biggest fat booty is better than Amy booty is grossing me out! Amy says: Sonnnnnic are you in love with Mario with biggest fat booty better than mine how could you Sonic & Sonic says: Amy no I don’t want to be in love with you a lot & you are not girlfriend anymore, bye bye!!! Amy says: huh Sonic you broking my heart away from you waaaaaaaaaa I’m crying from you to be Mario girlfriend so waaaaaaaaaaaaaa & Mario says: Amy would you help Sonic grabbing my biggest fat booty I promise I will give you one hundred dollars if you wanna be Sonic girlfriend to hit Sonic harder with your Piko Piko Hammer . Then Amy says: Oh Mario you giving me one hundred dollars Mario says: Yes Amy! Amy says: That is so sweet Mario I will hit Sonic in a midair with Piko Piko Hammer ten nine eight seven six five four three two one punch!!!!! Sonic says: nooooooooo I wanna grabbed Mario biggest fat booty Amy nooooooooo ahhhhhhh ouch Mario says: thank you Amy Rose for hitting that blue Hedgehog of my biggest fat booty how about a hug Amy Amy says: sure Mario you are my best friend to hit my boyfriend, down in a Green Hill Zone for you Mario! Mario says: Amy did you wanna go to Princess Peach Castle for a party Amy says: sure Mario let’s go to Princess Peach Castle for a party Mario says: here we go The End that was so long acting but it was real anyways to like my post acting or not?

          1. Ahhh…I see my mistake now.

            THAT is the reason nobody talks about Sonic’s booty call.

            …What a beautiful monster I created 😀

          2. FalconKick, you’re an amazing genius for pointing out Sonic’s gay butt fetish. Sonic would make for an excellent masseur and male escort, that’s for sure.

  7. The box art looks great as always, but why are they using the in-game models for the intro? What happened to all of that awesome pre-rendered stuff that they always use for these games? Don’t get me wrong, it looks…okay, but it’s kind of underwhelming when compared to the epic intros they always try to get you pumped with, those always get me excited. What made this change I wonder…?

  8. What’s this? A new Mario & Sonic Olympics game with honest to god new content?!

    Mmmmh…Might pick this one up after all.

  9. Awesome box art, but why didn’t see the rest of the new characters in the opening? We didn’t see Birdo, Roy, Ludwig, Omega, Eggman Nega, Dry Bones, or Dry Bowser

  10. They’re really scraping the barrel for characters now. We have Sticks, 2 Zeti, 2 of the Babylon Rogues, Boom Boom, 2 Koopalings though Espio and Rosalina are there too. They have their fans.

  11. Cool boxart, seriously,the render is even better than the boxart of Sonic Lost World!

    Also love how Mario is trying to show attitude like Sonic but comes out kind of like a pervert face lol

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