Japanese Sonic 25th Anniversary Birthday Party Announced

SEGA have today announced via their Japanese Sonic 25th Anniversary website that a Sonic the Hedgehog 25th anniversary birthday party will take place this year to celebrate the occasion.


Once again, the party will take place at SEGA’s Tokyo-based theme park JOYPOLIS, on Saturday 25th of June 2016.

No other details are available yet, but we can likely expect a number of special items available and significant members of Sonic Team appearing for a meet and greet session as has been the case for past birthday parties.

Stay tuned to Sonic Stadium for more information as it comes!

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Adam Tuff

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  1. Screw all these events. Give me a 25th Anniversary celebration game, dammit! It’s ridiculous how we got Sonic Generations for the Sonic’s 20th Birthday but we’re getting nothing for the 25th Anniversary.

    1. We also didn’t get anything for Sonic’s 15th Anniversary in 2006. Just Sonic Rivals. YES, WE ONLY GOT THAT. ANYTHING ELSE IS LIES!

  2. What are these people thinking they’re even celebrating? They’re spending money on this and they’re in the worst financial state they’ve been in in a long time. They should stop stroking themselves over the 25th anniversary and get to making a game. The fans are more-so the ones that should e celebrating for still hanging onto this series after all that SEGA’s pulled. We should throw our own party and not invite SEGA. Just Jun.

      1. I’m fairly certain that a game is coming. They’ve practically outright stated it. It’ll be fine.

  3. I can’t believe Sega is gonna throw out another Sonic The Hedgehog Anniversary birthday JOYPOLIS event at Tokyo again again again like forever doing that.

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