Freak-Out Friday: Big the Cat Adventure 3 by Roger van der Weide

Through the Eyes of a Killer

What’s that? The Battle of the Bigs wasn’t enough for you? You want — no, NEED more Big the Cat in your life?

Don’t worry, friend. I’ve got ya covered.

This week’s Freak-Out Friday has been brought to you by Dutch animator Roger van der Weide, also known as “Rogerregorroger.” Some of you might recognize his earlier work with the IMP series or his Sonic Games in X Minutes parodies. You might also remember him for his collaborations with “AdoubleA” under the handle “Evildoc,” with hilarious animations like The Doomed Shadow Show, Night of the Warhog, Red Hedgehog, and Sonic Dark Chronicles.

Recently, Roger finally put the spotlight on the only character in the Sonic series who really matters, with a video that was personally rated 11/10 by the Hedgehog himself!

Found any other potential Sonic “Freak-Outs” out there on the web? Maybe you’d like to share one of your own creations? If so, you can reach me via any of the following to see your choice on the next Freak-Out Friday:

And remember to start a petition for the higher-ups at SEGA to make Big the Cat Adventure 3 a reality! …or don’t do that. Either way, leave your thoughts about Roger’s creation in the comments below!

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          1. It’s where the quote comes from.

            You know, “I’m not the hero this city deserves. But I’m the one it needs.”

            That quote? That one right there. I’m quoting that. It’s me having fun with this concept. That’s what this whole Big’s Fishing whatever thing is about.

        1. That reminds me of another site that makes bad comedy during a state of emergency. So I’ll just leave this here:

          “Remind us why we are Sonic fans, because it’s increasingly more difficult for us to answer that question. And if we really are unwelcome, if we really have become a stain on your product and no longer belong in your current vision, then yeah, I suppose it’s time for us to get out of here. Don’t worry, we already packed our bags. We’re just waiting for the announcement for our train to leave the station.”

  1. Dam Big is better than Sonic when I see Big is fastest & strongest to in a tralier Big The Cat says: Sonic your games are very very very bad & Sonic Boom to which in a mean time this game is going to be mine is Big The Cat Adventure 3 best Big game of all better than Sonic games in my opinion so mumhahaha!!!

  2. Hey guys, I’m roger’s official translator! So if you guys want to see some of Roger’s Sonic in minutes in Brazilian Portuguese
    please visit my Youtube Channel, Team Chaotix Br

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