New Sonic Podcast & E-tail Store Coming Soon?

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Continuing with the Toy Fair news comes a tiny bit of information about a previously unannounced thing.

According to a sign at Tomy’s booth at the New York Toy Fair, there is a new Sonic Podcast in the words to be broadcast via Podcast One.

But even more interesting is that it looks like Sega/Tomy might be launching a new Sonic themed online store. This is strange because Sega did launch Sonic Merchandise several years ago which is still trading at this time.

No other details were given, but we’ll keep you upto date as and when more information comes in.

Picture Source: Idle Hands 

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  1. Ooohhh this sounds very nice, if it were to become a reality. I’d love a big Sonic online store to browse. And a Sonic podcast would be neat to listen to from time to time.

  2. Ooh, Sonic online! I wonder what the selection will be– will it have just new stuff or some older stuff too? Exclusive stuff? We’ll have to see.

    I wonder if they’ll sell Sonic games. Would seem weird not to, but at the same time, the website might just be a merch thing.

  3. well i hope SEGA make the best of it for this anniversary game because i wanted it to be all home consoles so that way many fans will enjoy a new direction of a sonic game in 2016 yeah i hope this game be more like sonic adventure and sonic unleashed and also i guess SEGA has no love for modern sonic well thats a little bummer all they care is about the boom Merchandise no love for modern sonic is just a total bummer now :/

    1. Funny cuz first people said no love for Classic Sonic, now we have it so people say no love for Adventure fans cuz it’s only Modern and Classic, and now cuz of Boom you’re saying no love for Modern. lol

      Well, to be fair, they also said Modern Sonic’s design wasn’t going to change for a good while. I think that implies he’ll be around.

      1. well i hope so otherwise people will start complaining about sonic boom i hope modern sonic get some love in the future because thats the only thing i was hoping for yeah i love modern sonic and i love the adventure series its pretty much fun to enjoy the classic series of the sonic games :/

    1. Hopefully said people would include Aaron Webber and the crazy dudes behind the Twitter account. That would be fun as hell to listen to.

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