Select Sonic games on sale on Steam in NA until Jan 25th

Sonic Steam Sale

Steam have announced that a bunch of Sonic games are on sale on Steam in NA as part of a Weekend Sale until Jan 25th. Discounts range from 50% off to 75% off.

The games and their sale prices are the following:

Sonic Games Collection (with 21 games) ($56.49 USD/$64.99 CDN)

Sonic Lost World ($10.19 USD/$11.21 CDN)

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed ($4.99 USD/ $5.49 CDN)

Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing ($2.49 USD/ $4.24 CDN)

Sonic Generations ($7.49 USD/$8.24 CDN)

Sonic 4: Episode 1 ($2.49 USD/$2.74 CDN)

Sonic 4: Episode 2 ($3.74 USD/$4.24 CDN)

Sonic 3D Blast ($1.24 USD/$1.37 CDN)

Sonic Spinball ($1.24 USD/$1.37 CDN)

Sonic 1 ($1.24 USD/$1.37 CDN)

Sonic 2 ($1.24 USD/$1.37 CDN)

Sonic 3 & Knuckles ($1.24 USD/$1.37 CDN)

Sonic Adventure DX ($1.99 USD/$2.19 CDN)

Sonic Adventure 2 ($2.49 USD/$2.74 CDN)

Sonic CD ($1.24 USD/$1.37 CDN)

Via Steam’s website.

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  1. Are you serious? I just freaking brought Lost World and Generations for 50 and now its 17?! COME ON!

    1. If it was very recent steam might give you the difference back. I know some places do if they have a sale.

      1. OH MY GOD!!! THANK YOU! The request is pending, but is Steam has mercy I can get my money back!

    2. I just got a refund for lost world (despite having it for more than two weeks) for the reason “It’s available cheaper”

    1. I mean, that’s how sales work.
      You can’t really give them money for games that don’t exist.

      1. But you can make money off of something new and original.
        Stop re-releasing games all the time like Sonic 1 or Sonic Spinball!!!
        That’s what I meant and this ridiculous trend at Sega has got to end!

        1. Yes, how dare they want to make money and have people (New to the series.) try out their games at low prices. Those scandalous fiends and their nefarious schemes never cease to disgust me.

          1. Well when you put it that way with new people entering the series then sure that’s fine, but it still doesn’t excuse why they can’t just make new and original content for Sonic to attract newcomers!

          2. They are making new games. Fire and Ice. Olympics game. 25 Anniversary game.

            It takes time to make games. And I’m pretty sure Sega wants this year to go much better than the last few. So they’re probably making sure the games aren’t in terrible shape before announcing and/or releasing them.

        2. Who said they were re-releasing these games? They’ve been available on Steam for a long time now. They’re simply temporarily reducing the prices of the games that are already there in the getting thriftier shoppers to buy their product. You know, that thing that virtually every other company that sells products does: “sales.”

          What makes you think they’re not also making new games? Do you think that it’s impossible to develop new games while also putting currently available games on sale? Or in the cases that SEGA is actually doing what you’re accusing them of here and re-releasing their back catalog, as in the case of their Virtual Console releases, and the recently announced SEGA 3D Classics Collection, do you think that SEGA is incapable of making new content simultaneously? What would be your reasoning for thinking this way?

          SEGA isn’t making you give them money.

          1. Let me try to translate for you.

            I think he’s complaining that instead of making new games, Sega is just demanding that we pay more money for rereleases– i.e. games that already exist and which we are already familiar with. He wants a new title pronto instead. But what he seems not to get is that this is a sale for some ports to Steam that have existed for awhile to encourage people who haven’t played these games or don’t own the necessary video game consoles to give them a try, not yet another rerelease.

            I feel bad for him.

  2. Might be worth updating the article to say that the sale is going on in Europe (or at least, the UK) too. Don’t want anybody to miss out!

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