More Sonic Boom RoL Concepts Found

Sonic Boom Amped UX 14

The Sonic Stadium has discovered even more concept work for 2014’s Wii U exclusive Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. The work was found on Amped UX’s website revealing they too had a hand in the game’s development.

The studio provided the following services:
* UI/UX Design, Wireframes, and Project Management
* Heads Up Display (HUD) UI Actionscripting
* Progression/Systems Design
* Localization Production & Integration
* High Level Concept & Documentation
* Secondary Quest & NPC Design
* Level Geometry Whiteboxing & Visual Scripting
* Final Script ​Debugging and Level Layout Revisions

You can learn about these development procedures in huge detail over at Amped UX at the below links. They’re a good read if you’re interested in game development or getting into the industry.

Source: Amped UX [Link 1, Link 2]


  1. My gut tells me even if Sonic Boom ROL was polished it still would’ve been hated on because a Sonic game with Sonic in it who can’t run fast isn’t a good Sonic game at all!

    1. Not really, I thought Sonic Chronicles, Sonic Battle, Riders and Racing Transformed were pretty good! In my opinion Sonic Boom was flawed in every possible aspect.

      1. Nah he’s right. I loved Sonic Unleashed and so did many others except for the Wii version. Until ppl started hating on the WereHog and said they wanted games more like the day stages, until they started doing that and the fans talked about how the day stages were bad too. Lol only thing I didn’t like in Unleadhed was getting all the medals to progress.

        1. in all fairness you can’t please them all. We can’t think of “fans” as everyone. The people who are pleased are more likely to be quiet because they got what they wanted

  2. “They’re a good read if you’re interested in game development or getting into the industry. ”

    All things revolving the game considered I believe it would be the WORST source to look at if you’re trying to get into this kind of career…

    1. It’s not really about the game itself, it’s about the UI systems planning and design. I found touching a character on the gamepad screen to switch to it interesting.

  3. Huh, interesting stuff. I still stand by my original statement that the game, if released as intended by BRB, would have simply ended up like Unleashed’s night stages but with multiplayer. For those not familiar with Unleashed, the night stages have a very combat heavy style that is cursed with repetitive and momentum-killing combat and their levels being way too big for their own good, but they also had amazing aesthetics.

    But stuff like this is still cool and educational to look at. Could serve as a good template for people looking to chart a UI for the first time.

  4. DO YOU SEE HOW MUCH BETTER THE GAME ITSELF LOOKS?!?! Holy balls I’m even more disappointed with the final product than I was before! They world is gorgeous and Sonic looks more like Sonic! Uuugghhh friggin why the heck did SEGA sign that deal with friggin Nintendo?! This game looks like it would have been amazing if it had continued its development on the PS4 and Xbone! I am actually mad that this isn’t what we got. Sure it probably would have controlled exactly the same, but these graphics make up for the slower controls of the game! Frick dude, I’m actually upset right now! God dang dude frickin’ heck! Now I want another game made by these people. THIS is what I want! Also, maybe faster controls, but geez BRB should give it another shot sometime. I’m serious man, frick they should be allowed another shot because Sega’s deal with Nintendo screwed them over so hard.

    1. At least get them to do a remake of this game or do the movie tie-in game Jesus! I’m so peeved right now! Sega, you anus baskets! I could literally just rant for ages about this and I rarely rant about anything! God, I’m just so friggin furious at whoever thought that deal with Nintendo was a good one.

    2. What part of the deal with Nintendo meant the game was cursed to mediocre results? Graphically there are many beautiful games on the Wii U. No doubt the PS4 and Xbone could push further but that doesn’t really change anything design wise. We’ve had over a year to see how plagued with problems the development of this game was but none were ever related to being on a Nintendo console.

      1. That’s not true at all. Many of the problems in development came from having to rush CryEngine onto a system it was never designed for and making it do stuff the engine wasn’t meant to do.

      2. Cryengine not being compatible on the Wii U is a huge one.

        Second one is the fact that you have to dedicate a portion of RAM just for the second screen.

      3. BRB was developing the game with the assumption that the console it would be running on could handle the Cry Engine, more than likely the XBox One and PS4, but after the game was mostly developed with that assumption, SEGA told them to put it on the Wii U the Cry Engine, as Hogfather said, isnt compatible with. They also didn’t know before hand that they would have to compensate for memory usage for both screens. All of that combined with the fact that they didn’t have enough time to get the game itself ported to the Wii U caused they game to just run awfully and look not nearly as good as the game was in development prior the SEGA telling them to put it on the Wii U.

  5. Very interesting. I’ve always liked getting some insight game development. I do wish Sega was more open with its fans in this regard.

    I do wonder what Big Red Button will do now. Rise of Lyric didn’t exactly blow everyone away…

    1. I hear some shutter butter around the internet that they have moved on from SEGA and Sonic and are trying to get other publishers to get their projects green lit.

  6. Some of these concepts have blurred out test. They also blurred out Sonic Synergy. I wonder what it said.

    1. Some of these are levels that aren’t in the game! Battlegrounds? Bonus Area? Mystery Island? Hokey and Pokey Arena? Warthog? Not only that, But it looks like you could take different pathways to complete the game. These have to prove that BRBE had something deep going with this game back when the game was planned as Sonic Synergy.

  7. That’s pretty cool. Scary thing is, I was the eshop the other day and it had at least 4 stars. I almost lost it since people rated the game well.

    1. Actually, the explanation for that is pretty logical. The type of person who buys RoL at this point is the type of person who would find it appealing. The type of person who doesn’t find RoL appealing (i.e. most people) simply doesn’t buy it and thus cannot rate it per eShop’s rating protocols. Hence, the people who can rate give it a high score, which shows up as the game’s ratings.

      Its the same reason that Sonic 06 has 3.5-4 stars on Amazon despite its seemingly infinite array of problems and frustrations.

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