UPDATE: Johnny Gioeli Hints at Possible Crush 40 Involvement In 25th Anniversary Title


UPDATE: Following the publication of the article, the post on the Facebook Page has since been removed.

Original Story: It probably isn’t far-fetched to guess that SEGA have a Sonic the hedgehog title lined up for the 25th Anniversary this year, however Crush 40 lead singer Johnny Gioeli has given a very strong indication that one is in the pipe line…and that Crush 40 could potentially contribute material to it.

Via a Q&A on the Official Johnny Gioeli Facebook Page today, Gioeli gave the following response to a question regarding new Crush 40 material in the works:

When will there be news about the Crush 40 album?
~We are planning a few performances for 2016 to commemorate the anniversary of Sonic. We “might” participate in writing new songs for the anniversary game…stay tuned…

Although some caution should be exercised with the key word in this response is “might”, the fan anticipation for a new Sonic game announcement will no doubt be further escalated, irregardless of game or new Crush 40 songs.

Stay tuned for more 25th anniversary announcements!

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    1. Sonic Heroes and Shadow The Hedgehog featured a theme by Crush 40.

      Also, why would you not support a game idea? I mean.. I could understand, sorta, if you like didn’t support Sonic becoming a romance-based series or something. Because you’re not into that and wouldn’t want stuff you ARE interested in to end…

      But Sonic games usually change every game, so SA3 probably wouldn’t harm your chances of seeing very different games you DO like. And, if you didn’t like the Adventure series, or you are afraid of hopes getting too high and then failing, or worse being that this will happen and send a major blow to the Sonic franchise as a whole, then I can understand being nervous OR simply uninterested.

      But if it has the chance of helping the franchise regain popularity, since it is a popular request, COULD be a good game for anyone, since it will ultimately be its own original new Sonic game either way, and you don’t HAVE to play it and can skip it for the next title, then why not support it?

      Tho, honestly, I don’t NEED an SA3, would like to see one, I don’t think we’re getting one. XD I think it’s something else.

    2. I wouldn’t say so. There’s been plenty of concepts to suggest it’ll be more Classic-heavy. But yes, you do have a point… there are a lot of interesting nods to the Adventure Era lately, I’m not sure if I’d call it coincidence. I have no clue what to expect.

      I’d be dandy with the ideas had in the Adventure games (just made better, especially through current gen technology)… I’d just rather they not title the game “Sonic Adventure 3.”

    3. While I’m not one of the people clamoring for SA3, I admit that it would probably generate more interest and sales than any other type of Sonic game at this point, which is what Sega needs. Me? I’d prefer a true successor to Unleashed, with more hubs worlds to explore and ONLY 3D gameplay. Yeah, I’m a boost fan, not afraid to admit it.

  1. Oooh! I hope so! 😀

    Mike Pollock did say that this was going to be a year of surprises. Perhaps, for once, we’ll have a good surprise with Sonic.

    1. Well, now that the Facebook post has been taken down, I suppose it will likely be happening. I hope Gioeli did not get into too much trouble for violating NDA, though.

  2. List time!

    Sonic Adventure was known since mid 1998, released in late 1999 (though it was released December 1998 in Japan) (~6 months)
    Sonic Adventure 2 was known before E3 2000, released in June 2001 (> 1 year)
    Sonic Heroes was known since April 2003, released last week of 2003 (~8 months)
    Shadow The Hedgehog was announced March 2005, released November 2005 (~8 months)
    Sonic 2006 was announced May 2005, it was released November 2006 (>1.5 years)
    Sonic Unleashed was announced March 2008, released November 2008 (~8 months)
    Sonic Colors was announced May 2010, released November 2010 (~6 months)
    Sonic Generations was announced April 2011, released November 2011 (~7 months)
    Sonic Lost World was announced May 2013, released November 2013 (~6 months)
    Sonic Boom: RoL was announced April 2014, released November 2014 (~6 months)

    What it means? 1) Game will be released in November. 2) It will be announced around April/May.

  3. Omg I am so hyped is that Crush 40 is making a new songs of the new Sonic game 25th Anniversary finally since we had it from 2011 final Crush 40 song is Sonic Generation!!! Everyone loved it so much we all miss Crush 40 from two years ago of Sonic Boom 2014 event so much I really do miss them a lot so sad about it anyway I’m so glad their are back in the Buildings guys!

  4. Hell yeah!! Hope they will, this would be the first nice surprise of the Anniversary game, the first of many I hope!

    Personally I love rock music in Sonic games, Crush 40 “might” not make the music for the game in the end but the fact that there is a possibility almost confirms the game will feature rock songs from any band.

  5. you know i think crush 40 will have some good musics and albums in the new 25th anniversary game but lets hope the new sonic game goes well because sonic 06 did not go well as they planned because alot of people think the game is a little bit off from sonic adventures and the sonic 06 game has some bad story lines :/

    well lets hope we see more news for the 25th anniversary game and lets hope we get more info about it i hope it will be in all home consoles i just hope otherwise SEGA will fuck up again like they did with sonic boom.

  6. Please, let this happen. I loved Sonic Lost World’s OST, but man, I miss these guys.

  7. I do like some of their songs like live and learn though I still prefer the music style of the megadrive more personally. Hopefully the music they make in the next game is okay. Might get a few more favourites.

    I’m hoping the next game doesn’t go down shadow the hedgehog or sonic 06 direction story wise. I couldn’t stand how those stories turned out.

  8. I’m not one to board the SA3 hype train, but the more I think about it the more it gives me the suspicion that just MAYBE it could be another Adventure time game. For me, the whole “New Sonic games will play more like in their heyday” comment started to back up this suspicion because Sonic Adventure was well into the Hedgehog’s heyday. But, all of the classic Sonic being thrown around is putting that suspicion to rest, making me believe that we’ll either get a new 2D Classic Sonic game or just a game including more classic elements overall. Either way, this is going to be a very interesting title for the 25th anniversary. The fact that SEGA has been extremely quiet about this game really makes me believe they’re handling this game with a lot of care. Ever since they bought Atlus, SEGA has been focusing more on quality. Before, we’d get a trailer for every Sonic game a year or so before release. This one, nothing. Complete silence. This is very interesting.

    1. It’ll be nice to see SEGA humping a different leg for a change.

      Nintendo’s gettin’ a little raw…

  9. Screw it, screw all the hesitations, i’ll hop for the first time in years on sonic hype train

  10. Oh God, please DON’T let it be a Sonic Adventure 3

    Not only is that an act that is prime for another disastrous setback of expectations a la “Sonic 4”, not only would that fragment the Sonic Fanbase even further than it already is (and it’s already around the subatomic level) but it would make SEGA look like a copycat in this year where every other game development studio is using fan service as last ditch efforts at relevance.

    First Capcom brings back Charlie for SF5 (and the fact that there is a SF5 in the first place)

    Then Nintendo brings back Star Fox and practically makes Smash Bros into M.U.G.E.N

    Then Square finally pushes the emergency button and unleashes Kingdom Hearts 3 and FF7 Remake

    Finally, SEGA and Yu Suzuki gets Shenmue 3 crowd funded….so SEGA already pushed the emergency button, they’re not THAT desperate to do another time, right?

    is 2015/2016 will be the era where the public has pressured the studios into giving them their wildest fan fictions come true?

    Real talk though, the main reason I don’t want ANOTHER SA3 (cause Heroes, Shadow and 06 where all attempts at SA3) is because if it happens, I will never fucking hear the end of it. And just thinking about that, I already need some asprin.

    1. But Capcom’s been doing that longer than SF5 (I believe 4 was when it started, I’m not a fan though so don’t quote me on that) and I’d actually say Starfox 64 3D is more fanservice than a new Starfox, 64 3D is several years old at this point not to mention the fact Nintendo’s been doing other, similar things since the launch of the 3DS (Ocarina of Time 3D, Windwaker HD, all the Mario Kart 8 DLC, Hyrule Warriors, Wii Virtual Console, N64 Virtual Console). Now granted, most of these are actually WiiU but my point still stands, these all happened before this year.

      Lastly, Shenmue 3 has been in development hell since the first two so that doesn’t even count. It’s like saying Duke Nukem DNF is fanservice.

      1. Err. you’ll have to clarify what you mean on Capcom, because I never saw any thing that has as much an impact as the return of Charlie Nash. Sure, a lot of people from Alpha and Final Fight came back for SF4 but those inclusions where always in the realm of possibility. Meanwhile, we’re talking about literally bringing back a character from the dead after nearly decades in-universe, all because the fans kept bitching to bring him back, regardless of whether it was redundant with the inclusion of Guile. The closest equivalent I can think of is the playable debut of Ryu and Ken’s long dead master, Gouken (fulfilling the prophecy EGM made many April Fool’s past) and perhaps the inclusion of the SF III characters. I don’t count the return of Bison and Shadowloo because thas just lazy fan service.

        Perhaps StarFox 64 3D was fan service, but it’s just increasing a game and franchise’s longevity by re-releasing it on another system. It’s just beating a dead horse,(and fox and bird and rabbit and frog) into the ground. It’s fan-service, but without as much of an impact as an actual continuation of the franchise with a new game after years of dormancy. Speaking of beating dead animals into the ground, StarFox Zero is very targeted fan service, seeing as it’s kinda of a pre-boot to the series and it cribs so much from 64 3D while applying new gimmicks that expands on the old rail shooter gameplay (Personally, I wanted a sequel to SF Assault but 64 is where the money is at).

        Even if Miyimoto’s peripheral fetish threaten to sink this game, Zero is still pretty monumental for Nintendo fans. Only things I can think of that will be even more fan-servicy than a new Star Fox:

        – A new F-Zero
        – A sequel to Kid Icarus Uprising
        – A sequel to Super Mario RPG (or barring that, the introduction to Geno and Mallow into Mario canon)
        – The redemption of the Metroid Franchise
        – A new Nintendo game developed by RARE (yeah I know, I never said this list was realistic)
        – Another old franchise saved by Retro Studios
        – All 3 Mother games finally localized for international release

        And lastly, I was aware that Yu Suzuki left SEGA a while back to make his own company and I was aware that several Shenmue projects where established and made in the time he was running his company, and then he came back to SEGA to advise them. What I didn’t know that he never cut ties with SEGA, akin to Yuji Naka and PROPE, and he had a hand in Shenmue Online and Shenmue City (I always saw them as shameless cash-grabs by SEGA).

        Still, I don’t believe SHENMUE 3 was in the works for so long. Maybe it went into the conceptual stage and small development, but I doubt that build is the one being worked upon. The architecture would have been too old. I think Suzuki used Online and City to gauge interest in the brand to show SEGA, and he used those old concepts and started development recently (Maybe 4 years top?). I don’t know how far in the game he was able to go into or how big the game will be, but he wouldn’t have gotten THAT far if he needed SONY to back up the project, and then use KickStarter to gauge financial interest (cause none of that money is actually going into the game). That is why I called it “emergency button fan service”, in the same vein of FF7 Remake – Suzuki was counting on fans losing their fucking minds on the notion that SHENMUE 3 actually exists, in order to justify it’s existence to SONY and SEGA.

        If SEGA & SONY using Suzuki trying to rake oodles of cash on a sudden burst of concentrated nostalgia isn’t blatant fan-service, then I don’t what to tell you.

        1. I don’t see how making a new game in the F-Zero series is “fan service”, among other examples. Is it wrong to make a sequel to something people enjoy? Making a sequel after many years isn’t really out of the norm. If that’s the case, Nintendo should not focus on other franchises fans love that don’t get a ton of games (F-Zero, Kid Icarus, Metroid, etc.), but rather only stick to Mario sequels every year. Because that’s not fan service. Even so, nostalgia isn’t the only thing put into these things. (Well, Star Fox Zero looks pretty much like New!64, but it still has a number of new things.) Would it really be terrible if Nintendo gave other franchises more games? It’s not exactly a terrible business practice, and they don’t HAVE to rely on nostalgia (alone, anyway.)

          Sonic Adventure 3, while I agree would be a direct “Here ya go, just take it already!” to the fans (as Sonic 4 and Sonic Generations were), could still be something great without simple nostalgia. Call it hypocritical from me (who has been complaining about the possibility of yet another Classicstalgia game), but to write it off as just selling out seems a bit pre-judgemental.

          1. “it wrong to make a sequel to something people enjoy?”

            From a moral standpoint, no, of course not. But from a BUSINESS standpoint, it all depends on how the company is doing. An affluent company can take a lot more risks to release games in a series that only a niche fanbase, but at the very least it has to sell enough to justify the costs. It’s one of the reasons Nintendo decided to support Xenoblades Chronicles X – the original was a cult-hit at best, but that was enough to know that there was enough of audience to support the series, so they went ahead and made a bigger, better(?) game.

            And then there is the tricky business of localization and importing: What sells in Japan doesn’t always work in the West, which is why Yokai Watch isn’t the Pokemon (and Star Wars) killer it is in Japan and then there is the ignorance most J-Developers have in regards to what sells better outside Japan – I know that Metroid doesn’t sell well in Japan as it does in Europe and USA.

            So if just sticking to Mario, Zelda, Pokemon and apparently now, Fire Emblem keeps the doors open for Nintendo than more F-Zero and Metroid, then let the fans wait for eternity if necessary. I would rather Nintendo never bring back those games until the opportunity was right to create a good game that can be enjoyed by a broad audience, rather then waste resources on a poor game that only a select group of fans have been bawling about….and yes, I am aware that includes my request for a sequel to Star Fox: Assault. However until I’ve seen Miyimoto justify the retarded gamepad controls and confirm online multiplayer, i think I will stick to my delusions. I agree though, Nintendo needs to spice up, their Cash cows if they’re gonna stick with the same titles every time (which is why everyone liked Mario Maker and people are getting hyped for the new Zelda)

            As far as Sonic is concerned, every time SEGA announces something like this, such as a game that takes advantage of a specific fan demand, it always blows up in everyone’s faces. The smart ones (like me) sees the incoming shitstorm and warn everyone not to be attached to anything that can stir up childhood memories, and people ignore them, and then these adult children wonder why they got burned so bad. Sonic titles that try to stir up nostalgic emotions are never good because they are made simply to cash in on the those emotions without retaining the quality those old games because expecting a series to pick up after 10, 15 or 20 years out of circulation is a delusion of stupidity…and no, just because a bunch of fans can make competent 2D games and so-so 3D experiments, doesn’t make them better alternatives to relive those nostalgic moments.

            Without the original developers who worked on those old games you cherish, ANY new developer would basically be forced to be something they are not and that usually wind up being a bland, joyless facsimile of an old product, with none of the heart and soul from either old or new developer. Basically, it becomes a….SHADOW of a Sonic game. NYA-HA-HA.

            I know, but it’s late and I’m running out of ideas.

            Point is, nostalgia is great and all, but in small doses. A series should always try a back to basic approach in order to examine it’s foundation but in a way that will only push the series forward, not just in popularity, but in quality and in sales.To allow the game to not just be enjoyable by a small contingent of hardcore fans, but to anyone who likes playing games. To think that simply returning to ONE specific era of the Sonic series will erase all the terrible shite everyone had to endure is childish and oblivious. There is no magical holy grail that will instantly return Sonic to his former glory; I don’t even think he has a former glory to return to. What he needs is his company to stop whoring him out so quickly and allow their developers time to fix all the bugs, make sure everything works and room to improve whatever doesn’t. Ya know – consistency in quality.

            And even if by some miracle, an SA3 DOES WORK, I can bet you Sonic fans will find SOME way to be pissed about it cause thas how it always is (How dare a bunch of new developers who never worked on a Sonic Adventure game can’t recreate the same “magic” of a late 90’s/early 2000’s Dreamcast/Gamecube platformer? FAILZ THE FOX). And when that happens, I’ll be in the corner laughing my ass off.

          2. I’m not saying nostalgia isn’t a dangerous thing that developers often get wrong, I’m just saying that Sonic Adventure 3 could still be something completely new, aside from the title. Again, the problem with Sonic 4 that most have voiced their opinion about is that the game is just too derivative, and banks solely on nostalgia over anything else. While I’d still call it a decent game, it was shameful to release a “sequel” to Sonic 3 & Knuckles that doesn’t feel like one.

            Yes, Sonic Adventure 3 would indeed be catering to one specific era of Sonic, as opposed to just moving forward and creating something great while brand new (this has been what I’ve asked for all the time, you know.) But there is still a very good chance that they could pull it off. … Although, if they do, I’m sure many fans will have a fit over something, one way or another.

        2. So… Giving a fan-favourite franchise/game a sequel is suddenly a bad thing and nothing but fanservice? So companies should never listen to the fans and do what the fans want?

          You realise that’s the exact problem SEGA has always suffered from, right? The fact they seemingly never listen to the fans or do what the fans want is what has lost them a lot of fans over the years and the biggest reason people see them as a joke. Only about 3 or 4 of the Sonic games, for example, have actually been objectively bad yet everyone’s happy to bash every game partly because of what I mentioned and partly because it’s apparently cool to jump on bandwagons now.

          I mean, giving Mario, Pokemon, CoD and FIFA sequel after sequel with everything (within reason) that the fans love included each time isn’t fanservice at all, amiright?

    2. you know i think crush 40 will have some good musics and albums in the new 25th anniversary game but lets hope the new sonic game goes well because sonic 06 did not go well as they planned because alot of people think the game is a little bit off from sonic adventures and the sonic 06 game has some bad story lines :/

      well lets hope we see more news for the 25th anniversary game and lets hope we get more info about it i hope it will be in all home consoles i just hope otherwise SEGA will fuck up again like they did with sonic boom.

    3. Actually Sonic Heroes wasn’t trying to be Adventure 3. It was doing something different but still in good spirit.

      Shadow wasn’t really trying to be Adventure 3 either. It was it’s own thing.

      1. Sonic Heroes was the DIRECT sequel to SA2. It narrowed down all the game styles to just Sonic and Shadow’s, and expanded on the gameplay by going back to Sonic3’s/SA1’s multiple-character level design, where they make a Sonic stage and make it viable for Tails and Knuckles. Key difference is that they eliminated the middle man of separate characters and hub worlds by just giving you access to all 3 at anytime and then splashing away all the angst from the last game with an unhealthy coating of Genesis nostalgia wank and kindergarden grade writing…and then repeated it 3 more times with 9 more characters. Oh and health bars for some stupid reason.

        Shadow was the INTENDED sequel to SA2, because Iizuka was trying to get Shadow his own multiple path game since SA2, the entire narrative relies on familiarity with the title and the game just exists because the title character was so popular as a result of SA2. It even takes the awful melodrama and stupid dedication to serious sci-fi from SA2 and kicks up to such a degree, it became a meme. Only difference was the addition of aliens and guns. And Powerman 5000.

        1. Less offensive language and aggression when describing what you dislike within a game from the franchise this site is dedicated to would be nice. Also less stating opinions as fact please.

          Yes, you’re correct that both games were intended as SA3 but you’d get a better debate that doesn’t end up as yet another Sonic Stadium battle of the nerds with Hogfather throwing banhammers and the like around without the things I mentioned.

          One mistake though, Shadow the hedgehogs plot is so far removed from SA2s you don’t really need any knowledge of SA2 to be able to understand and follow it. The only real similarities are GUN (and the president), the whole thing with Maria and Professor Gerald being slaughtered and captured, respectively and the existence of the space colony ARK, all of which are fairly minor in the grand scheme of things in Shadow the Hedgehog.

          1. Offensive language…..Mofo, what are you 12? Also blind? I never used any offensive language, but if you say I did…

            Ain’t no opinions up in this beeyotch, I’m just telling y’all how it is. If you can’t tell opinion from what is basically a cliffnotes version of the basic structure and premise of Heroes and Shadow and how they each tried to follow up on Sonic Adventure 2 in their own skewed way , then you need to get your glasses check…or get a pair of glasses.

            Is it because I did in a very abrasive and negative tone?

            Hey guess what? I DON’T GIVE A SHIT.

            Who the in the blue blur hell stated that you needed to treat mediocre games any type of reverence or respect? Get outta here with that.

            The fact of the matter is, every Sonic console game after SA2 was trying to be another Sonic Adventure because they borrow so much from those two games it’s pretty obvious what their direction was going for, but they failed because SEGA wanted those games to be something else instead (Heroes became SA + Genesis throwback, Shadow became SA + Ow The Egde, 06 became SA but rushed to market).Maybe you subscribe to the theory that every game after SA2 is a follow up (SA3, SA4, SA5 for 06) or maybe you think 06 is the one true SA3 or maybe you just don’t want to associate your fantasies with failures? It was only after Unleashed started development was the cycle broken to allow moving beyond the Adventure series’s gameplay architecture, but play those games again and you can tell that they all wanted to be a Sonic Adventure 3, if not in name then in deed.

            Also, those things you listed as “minor” points of Shadow the Hedgehog? Not very minor at all, as they are the basis of the main character’s origin, not to mention half of the levels of the canon path. and the parts you need to understand his core motivations i.e, WHY DA EFF ARE YOU PLAYING THIS GAME WHEN THERE ARE BETTER GAMES OUT THERE? All of that is expanding on material that formed the crux of the story of SA2, The Shadow story, and if the player isn’t familiar or attached to the material from that game, then what do you have left: Shadow vs Everyone: The Game featuring the Guns and Nu-Metal from Devil May Cry. Is that enough to justify a game where you’re playing as Sonic’s emo twin to anyone who ISN’T a fan of the character or SA2? Not for a $50 price tag, anyone with an ounce of sense can tell you that

            Face it, you’re just salty as heck that I came over here with a giant megaphone and spouted






            and now you’re getting in a tizzy fit because it gets you all bothered when someone throws some harsh reality onto your little wet dreams. Remember, you replied to ME. You wanna debate, go somewhere else. I don’t wanna debate, I wanna Mastur….ok, even I thought that was too crude, but you get the idea. Besides, why should Hoggy waste his time moderating anything, I can sum up our whole struggle with a few sentences:

            ME “I don’t wanna SA3 because it’s lazy and unoriginal and SEGA is gonna fuck it up. Fan service getting hella annoying this year?”

            YOU “Wut’s wrong wit Fan Service? Everything is gr8 when the fans get wat they want!”

            “Sometimes, sometimes not. Especially with Sonic. It’s still lazy marketing and it’s not going to fix anything wrong with the series, and it will only make fans bitch more. SEGA should just use their energies to improve what they have at the moment.

            “BUT MUH CHILDHOOD…You so mean. You a jerk”

            “Thank you. it’s mah job. Now take your childhood and shove it. You wanna keep enabling Sonic’s failures as long as they give you fan service, go right ahead. I’m a keep my monies until SEGA convinces me they can deliver the goods. What they need a SA3 for anyways? They have SHENMUE 3. They should be working towards localizing PSO2”

            DA END.

          2. Yeah, not gonna read all of that epic rage but you accuse me of getting in a tizzy when you’re the only one doing exactly that? All I did was politely request less of what your entire previous comment contained. You’re also behaving like more of a small child than myself. Oh and you’re perfectly depicting the reason the Sonic fanbase has such a bad rep in one comment.

            By “minor” I meant none of those things played any major role in the game, they were all afterthoughts in the form of random flashback scenarios spanning one or two levels, if that. The game focused more on what Shadow even is and what side he chooses than anything else.

            Anyway, I’m kinda fed up with your constant negativity and put downs on this site. If you have so many issues with the franchise and fanbase, why do you even come here or look at the comments and leave your own, at least. I mean, sharing of opinions is all well and good when they’re not literally something negative on every article. Maybe try saying something positive or nothing at all once in a while on here and you’ll come off as a bit less cynical and maybe people will be less likely to oppose you as much.

    4. Except SEGA has no involvement in Shenmue 3 other than just simply handing the license over to Ys Net, and Yu Suzuki had long thought about getting Shenmue 3 crowdfunded since as far back as 2008, more or less. If SEGA truly was that desperate, they’d have given the go on development for that game long ago, but that’s not the case due to its troublesome history and expenses.

      Really, all this just sounds like some really stupid paranoia conspiracy. Companies using fanservice to gain attention? Stop the presses. That’s been a common thing all the time, and apparently that’s a bad thing. Well, it CAN be, if the games are handled incorrectly, and I’m sure that’s what you mean, right? Even then, some of the stuff you listed is really pushing it.

      1. My point exactly, Setnaro. Companies use ‘fanservice’ as it’s now known as to push their products all the time. It’s the most basic form of sales tactics, put something famous on something else to make that something else sell. Hell, Sonic itself has been guilty of that since Sonic 2 on the Megadrive! It’s in no way new and it’s only ever a bad thing if done badly or in a morally questionable manner. Otherwise, it’s just the main way companies get a brands name out there and shift products while they’re at it.

  11. These rumors are false. Jun has confirmed this on his twitter page and says at the moment has no idea about these stories or doesn’t know if Crush 40 will be involved at making new Sonic themed songs at all yet as its too early to announce anything
    Go check out the discussion RT Crush40.
    Looks like we’ve just got a new Crush 40 album to look forward to only in 2016 as at the moment
    who can tell what 2016 will bring for Sonic’s 25th anniversary now.

    1. He didn’t outright deny it, which he isn’t allowed to do same as confirm it, which is what Johnny has done as well. Not confirming, yet not denying.

      Don’t crash the train without reason my friend.

    2. Agreeing with Chris K, I wouldn’t take those tweets as confirmation that it’s all false. In one of the tweets, Jun replies “I have no idea what you talked about” to someone asking whether he can confirm his involvement in the 25th anniversary title, which to me suggests that he apparently knows nothing at all about the project. But how could one believe that Jun Senoue is completely out of the loop on the next Sonic game? Sure he may not be involved, but I’m pretty sure he’d have an “idea”.

      Plus I’ve seen the “I don’t know what you’re talking about” reply used by actors etc a lot. I’m staying aboard the hype train.

  12. I’ll say one thing.
    If they do make a Sonic Adventure 3 (which I personally am not desperate for, but I just wished people would be quiet about), then I hope they release an official statement that they’ll never release a Sonic Adventure 4.
    It’s tiring hearing about fake rumours that gullible people fall for, and ideas that won’t suffice as a good game.
    Adventure 2 came out in 2001, and every day since then, someone somewhere has been talking about an SA3. IT’S BEEN 15 YEARS GUYS!
    It’s as bad as people talking about a game that came out 10 years ago every. single. day.

    1. So… you’re saying people aren’t allowed to want a sequel to their favourite game in a franchise enough to demand it until it happens (generally the only way to get a company to pay attention to us fans) just because it’s old and you don’t want it? Guess I’ll just give up on ever getting a Klonoa 3, Monster Rancher on PS4, Bloody Roar 5 and Digimon World 3 remake/sequel then. Because they’re old. And some people don’t want them.

    2. People that bitch about people wanting Sonic Adventure 3 and saying it won’t happen (officially titled mind you) allow me to direct you to;

      Sonic 4

      1. Though, I recently picked up SA XD and man I was missing out. The game’s definitely not perfect but for the most part I think it has a good pace. Because of that, I actually really want an SA3. But if they decide to not make one, at least I hope they make an optional chao garden in the next game. That gave the game so much replay value.

      2. And I direct you to… Sonic 4 failing because the gap between Sonic 3 and Sonic 4 was so big that people were bound to be disappointed. Even a second, better episode of Sonic 4 couldn’t save its reputation. This would turn Sega off of doing something like it again.

    3. And? Look at Nights: Journey of Dreams, the sequel of Nights into Dreams…. Journey of Dreams came out roughly 11 years after.

      Keep in mind that both games are SEGA-made.

  13. This article has made me turn hyper! Weather the game is to do with SA3 or not I just want a new sonic game on a console. But something tells me it’s somthing to do with sonic 3 and knuckles. Seeing as we had a classic character plushy reveal of all the characters in the said game. Maybe it’s a remaster?

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