#BLACKOUT is the Name of the New Sound of TSS Album

Did you know that The Sonic Stadium houses its very own collaborative music remix project? Well, now you do! Starting life on the SSMB Forums as The Sonic Stadium Music Adventure and evolving (thanks to the co-ordination of DJ EAR) into a sub-brand called Sound of The Sonic Stadium, ‘SoTSS’ is a twice-yearly album series of Sonic (and SEGA) remixes, all crafted by our enthusiastic community.


And now we’re ready to launch details of the third album in the series, titled #BLACKOUT. While previous albums have had lighter themes (the last one definitely being of a tropical style), for 2016 we’re going dark, baby! Themes and soundtracks surrounding the most evil characters¬†of the Sonic world will come together for one dastardly remix collaboration.

If you want to take part in the album this year, submissions are currently being accepted until April 30th, via the SSMB Forums. There are a couple of requirements – you have to be an active member of the SSMB, for a start – but they’re trivial really. Especially when it comes to the goal of making great music.

Be sure to take part, or keep following the community’s movements via the topic on SSMB.

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  1. I just hope the “darker” theme doesn’t mean it’s gonna be all metal-shredding-guitars. Villain themes don’t have to be done in “the same but shredding an electric guitar over it” style. Variance! Have fun!

    1. They represent the darker side of the franchise. And no I don’t mean that as in the Dark Age either.

      1. I know that, but they are more Neutral/Anti-Hero than Evil/Villain and serve as Rivals rather than Enemies.

        1. You’re missing the point.

          I’m saying they represent the darker side of the franchise. Which means it is only fitting for Team Dark to be in this.

  2. Twice a year? Cool, although based on previous experience, Blackout won’t come out until August at the earliest, and by the time the second one eventually comes out, it’ll be 2017. That’s fine with me though, the end results are worth the wait.

  3. im looking forward to this. anything that hopefully provides metal sonic remixes is good enough for me but perhaps someone will make a good remix of ‘this machine’ (been suffering with years of first-time mixes on youtube which means pitch up, pitch down, slowed, sped up, inverted rubbish)

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