Tomy Reveals New 2016 Sonic Boom Toys


It never fails to amuse me when I see someone say “The Boom toys are a failure!” despite the fact that they’ve continued to expand over the last year, both in quantity and availability, well it looks like that trend is going to continue into 2016.

Tomy has just revealed via their catalogue for 2016 a boom in the number of new Sonic Boom toys. Coming in 2016 are new plush lines, including Metal Sonic, Shadow, Amy and for the first time ever Sticks is to get a plush incarnation.

Also included in the range are new action figures including the odd one or two badniks, Shadow, Metal Sonic and even a new Eggman model. But the surprises don’t stop there, Orbot and Cubot are also going to get a plush incarnation, another merchandise first for Tomy.

Thanks to Lhancat for bringing this to our attention.


  1. Time to get army building! Good to see single packs of Badniks. No Dave though, boo. Its kinda sad that these toys are actually better that the new Star Wars ones huh!

    When does Sonic wear shades? I really can’t remeber when he does or hasn’t it happened yet? (season 2?)

    1. When Sonic ‘retires from hero-ing’ in Just A Guy, he’s wearing shades when he’s relaxing on his hammock.

      1. I’m just disappointed they didn’t use the “Hipster Sonic” design from the Metal Sonic episode, at least for maybe a Sonic-Metal Sonic two-pack.

  2. I always personally feel the Sonic plushes are really ugly… It’s why I never waste any money on them despite being an avid collector of plushes, they just don’t look good to me, like cheap knock-offs… The figurines always look infinitely better to me.

      1. Actually, I hear Boom Tails’s plush is really good quality, so he might be worth looking at.

        Well, Sonic is the main character and all– the character packs are probably set up to make sure that everybody gets to own a Sonic toy. Besides, imagine the possibilities of having a clone army of Sonic action figures! Fake hedgehog references ahoy! 😀

  3. ohhh!! orbot plushie!? YYYYAAAAY!! that’s awesome! XD
    Sticks plushie and Shadow’s plushie look so cute!!

    Amy isn’t that cute to be honest tho XD.. too bad heheh

  4. Wow, that’s really cool. I like how Tomy has plushified characters that usually don’t get a whole lot of toys. Not often you see badnik plushies, and I don’t think Orbot and Cubot ever had a plush before. I’ve been waiting for a Sticks plush for awhile.

    Though one question: Why does Sticks have that angelic smile? Isn’t she supposed to be super paranoid? I like the plush and all, but you’d think Sticks’s facial expression would be more fitting for her personality…

  5. Sticks. Sure….good for the collection I guess?

    It all looks like Sh*t though. Tomy really sucks at making toys it seems. Why eat this tripe up?

  6. I can’t tell if that Amy figure with Sonic has a variant or not. She might have a Chez Amy hat on, but it’s hard to tell.

    Too bad we couldn’t have gotten some more alternate figures of the cast, like Amy and Sticks’ dresses from My Fair Sticksy, Sad Clown Amy, hipster Sonic, Scottish Warrior Knuckles, Trashcan Head Guy Knuckles, Evil Pajamas Eggman, Pole Vaulting Eggman, Justin Beaver Fan Amy, Captain Knuckles, Silly Hat Knuckles, and Duditude Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

    It would also be nice to get more characters and props, like T.W. Barker, canon, and stunt bears, Dave and burger launcher, Mayor and approval stamp, Octopus Bot, Buster,Fastidious, Nominatus, Willy the Walrus and Weasel Bandit, Soar the Eagle, Lightning Bolt Society Dave and Willy, Perci and Bike, Zooey and Phantom of the Opera Tails, Lady Walrus and her “babies!”, Comedy Chimp and Wolfy, Charlie and mech suit, and Lawyer T.W. Barker.

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