Tomy Reveals 25th Anniversary Toyline For July 2016

25th aniversary figures

“Ok Detective TSS! Are there any clues as to the next Sonic game?” Well F4F saying that their 25th anniversary statue must be classic, press material from various licensing and toy fairs saying classic. Interviews also saying classic. And now Tomy are releasing a classic themed toy line with the 25th anniversary logo all over it…

It’s hard not to jump to conclusions, it’s really hard, so many signs indicate that next year will be a classic themed one, why would there not be a game to support that, anyway…

Found in Tomy’s catalogue for 2016 are a bunch of classic Sonic toys complete with a new version of the 25th anniversary logo. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman are set to get a plush toy release and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles are also going to get a figure release with a collectable coin.

Now these are clearly just mockup images as they use the Boom figures as place holder images and official art as place holders for the plush line.

In just over a months time there is both London and New York Toy Fair which would be the most likely place for them to make their first appearance.

Items are set for release July 2016.

Keep checking TSS for more information as and when we get it.

Thanks again to Lhancat for the find. 

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  1. But how much more classic can they get? They made a sequel to the original trilogy (or sectology if you count Knuckles as separate, as well as CD and 32X), they freaking made Sonic Generations, and Sonic Lost World looked like either a Classic game trying to wear a fake Modern moustache or a Modern game trying to wear a fake Classic moustache, not to mention how Sonic Runners bases it’s appearance off Lost World and how 2D based it is. I don’t see how they could get any more classic unless they either used the Classic designs of the characters in their own new game or they are straight up going for an HD remake of the very first Sonic the Hedgehog. Or they just ignore what they said years ago and do a Sonic Generation 2, which would also be interesting.

    1. Sonic 4 is horrible, Lost World is a very bastardized view of the classics and itself not a good Sonic game, and Runners is just a shitty mobile runner game that looks even worse than Lost World. None of these games actually involve classic Sonic in any way (aside from the rare classic Sonic in Runners), and none of them actually capture the gameplay. No, Sonic 4 didn’t. It was a trainwreck and a huge insult to its predecessors.
      Generations is the only respectable homage to the classics as the game was actually decent to good, and involved classic Sonic and good looking remakes of classic stages, along with a messy though somewhat functional recreation of the classic gameplay. They could do much better than that.

      1. Holy crap. I didn’t know you went here too. :O

        But I must say, I think you’re being a bit harsh… maybe not on Sonic Runners, but still.

  2. Why is the 25th anniversary 3 pack all Boom designs? o_o Not that I’m against the designs, as you should all know by now, I’m usually one of the first to defend Boom against unjustified hate and bashing, it just seems like a REALLY weird choice for an anniversary item. o_o Either classic versions (yet again) or the Sonic Adventure upwards (aka modern/legacy Sonic) designs would be the best and most obvious choices..

      1. It seems like an odd choice for that too though since they have such a large back catalogue of both Classic and modern/legacy images they could’ve used and they even used Classic images for the rest of the page.

  3. Why not make non-Boom Modern toys for the 25th anniversary line? Sonic Boom figures dont belong in the 25th anniversary.

    1. It’s just a placeholder image, as was mentioned in the article (I, myself missed that too so I don’t blame you, just pointing it out) and Hogfather himself told me this in response to my comment above yours.

    2. Yes they do, sonic boom is apart of sonic history. And you can’t change that. It’ll always be apart of sonic history no matter what.

      1. Eh, more Sonic present at the time of the anniversary but yeah, I kinda get that. It just seems kinda weird to put something that’s not even a year old yet into the anniversary, assuming it’s not just a placeholder image and they genuinely are going to include Boom, considering anniversaries usually celebrate somethings legacy and history which Boom isn’t a part of just yet.

    1. Let’s just pray that they don’t give them little to no real purpose with them just being little more than cheerleaders like Lost World and Generations.

  4. I agree with Hero, how much more classic can they get especially after Generations? Personally, I’m a little sick of all the throwbacks and as dangerous as it probably is, a brand new game would be really cool. Also, I’ve been playing Lost World for the first time on PC, and I actually love the gameplay. There are definitely flaws, but it’s the first modern Sonic game where the 2D side-scrolling bits don’t bore me to death. So, I would be happy with a better version of that, it reminds me a lot of the Adventure gameplay.

  5. Sonic Boom is still going to be present during the 25th anniversary whether we like it or not because of Fire and Ice.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks they’re just making the classic merch for merch’s sake? They make classic merch all the time, it’s a trend dating long before Generations came out. I think it’s just a nice auxiliary thing for next year’s big anniversary.

    1. Yeah, I think there’s definitely going to be a strong Classic theme for next year. I highly doubt its going to be a full Classic 2D game though, and of course, its pretty much expected that there’s going to be Classic merch for the anniversary games.

      Though admittedly, I would find it incredibly humorous if next year’s game turned out to be Sonic Adventure 3… but the story is a comedy and the aesthetics are based off of Lost World. Imagine the fan reactions to that! XD

      1. So GOATY man… I can’t wait to play as Duke Nukem the Cat in the comedic, Lost World styled SA3!

        XD Real talk, I would not put that past Sega at this point.

    2. yeah dont you think? lets hope the big celebration for next year be good and lets hope it will be on every home consoles so that way the anniversary will have better graphics with different elements.

    3. That would seem right. The Sonic showbags at some fairs I go to around my area are very Classic themed, and the Toys R Us in my city mainly has Classic toys.

      Seriously, SEGA, chill.

  7. Who wants a classic Eggman plush?
    I want a classic Eggman plush.
    You should want a classic Eggman plush.
    Clement’s gonna have a field day with this one…

  8. I think this could mean we are getting a remake of sonic the hedgehog 3 or the true sonic the hedgehog 4

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