The Top 15 TSS Articles of 2015

So throughout the year our site monitors and keeps tracks of various statistics because numbers are fun. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at what were the top 15 news/articles of 2015 on TSS according to total views, I have discounted individual images or hub pages like the Home page.

Please keep in mind that due to the data loss earlier this year, some of the articles featured are no longer on the site meaning their positions might have been slightly altered had they remained online.

Number 15


Sonic Boom Season 2 Confirmed October 10th 2015

One of the best cartoon adaptations of Sonic gets a second season. Most people agree that the Boom cartoon is somewhere between a good and a great show, it’s got problems, but for the most part it’s very entertaining.

So it wasn’t that surprising to find out it got a second season, and it just manages to make it on our list despite being announced so late in the year.

Number 14


Sonic Boom is a licensing Success. March 19th 2015

Remember this? This was the first major interview that Stephen Frost did following the abysmal release of Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric. Many got quite angry at what Frost said, specifically, at the part that it was a licensing success… but you know what, yeah he’s probably right. People tend to forget that the game is just one part of the Boom universe. In terms of licensing, Boom has been a huge success, the game on the other hand, in terms of destroying the franchises reputation, it’s also a success too.

Number 13

TSS Review: Sonic Boom The Animated Series. May 5th 2015

Sonic Boom went on its mid season break, so Jason Berry took the time to review it, quite surprised to see this one on the top list given how the season wasn’t over yet, but it makes the list at number 13.

Number 12


Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Celebration to Feature ‘Heritage of the Classic Sonic Franchise’ July 31st 2015

What can you say, the first big clue as to what the 25th anniversary will feature, and it’s classic Sonic. Outside of one of the official logos for next years celebrations this was the first big confirmation as to what 2016 would have to offer us, makes sense it makes the list.

Number 11


The Spin: “What Do You Mean? There’s a Problem With Sonic Runners?” June 25th 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, the worst Sonic game of all time. When I first highlighted how badly the launch for the game went, I never dreamed it would continue it’s downward spiral, game breaking glitches, randomly banning players, ridiculous payment methods and that spike wall. This now feels like a warning as to what you were to expect.

A terrible launch, for a terrible mess of a game. Sonic Runners.

Number 10


Sega Admits Betraying Fans July 7th 2015

This seemed to be the first in a series of people who worked at Sega randomly apologising for all manner of things, including some apologising who really were in no position to be apologising for anything.

Number 9


Sonic Boom Comic Confirmed to be Ending June 1st 2015

The Sonic Boom comic came out, and then it stopped. This move really surprised a lot of people, well if only because the comic had barely been on the shelf before the decision was made to cancel it.

Number 8

3 New Screenshots of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on Wii U leaked June 7th 2015

If you ever needed proof that nothing happened in 2015… the fact that this made it to number 8 proves it. 3 screenshots which barely showed anything makes number 8 on the list. How and why? There was nothing else to talk about, or look at in this case, no really, there’s nothing in them, you literally go “Yes, that is a videogame” and that’s it.

Number 7

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Artwork

Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Announced May 13th 2015

The only console game of 2015 is a sports spin off title on the Wii U which makes it to number 7. It kinda makes sense for a game announcement to be on the list, just a little sad that it’s so far down, but it’s really hard to get any excitement from the Mario & Sonic series these days.

Number 6

Modnation Shadow

Shadow is actually an android in Sonic Boom Article lost due to data wipe

Yeah this is one of the articles which we couldn’t recover, yet amazingly it makes it to number 6 on the list! Everybody pretty much criticised how bad the implementation of Shadow was in Sonic Boom, it’s bad, it’s one of the worst examples of fan service done amazingly badly.

But what nobody was expecting was what happened when Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric got released in Japan, Shadow had a robotic voice. He sounded like a robot leading many to believe he was an android.

However some hours later when the user uploading the ending of the game, Shadows voice was normal. Not an android, just dodgy audio mixing.

Number 5

Amitie-Style amy2

Sonic Runners PuyoPuyo Quest Details Revealed

There was a time when Sonic Runners was actually a decent game and had decent events, it wouldn’t last. The PuyoPuyo quest event was one of the first and introduced themed characters with enhanced bonuses.

Number 4


Sonic Boom was Once Called Sonic Synergy April 21st 2015

You know, this news for me was really interesting for a number of reasons, aside from being an interesting tid bit in history, it also shines a light onto Sega’s PR and how scripted they are when it comes to answering questions.

If you Google, Sonic Synergy, or look for the word ‘synergy’ in early interviews, you can find entire interviews where the word ‘synergy’ or ‘synergistic’ is used over and over again to describe what the game will be like.

Number 3

Ok… before I say what this is, this list looks between the period of January 1st 2015 to the present day and counts up which articles had the most views in that time. Which makes this article all the more incredible.


New Sonic Game Coming 2015 For PS4, Xbox One & Wii U Feburary 1st 2014!

Yes you read that right! An article posted at the start of 2014 not only made it onto this years most read articles, but beat out almost every other article written in 2015! The demand for a new Sonic game on the PS4 and Xbox One is so high it made it into the top 3 articles of 2015!

Number 2


Sonic Mach2

If the other article shows that the thirst for a new game was real, this cements it. When the German voice actor for Orbot had on his CV voice work a new game called Sonic Mach2 fans started to get excited, then when Iizuka hinted at an announcement, the hysteria went into overdrive.

We now know this was Sonic Boom Fire & Ice, and we don’t even know when it’ll be released, or how much polish is being applied.

Number 1

So what was our most read article of 2015? What beat out all the other articles by several thousand extra views? What could have beaten new game announcements and big news stories of the year?

All I can say is… I love all our Blue Believers..


Sonic the Hedgehog: Remastered Announced April 1st 2015

Yup, one of our most elaborate April Fools to date is the most read article of 2015, and so many of you fell for it (we have the comments and screen-caps to prove it).

The idea of Sega re-releasing a remaster of Sonic 06 as insane as it sounds wasn’t too far from what other companies where doing, so many remasters were being announced and many got announced after we decided to work on this joke, in many ways it felt like Sega might actually announce a remaster given how you couldn’t go a day without one being announced.

Well we’ve come to the end of our list. See you in 2016.

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  1. i think the 25th anniversary will have a better soundtrack like crush 40 but i gotta say SEGA needs to balance the sonic games in to sonic adventure elements and combine that element with sonic generations element and that will be the perfect 3D sonic game but i know some people wanted sonic adnveture 3 but that did not happen. :/

    i hope the 25th anniversary go so well and be release in all consoles or maybe all home consoles and alot of people and kids will have fun on a new in proof sonic game. 😀

  2. Oh good God, could you imagine if SEGA is actually planning to re-release Sonic ’06; since its going to be officially 10 years old. x*(

    Never again will I touch that dreadful game, I couldn’t get past Silver’s part in the last level so I broke the game and case in two… HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!

  3. The 06 remastered was very funny. When I saw it, I knew people would believe it. It was a well done joke.

    1. My problem with that is that ’06 cannot be saved. No matter what SEGA could change about it would make it a game worth playing. With changes like: Better graphics, less glitches, NO ELISE, no “IT’S NO USE TAKE THIS!!”‘s for the rest of eternity, a MUCH better story, and no contractor deadlines could not save this game. Actually, it would create an entirely different game from the start. Personally, I think the story did it in before it ever hit the shelves.

  4. “given how the season wasn’t over yet, but it makes the list at number 14.” You mean 13?

    “makes number 9 on the list.” Er, 8?

    Anyway, lol, this is an interesting article. It gives us a bit of an insight to what really interested the fanbase both positively and negatively throughout the year. One thing though, no articles relating to the fan-made stuff or comics (aside from the Boom ones)? Strange…

    1. Ah yes I can explain the number problems.

      Basically, when you run the algorithm to generate the list of popular clicks, it also picks up stuff like the home page, images and other hub sections. So you end up with a list of all the most popular articles, however those articles may contain images which also generated a high number of clocks.

      When making the article I didn’t notice one of these until I got really close to the end. So the main numbers were fixed, but obviously I forgot about the ones in the main body of the post.

  5. Interesting. Darn, people REALLY wanted their Sonic 06 remake… Hilarious and a little sad at the same time.

    Still, can’t help but notice a lot of Boom news. Probably because there was a surprising amount of twists and turns surrounding.

  6. Interesting. Darn, people REALLY wanted their Sonic 06 remake… Hilarious and a little sad at the same time.

    Still, can’t help but notice a lot of Boom news. Probably because there was a surprising amount of twists and turns surrounding it.

  7. “Shadows voice was normal. Not an android, just dodgy audio mixing.”
    Uh… If I remember right, wasn’t it actually Shadow being controlled by Lyric that gave him the robotic voice? I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure I remember hearing that.

  8. *sigh* Unbelievable.
    I actually see that there’s plenty of hype for Rio 2016 because they’re actually putting effort into this one to make it more interesting. As for everything else, including the 06 remastered getting #1… Bravo. I’ll see you all in 2016.

  9. How about all of us should cross our fingers for Sonic Boom Fire & Ice for 3DS only to be a best Sonic game in 2016 of all our life’s for it, please!

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