Sonic Talk Episode 35: Jolly Holly Hedgehog

Merry Christmas from Sonic Talk!

While I have dreams of lightsabers dancing in my head (this was recorded on Dec 17 so I was pretty anxious to go see Star Wars), Alex and GX talk all things Xenoblade while I zone out. Then, We discuss the latest game from Yuji Naka “Rodea the Sky Soldier”. Other topics include Sonic Boom DVD coming to the UK, updates for Sonic Dash 2 and Sonic Runners, my opinion of Sonic Lost World on PC and much more! Merry Christmas and a Happy Life Day!


  1. I just love at the end of Jason Barry added Sonic The Hedgehog Christmas theme music by Mike Polick today was a awesome ending for that & hallious!

  2. Ok so I’m a boy scout abd I got my boys life magazine today. I flipped to gaming section and I saw…
    They were advertising fire and Ice. :O

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