Sonic Boom DVD Vol 1 Hits the U.K. in February UPDATE

That’s right folks! According to Amazon U.K., the first Sonic Boom DVD “Volume 1: The Sidekick” will be releasing on Feb 15 in the U.K. from Universal Pictures.

It’s not known how many episodes will be on the DVD yet or what episodes there are (except for one obviously), but since it runs at approximately 143 minutes at 11 minutes each episode, we can assume there will be…”grabs calculator”… 13 episodes! Yes, this probably means the first season will be broken up into four volumes, but that’s been common place with cartoons on DVD/Blu-Ray for years now (sadly). No known information on when or if the DVD’s are coming to the states but if it’s announced soon, I’ll update this post with new info.

UPDATE: DVD Has been bumped up a week and now arrives on Feb 8. Still no word on when the DVD arrives in the U.S.

Sonic Boom DVD

Source: Planeta Sonic via Twitter

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  1. I can’t wait for a complete season 1 set to be made in the states to go with my AoStH, Satam, and Underground season collections. I also have to get my hands on the Sonic X complete series once it comes out as well. ^_^

  2. Yes. Not sure if Australia ever plans to release it (knowing our track record on releases and sonic I don’t have much hope) so I’ll be looking into importing the best set I can find overseas unless Australia surprises and releases properly for once.=/

    The Australian DVD company seems to love the first show of Sonic (Adventures of sonic the hedgehog) only. Everything else was either botched or released for a very short while then discontinued.

    Hopefully the UK releases them all or someone overseas releases a full set. Whichever comes first. I’ll definitely getting it one way or another.

  3. Yay! Now, CN, you do intend on bringing this to the US… right? Riiiiiggghttt??

    This is good news. I was worried CN was just going to ditch it until Season 2 comes by.

    1. Yet with a DVD, you can watch it without fear of it getting removed, you get a collectable item to display and you might get extra features like concepts and such, like the SATAM and Sonic Underground ones have.

  4. Well, I hope they release the whole series on DVD in the UK, as the Sonic X DVD release here was terrible, with only 8 episodes on 4 DVDs. But still, will be getting Sonic Boom on DVD though am gonna hold out for the complete boxset.

  5. Huh, only one really negative comment so far. What’s wrong, what happened to the fandom? I’M SCARED! IS THE WORLD GONNA END?!

    Anyway, Sticks… isms… out of the way, this is pretty neat for those fans who like to collect these things and might want to see the extra features included.

    1. Look at the comment below yours. XD

      I would hope there were some special feature! “Making of…” videos are always interesting, and I’ll take any opportunity to see what the show looked like in its infancy.

    2. yeah i thought the same thing lmao. everyone who loved modern and classic has just died now xD or hid in the shadows because “you can’t be negative about something i like” which is a shame and it’s sad to see, i knew the whole everyone hating it wouldn’t last long because so many people just are desperate for anything sonic they will lap it up.

      1. If I recall correctly, isn’t it usually the other way around? Y’know, the extreme Modern and Classic fans telling Boom fans that they’re not allowed to like a show because its comedic and loosely based on a bad game. I know that I’ve been called a variety of insults for liking Boom– from being called an idiot, to being called autistic. One person even told me to go and play some actual Sonic games after I tried to explain to the poor guy why its fallacious to assume that Sonic never had comedic elements and that Sonic can only be good if SoJ is behind it.

        And speaking of desperation…

        “so many people just are desperate for anything sonic they will lap it up.”
        Can we please stop saying those types about Sonic stuff in general? For one, its seldom true. I like Boom TV because I think its a witty, charming comedy with some really good characterization for the main cast, not because I’m desperate for new Sonic stuff in any form. And one look on SSMB will tell you that I’m far from only person who thinks this way. Also, its not even original given how people were saying the same thing to people who like Unleashed, and even earlier, Sonic Heroes or Shadow the Hedgehog. The logic used then was just as invalid then as it is now.

        1. It also makes no sense since, well, why would anyone be that desperate for something they get handed to them in some shape or form every year, literally? It’s not like, say, Digimon or Phantasy Star which, for a long time after their initial launch, have ended up being exclusive to just one or two regions.

          1. IKR. I mean, c’mon, most franchises don’t get a new game every year. Sonic does. That mindset is actually hurting Sonic as well, since it pressures Sonic developers to rush their games. Honestly, if this year long break means that Sonic Team is putting the right amount of time into next year’s game, then I wholeheartedly support it.

          2. Exactly, same here! As long as them taking too long doesn’t cause the boss to axe it and it actually comes out as something that isn’t rushed to (almost literal) death, I’m fine with it. I have plenty other games and franchises to see me through until then, as should everyone else unless you’re really that, honestly, sad, you only enjoy one thing.

  6. They’re so lazy, they recycle old Sonic Boom renders for cover art.

    Effortless attempt was effortless.

    1. This is unfortunately very commonplace for cartoon DVD covers, especially of the Sonic variety. It could be worse though, have you ever SEEN the covers for some Sonic Underground DVDs? DIC could not give a single crap. Sonic’s arms are the wrong color on one of the covers, that’s how much they don’t care.

  7. On topic: I feel odd in trying to get invested in a season collection that’s mainly 53 eleven minute episodes. Am I greedy for saying I rather have a collection of 2 seasons for the price of one? With plenty of commentary from the voice actors and the writers?

    Off topic: Everyone has been trying to kill everything with fire, but so far this place is still intact and now has begun to spiral downwards into our regular point of mediocrity. Either have a molotov cocktail in place or step up your game. I’d join in, but I don’t have napalm, just ROCKET LAWN-CHAIRS 🙁

    1. Yeah, I agree. It doesn’t really seem like something people should spend their money on. Unless, of course, they’re buying it for small children with short attention spans and it’s only cheap.

      Also, I see your rocket lawn-chairs and raise you an evil ham with a side of Burn Bot!

      (Oh no, I hope I don’t get accused of arguing and banned now I’ve replied to someone!)

      1. You attack me because of my preference of lethal weaponry? Fine it’s your opinion, you’re free to talk whatever. I’ll just strike back with my usual charm and wit…and love of ultraviolence :D.

        But you dared to overcooked a PERFECTLY GOOD EVIL HAM with such an inferior Burn Bot?!


        grrr…Everyone knows you use a Roast Bot and you just use a Burn Bot for the kindling and in short bursts!!

        1. And what does the Burn Bot do? Burn things?

          …It doesn’t?
          Why is it called Burn Bot, then?

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