Scrapped Sonic and the Black Knight Poster Found

Sonic & the Black Knight promo poster

The Sonic Stadium has uncovered what appears to be an unused promotional poster for Wii exclusive Sonic and the Black Knight. The poster was created by a company called KJSCoverArt who have designed a lot of album covers for various artists, as seen on their portfolio. We assume this image must have been made pretty early on because you’ll notice Sonic is wearing two of the same gauntlet he wears in the game instead of just one, as well as a helmet, which looks much like Shadow/Lancelot’s. Other changes include slight differences in Caliburn’s hilt and the game’s logo.

What do you think of this artwork? Would you have preferred Sonic to have worn more armour? Speak out in the comments.

Source: KJSCoverArt

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  1. That actually looks pretty good. It’s like a teaser poster for a summer blockbuster.

    Too bad it wouldn’t make the game anything more then “meh”.

    1. I really don’t understand this comment.

      We have put stuff like this on TSS before and it’s been during a really busy week.

      But slow news week… 4 days before christmas… gee wiz ya think!?

      1. I’m not criticizing Sonic Stadium for posting news like this, I just made a generalized statement that this week is going to be slow. No need to get defensive 🙂

        1. Hogfather gets flack/backlash on many of his posts so he takes on a defensive stance out of a natural reflex nowadays I suppose.

          1. Chris K often comments without reading the story in question, natural reflex I suppose.

            Had he read the article he might have notice it’s not one of my articles.

          2. Um, Hoggy? I think he just meant that because you get a lot of flack on your posts that you are naturally defensive in general. Not that this WAS your post. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s how I took it. And you did quickly get defensive on both comments. o-o

            I don’t post comments as often anymore so idk what goes on. I don’t recall you really doing that or getting a lot of backlash so idk. xD I think the first comment is just saying that this is all there is to offer, not that this is all you guys can find. And that posting something like this does not indicate a slow week but is currently taking part in a pattern that seems to be turning into a slow week.

            Also right before Christmas, wouldn’t that usually be lots of news? That’s a real question… I actually don’t know the pattern. o: I mean no foul.

  2. I’ll… be honest, I laughed when I saw this. Just, the pure grittiness of the color palette, “are you worthy?”, as you scroll down and see a dark lord, with his trusty sword… just to see… “SONIC & The Black Knight.” I like the game, but this poster looks like something that’d be advertising Skyrim or something. This was cool and weird to see at the same time.

    Also, hey. Triforce down below.

  3. I’m fine with either direction, it looks pretty nice.

    Also, love the little “not-triforce” at the bottom of the poster, lol. X)”

  4. I cringed little bit for seeing that poster. Without seeing the title, I couldn’t tell if this new edgy game is supposed to be from the same franchise. Then again, I could say the same thing about few main installments and spin-off games that came from the mid 2000s.

  5. if it was a bit brighter that would make it more eye catching – i thought it was shadow when i glanced at it, probably for the mentioned reason.

  6. It doesn’t look like Sonic’s wearing anything to me, where is the Sonic in this image? All I see is a sword, two gauntlets and part of a helmet (a visor and mouthguard, to be precise). I mean, I guess you could say it IMPLIES he was wearing them but I don’t see it. Until I read that part of the article, I just assumed it was an artistic choice to give the audience a better idea of what the game’s about (Arthurian-themed therefore Arthurian-style items).

  7. Nothing special about this though it is interesting, but it’s just and “UnGOLDified” version of the Excalibur armor.

  8. Woah that black poster of Sonic & The Black Knight is rare & have some details to I never seen Sonic wears two helmets in a black poster of Sonic & The Black Knight before not in a game but black poster Sonic & The Black Knight only that is awesome they did that!

  9. It’s really cool that stuff like this gets found! I don’t mind the two gauntlets, it looks pretty cool actually. But I don’t like the helmet, I think it wouldn’t be good to cover up Sonic’s face, I like seeing his facial expressions and eyes.

  10. This is pretty cool. We get a glimpse into some developing art, and it just looks cool. Looks a bit like Excalibur Sonic’s helmet though.

  11. It looks cool, but I think its too dark and gritty for Sonic. Sonic is a colorful cartoon hedgehog– I expect to see some more colors in his advertising.

    1. Doesn’t stop a good portion of the fanbase from requesting serious and gritty stories from the cartoon hedgehog.

      1. LOL, true. I’m not against serious titles, but when you remove color, you remove an important part of what Sonic is. Sonic is known for its use of variety of colors, which have been employed since Sonic 1 and were key to making Sonic aesthetics memorable. Without the variety, his games are guaranteed look quite bland and generally unbecoming of a Sonic game. See Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic Labyrinth for a good examples of this. So I guess my criticism is less “He’s a cartoon hedgehog– make him act like a cartoon!” and more “He’s a colorful hedgehog, gimme colors!”

  12. This looks to me like Sonic’s Excaliber armour except silver (the “cuff” parts of his gauntlet arre golden, so the rest of his armour’s clearly silver in comparison.)

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