New Crush 40 album in the works for 2016

4563CRUSH40 fans who follow the official Johnny Gioeli facebook page will have noticed a recent surge in activity as Mr. Gioeli has become more involved its running.

During a recent Q&A post, Johnny hinted that a new Crush40 album is being worked on, and is due for launch next year. The album will be the band’s second studio album (and the first in over a decade), and would follow the band’s recent success through the release of two live albums, a “best of” and an EP in 2012.

In the wake of several live shows in the US, Japan, and Mexico, Johnny alluded to potential live shows in 2016. Although it is currently unclear as to whether or not any of the tracks featured on the new album will be connected to future Sonic the Hedgehog titles, it has lead many to speculate as to the correlation of the album release with the 25th anniversary celebrations.

Stay tuned for more information as it comes to light!

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  1. I LOVE Crush 40! Such an underrated group giving me so many masterpieces of music in my life. Live and Learn, Un-Gravitify, It Doesn’t Matter, and so many more than I can count. I will be watching this closely! Hopefully this also means what I think it means. Sonic Adventure 3 is the only game I want out of Sonic right now. Please please SEGA please!

    1. Crush 40’s music in the Sonic franchise is not limited to the Adventure series. This could mean anything.

  2. Yeah… It seems oddly fitting… heck, even if Sega isn’t putting their new music in a new Sonic game I imagine they would incorporate Sonic in SOME way. I remember one album they released (not sure which) contained “Fire Woman” which strongly rings Blaze the Cat and “Sonic Youth” winch doesn’t even attempt to veil its connection to Sonic with lyrics like “I’ve opened my heart and I’ve lived and learned”. Crossing my fingers for a Sonic Adventure 3, but a part of me has given up hope for a game like that. But either way, I guarantee that ol’ Crush 40 will deliver something for the Sonic fans.

    1. Even though Crush 40 has its affiliation with Sonic, you’re reading far too much into this. “Fire Woman” is a cover song originally performed by the Cult, which came out in 1989.

  3. i love how crush 40 do the sonic unleashed and sonic colors ones on the music trailer for the game but lets not be sure that his album might be putting in the 25th anniversary game yeah ok if SEGA get there stuff together then many people will be happy if SEGA do a better merchandise for the 25th anniversary so im not saying sonic games are bad im saying that they need to bring back the sonic boost in there roots so we can have a decent sonic game even more better then sonic unleashed.

    also i hope this 25th anniversary be in all consoles like Xbox ONE Wii U & PS4 or maybe PC so everyone who have all those consoles that can play the best sonic title for next year yeah that will be the best anniversary game right there with good elements.

  4. Look at the current poll on tssz and the most recent ones as well as this news.
    The stars are aligning and I believe the evidence to be clear.
    If not next year it will be soon after that because if we are to hold Sega’s apologies and all they’ve said as being true than they might finally give the fans what they have been asking for all these years!
    Sonic Adventure 3??? Maybe just Maybe, but that title has been spoken by fans so many times as if the game does exist and there are some in the fanbase who are sick of it and want something different!
    Time will Tell!
    So here’s a little something for you and don’t worry guys you have my word it’s on topic, a remixed version of Live and Learn if you haven’t heard it take it what you will!

        1. Really? I could.
          You’re shrugging off everything anyone says about the Adventure series unless you decide to listen randomly.

          1. Most people will take advantage of any chance they get to say “NO ADVENTURE” even in Hogfathers case.

            Typical really, you should expect it.

          2. Not really, you can’t judge me just because of that comment alone, I replied to hogfather that way because he is a well known Adventure/dark Sonic games hater and that particular comment is an over statement since the Adventure and Boost style often come out on top in most polls and threads, not to mention that the fact that someone has a favorite style doesn’t mean he doesn’t like another Sonic style as well like hogfather implies.

          3. Lol yes I’m a well known adventure hater… despite the fact I have never said I hate those games.

            Kindly get your facts right.

          4. “I’m not a hater lol”

            I’m sorry but the whole “opinion” type of response really is a terrible cop out nowadays. Don’t be like they are on SEGA forums man.

          5. Lol well you shouldn’t find it hard to actually come up with evidence of me saying that I hate the adventure games then.

          1. That’s why I said another, you still need to do more damage control in order to protect us from those Sonic Adventure cultists!

          2. I’ll do another when people who support the idea do something interesting which is also a competent argument.

      1. Whether that is true or not the fact remains, those who don’t want Sonic Adventure 3 didn’t always think that way.
        Why do you think we hear that title all the time with “Sonic Adventure 3” all over the community?
        It’s because that title has been planted in the minds of fans as if the game actually exists!
        There was an outcry to have Sonic Adventure 3 before the Dark age even started and also during the Dark age which is how we got Sonic 06, a game that is quite similar to the Adventure formula which is why there are those who say Sonic 06 is Sonic Adventure 3 and in some ways they are right.
        But now that the Dark age is slightly over (and yes I think we are still in the Dark age, but I have faith that it will be over soon) you mean to tell us fans don’t want a “Sonic Adventure 3” or at least a different game building off on the Adventure formula that people loved once whether they still love it or not.

        1. There’s been one bad game since 2008. I don’t think we’re in a Dark Age of Sonic again.

      2. Then what do you think the Fans want or are the fans completely clueless about what they want?

        1. No offence Dom but Individual fans know what they want, that’s exactly the problem. Each fan loves a different iteration of the series so they can’t all come together to like one formula or story type. Some people want the straightforward boost to win others want the adventure style which incorporates intelligent NPC’s and a small free roam and discovery system, others can’t let go of the past and want you’re standard 2D platformer. You’re statement is correct in that sense.

          1. Wouldn’t it be possible for Sega (if they weren’t so incompetent) to create something that mixes elements of all three gameplay formulas while at the same time creating something new and refreshing?
            Is it not possible or am I just being a little too hopeful, desperate and naive for something exciting to happen with the future of Sonic?

          2. In reply to Southe. Sorry mate, that’s not entirely what I meant. I was just saying in general how people tend to want more of the original sidescrollers yet, in terms of being a platform game, Sonic is speed oriented as opposed to precision e.g Raymann/Mario. When I say that can’t let go of the past I mean that I personally don’t think that if it is speed that people are looking for that they should limit Sonic to 2D adventures, I think styles can be mixed between different games sure, Unleashed, generations and colours proved they can do that but hey, can’t please everyone. I apologise for the misunderstanding.

  5. Awesome!! I can’t wait to hear it and buy it. I don’t care whether it’s a Sonic-related album or not, all their music is really good. Although, I would be extremely giddy if the next Sonic title had a C40 theme (or Jun sound directing again!). I already have a history of buying Sonic games purely because of their music…

  6. I adore Crush 40 and have been an avid fan since 2002 when I got Sonic Adventure 2 on GameCube. Their self-titled album is one I revisit very often and still has some of my favourite jams whether it be Watch Me Fly, All the Way or Revving Up, I love that sound so much
    So I can’t wait to hear more from the band in 2016 whether it is Sonic related or not.

  7. Awesome news indeed! I really hope that their new album is actually the OST of the 25th anniversary, for that matter it would be awesome if that game is actually Sonic Adventure 3 or a game witht the same style so the inclusion of Crush 40 would be more fitting, then again if their new album is not Sonic related I will check it out regardless!

  8. This is pretty cool, and I’ll keep an eye on it! One can dream it’s connected to the new Sonic game, but it doesn’t quite work like that. Would be cool if it was.
    Also, I doubt there’ll be an SA3. Crush 40 made music for tons of other Sonic games, their music isn’t limited to the Adventure series.

  9. Vocal themes are right at home for Sonic to me, I’d really love it if these guys came back for the 25th Anniversary. The last time they were a big part of a Sonic game was Sonic and the Black Knight… so I’d say they’ve had a long while away from Sonic, not counting various rearranges they’ve done.

    Even if this has no bearing on the next game (and no, this doesn’t affect any chance of “Sonic Adventure 3”) and is just them doing another normal album, I’d still love it if someone made vocal themes for the game.

  10. I do miss listening to them, I’m interested to see what they’ll do for their next album. ^^

  11. wait from what i heard didn’t a lot of fans get excited that it was sa3? and then they basicly said that sa3 died years ago. that to me says it’s got nothing to do with another sonic game, i mean who knows really since they are so hush hush about anything but, i really doubt it has anything to do with sonic.

    1. You could hopes it’s Sonic-related, but in the end, it’s an album. Not related to a soundtrack in any way.

      1. ah it’s hard to hope on anything good these days after sega made so many bad choices xD it’s better to not be expecting something then if it happens it’s a nice surprise rather than hope for something that may never come.

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