Sonic the Hedgehog: Awakening Found on Ex-Silver VA Resume

Sonic the Hedgehog Awakening Pete Capella

The Sonic Stadium has discovered a mysterious Sonic listing on the resume of former Silver the Hedgehog voice actor Pete Capella. The title is Sonic the Hedgehog: Awakening by SEGA Inc and Capella again did voice work for Silver the Hedgehog in it. Unfortunately, that’s all we know, as there don’t appear to be any other signs of the project online. Capella voiced Silver between 2006 and 2009, so it’s pretty safe to assume this title (whatever it is) is dead and buried.

If we find any more details, we’ll let you know.

Source: Pete Capella’s official website and IMDB resume

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  1. Aw man. For a sec here, I thought this was a leaked Silver game. I STILL want that. But I think that idea will never happen, just like a good Sonic RPG.

    Still, gotta wonder… what was THIS all about? :O

    1. I think someone should take a crack at another sonic rpg. I’d really like to see one with a lot of stuff from the comics.

      1. Dude, I was just thinking of a conceptual action/rpg that could introduce the Freedom Fighters to SEGA Sonic. Something with pizazz, cool moves and colorful worlds, like something Namco Tales of team or Tri-Ace or Overworlds would do.

          1. > pizazz, cool moves and colorful worlds
            >something Namco Tales of team or Tri-Ace or Overworlds would do

            >Ken Penders

            How in the world did you ever get to such a backwards conclusion, I would never know.

            The only potential RPGs lost to the world are more boring, obtuse watered down, Bioware schlock that the world could use without. We need more Mass Effect like the world needs another nuclear treaty.

            Jesus, A Sonic Point-and-Click from Tell Tales would be more exciting then Knuckles Effect: The Pendering, and that’s an awful idea. Sonic and traditional RPGs just don’t click.

    2. A Silver game could be interesting, but Silver’s gameplay style is a major roadblock. How do you make psychokinetic powers responsive, fast, and befitting of a Sonic game?

      I’m guessing this is just a code or project title, but I could be wrong.

      1. Funny thing is, Silver was originally meant to debut in his own game. It’s in one of the interviews on SEGA Megadrive Ultimate Collection for the PS3 and 360.

  2. I remember hearing a while back that 06 was originally going to be the first game of a trilogy. Maybe Awakening could’ve been the second game?

      1. From what I understand, yes. But of course, 06 was a failure, and Sega had to make other plans.

    1. The Humble Fellow no Awakening is not a 2006 game same as Sonic 06. Sonic Genesis for GBA is a 2006 Sonic game same release date as Sonic 06 okay you got it alright The Humble Fellow to know about it!

        1. Hogfather so what I don’t care about it I could say 2006 whatever I want to say The Hunble Fellow & anyone else to along just a matter of time of the years The Humble Fellow has some strange comment of him saying Sonic 06 was originally going to be the first Sonic game of a trilogy yes it’s true that he is saying perfectly! And second thing he say maybe Awakening could’ve been the second game no that’s false awakening is not the 2006 game it’s Awakening is actually a 2012 game made by Nintendo & other developers also but yeah do not never ever & never ever say it to me ever again okay Hogfather you got it peace!

    2. And Boom was a total flop and SEGA still went ahead with the sequels for that game. SEGA sucks

    1. We looked into this before publishing the article.

      All questions have to go through his agent… via Fax.

  3. Aw man, now I’m dying to know what it was about. Sounds like a game I would love.

    On a completely unrelated note, Sonic Runners has gone through a SIGNIFICANT update. Many things have changed.


    Well regardless of whether it’s old and dead or not, I’d still love to know what it is and see/hear it if there is anything to see/hear. I miss Pete Capella. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE Quinton Flynn fan, but I also loved Pete’s depiction of Silver as well, it’s one of the many voices that introduced me to the Sonic franchise. To hear anything new from him again would be awesome, considering how most of his dialogue as Silver either comes just from Sonic 2006, Sonic Rivals 2, and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. It would be nice to hear just some new Silver dialogue. Though at this point I’m willing to get that from either Capella or Flynn, since I feel that Silver has got to be one of the most underused characters of the series so far, and that’s saying a lot considering how almost no one other than characters from 1991-1994 have been given any significant part in any game’s story, let alone be playable. Hopefully the anniversary title will give you a chance to interact with at the very least the big 3 hedgehogs again, or maybe have Sonic playable for the main story but have the other characters available as playable unlockables or DLC or something. I just really want to play as a faster and reworked Silver again.

    1. I agree silver was meant to be up there with sonic and shadow as the super hedgehog team but been left out not to mention his slow pace. If the sonic team tried using his telekinetic as a source of his speed like shadow is with his rocket shoes and gave him a interesting role like 06 but try not to make his personality sort of flat then he can work up to the expectations the sonic team and sega see’s him.

  5. im sure there will come up with a good 25th anniversary title for next year but not all sonic games are not cocky depending on the graphics but sonic lost world was ok but i was thinking they should bring back the elements like sonic boost.

    1. What does that have to do with the article?

      And why do you still not use punctuation or the shift key?

    2. How can a Sonic game be cocky? Also can you please stop commenting about your ideas for the 25th anniversary on EVERY article? It’s getting VERY old.

  6. Huh….weird…it would be interesting if a company (years after the events, of course) would release info on past projects that never saw the light of day.

  7. Interesting. My best guess is that it was a concept title for Sonic 06 after the SA3 angle was dropped but before the name SONIC THE HEDGEHOG was selected. After all, the entire plot of 06 is about preventing the awakening of Iblis, and is kicked off by the awakening of Mephiles from the Scepter of Darkness. Alternatively, it could have been related to Black Knight, which has Silver but only as a minor character for multiplayer. Maybe he was going to be more important at some point?

    Or maybe it was a new title that was scrapped entirely. Who knows?

  8. It’s called the Dark age of Sonic for a reason.
    I have a feeling if this game were released it still would have been awful.
    Sega are the worst!

  9. I would so love it if SEGA made an anniversary game that’s something similar to Epic Mickey, a game that somehow shows off every unused Sonic concept either in playable form or otherwise depending on what it is. They could just tack some bs plot onto it like “There’s a dimensional rift” or something like generations did to keep people happy too.

  10. SonicTeam has been pretty much silent for about two years now, with the only real release being Sonic Runners. It could totally be possible for this to be a recreation (hopefully a less edgy one) of Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

  11. More likely a cancelled sequel to sonic 06 or it could be a reboot of the franchise for Sonic’s 25th.

    They normally change voice cast every 5 years
    (10th anniversary Sonic adventure 2 – Ryan Drummond and co)
    (15th Anniversary Sonic 06 – Jason Griffith and Co)
    (20th Anniversary Sonic Generations – Roger craig Smith and co)

    but I think the currently actors might stay on longer cause of Sonic Boom and I don’t think Sega plan on recasting till they officially confirm their doing a full blown reboot.

    1. So what your saying is that Sega is currently looking for new voice actors for Sonic and his friends? I hope they do, well for the video games that is. They can keep the current voice actors for Sonic Boom TV show and games. They fit better

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