Sonic Lost World (PC) Out Now


Exclusive? What exclusive?

Yesterday, Sonic Lost World was released on PC, breakng that exclusive deal which Sega made with Nintendo a few years ago. The game is more or less the exact same game which came out on the console, however there are one or two major changes.

First of all there is no multiplayer mode, there are no circus tent mini games and the NiGHTS DLC is included in the download and unlocks after you beat the first stage.

Currently priced at £19.99, however if you look around odds are you can find it for slightly cheaper.

So far the response to the game has been very positive. But we’ll probably be doing a review on this version at some point in the near future.

Sonic Lost World on PC from Steam

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      1. I’ve heard people say in general that the game controls better. I hope that’s true.

        1. I am on the 5th area, I think the controls are much tighter. I’m enjoying myself much more this time around

  1. If there’s no tents then how do you quickly get flickies? Unless the game expects you to replay levels over and over again.

      1. That’s good. Because collecting 7000 flickies to play every level in the game would have been awful without the tents.

        1. I wonder why they even implemented small animals sometimes. Going from level-to-level is fine enough.

  2. Let the mods commence. X)

    Also, overall more positive response with this version of the game isn’t too surprising for me, considering how it probably functioned a lot better when they were testing it on computers before having to get dragged into the exclusivity agreement. I seriously hope exclusivity doesn’t happen again for a while, for some reason Sonic always felt more natural to me when it was made to be multiplatform, or at least when it is made with the intent of being mutliplatform in the first place. I wouldn’t want to see it be Nintendo exclusive again unless they got a good system that actually works in that kind of a format. And I wouldn’t want to see it be Xbox exclusive either unless they gave you the option to use a freaking controller…though a Sony exclusive might be interesting. Just one though, just to see how it would work out. Maybe a game adaptation of the movie…any word on that by the way?

    1. Sonic’s exclusives are pretty decent for the most part, providing they were meant to be exclusive from the start. Take Colours for instance, that was made from the ground up as a Wii game. It took the Unleashed daytime formula and tweaked it to work with the Wiimote, and that game was pretty darn good. Sonic Boom on the other hand, was in development long before the Wii U exclusivity contract was signed, meaning it was built on an engine that had never even been used on the Wii U before, and then shoehorned onto the system when it was necessary. Of course, that game had other issues beyond technical performance 😉

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Lost World still being worked on before the exlusivity agreement was made as well? I remember them testing things out on computers before deciding on the system to implement it on, but it could be that they just do that with all their titles.

        1. I think most, if not all, console games are tested on PCs before they’re put onto consoles nowadays, purely for ease during development. If I’m correct, the console testing then comes when the game’s basically ready to be shipped and just needs a few small tweaks here and there so they function properly on the consoles.

    1. According to a steam review,
      “This is the 1st Sonic game to not have a launcher that you need to change the settings, all of the graphics setting are actually in the game, which is good.
      All of the new assets, like the Xbox buttons and the steam profile picture on the title screen are incredibly low quality.
      The video setting are very basic, only resolution, fullscreen on/off (Borderless, no exclusive option at all), DOF on/off, Grass on/off, and shadows on/off.”

  3. I’m surprised it got such a positive reception considering all the negativity surrounding the original announcement of sorts on Steam…

  4. Glad to hear people like the game! I’d love to see the sales figures for this version now.

  5. Sonic Lost World PC is having a comparing Sonic game Sonic Generations mods for PC only Sonic Lost World communitys would you please added a Mario mod in Sonic Lost World people because Sonic Lost World is a Super Mario Galaxy rip off is that is perfect for people & Sonic fans would love that mod!

    1. I can’t bear morons saying that bullshit anymore. Mario Galaxy is a Sonic X-treme rip off in the first place.

    2. ever played sonic adventure 2: level: mad space
      just for you sonic adventure 2 released : 2001
      mario galaxy released : 2007
      so why is lost world a rip off again

  6. also if you played both games the level design isnt even close sure there are sections that are the same but must of the time its not so nameing lost world a rip off because of a few sections is stupid .
    and why a rip off adventure 2 & 3 and knuckles anybody

  7. First, I admit I was one of those who didn’t have high hopes for the game because of the general ratings the WiiU version has received. However, I wonder how is it possible for this game to score so low. This is a great platformer/action game.

    – Amazing stage designs: Lots of paths. Lots of secrets. Each stage feels entirely different from each other. This is a very nice mix of Super Mario Galaxy planetoids with their own gravity, Donkey Kong Country in the SNES era platforming sections and red coin placement, and Sonic design.
    – The controls feel sharp with a slower sonic, but the parkour system is either buggy, or I simply can’t get it right after 4 hours of experimenting with it.
    – Soundtrack is of high quality. I don’t think we’ve ever been let down here.
    – Performance is sharp (AMD FX-4320 @ 3.8GHz, 6GB @ 1066MHz RAM, Radeon 7770 w/ 1GB VRAM). Loading times are less than 2-3 seconds. Framerate is stable at 60. I was expecting this game to be “heavier” than Generations. Instead it has better performance and less memory usage as well. Not a single crash too.

    Negatives so far:
    – There are some pop-ups. Not often, but they exist. THey haven’t been the cause of a death or frustration at all however.
    – Sonic controls amazingly well with the jog/run/spin system. However, the parkour system is almost frustrating to get right. In almost half cases it feels like you need luck to perform what you press on the gamepad.
    – Omochao. Because.
    – Only one save. Yes, I know Generations was like that too. But Heroes had 99 slots. What happened? Oh yeah, Steam and people who can’t grasp the concept of manual Save/Load.

    1. I was confused why it got a low score aswell when I first got it on wiiU. I even remember the hate and feeling like a weirdo for actually loving the game on miiverse. Then others who liked it started posting which made me feel a bit better. I’m starting to think there are people who just want a certain type of sonic game and hates anything that doesn’t follow that pattern. That happens with such a split fanbase I’m afraid.

      Personally I like lost worlds myself and enjoy the levels. I love the music in it aswell. It’s a shame the lost world on PC lost a few features (the Zelda DLC is my favourite course on wiiU) but the PC one looks like it’ll make up for it in other areas.

      I’m currently downloading the PC version at the moment. I’m hoping what’s there is as good as the wiiU version at least. My room is a bit of a muddle currently and it’s hard to hook up the wiiU version in the mean time so having it on my laptop as a back up will be great.=3

      1. Just to add to make what I said a bit clearer because what I posted could be taken the wrong way. I don’t think I worded it properly.=/

        With the way sonic’s franchise changes it’s style constantly, everyone is going to have their own preference in style of game. So no matter how good a game is there are going to be people the game doesn’t appeal too. Same with if a game is considered bad to one person, another may love it.

        Is it just me or does this download for this game take a long time………….

        1. Yah… this is a pretty split fan base. Then again, that’s probably why is can be so awesome too! Keyword can.

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