Huge selection of Sonic the Hedgehog songs now available on Spotify


For those of you who make use of the digital music service Spotify, you will be pleased to know that a gargantuan selection of Sonic Soundtracks, from Sonic CD to Sonic Runners, have been added to the vast library of songs available for streaming.

As if this wasn’t enough, you can also enjoy a selection of Crush 40 songs including their “Best of title”, the 2012 “LIVE” album and the tracks from their 2012 EP.

While Spotify does not contain a complete library of Sonic the Hedgehog songs, many fans will be pleased they can now access many of their favourite songs on the go without the need to purchase songs through other services or track down physical copies of the official soundtracks.

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    1. Weird how I’m replying to myself here, but I can’t edit my original comment to this article. So here I go!

      No need for me to listen to this on Spotify. I have a Spotify account, but I don’t use it. Now the tough part… I need to get this off my chest and I’m glad I will right now. I have all of the best Sonic music thanks to the love of my life. Thank you, dude! I blast the stuff in my car and I love it! One of the best (and sadly last, for now) memories I have of him and I was when he shared all of this wonderful Sonic music sometime in early 2010.

      I’ve been out of touch with him since the springtime of 2010 and it’s quite perplexing that we got separated for reasons unknown (I can’t tell ya any more it’s personal and I don’t know the total truth about it all). Despite the fact that we had our limited & sporadic contact between 2011-2014, I still have no idea to this day what truly happened (and the “full story”). I’ll most likely never know and I’ll be good with that for the rest of my life. OK don’t wanna get “melodramatic” here and stuff. I don’t know what’s been going on with you and you might or might not read this.

      If you do stumble upon this, I need to tell you something. I miss ya a lot, dude! I wish you the best in all of the things you do in your life and don’t worry about me (please don’t guilt trip over this, no need for that!) I still listen to the Sonic music ya shared with me and it rocks! I love ya! 😀

  1. The only issue is that none of the music is togehter under one artist. Each album is completely separate from the other.

  2. Um might wanna update this SS, but it only has music from Sonic Adventure and 2, not from CD to Runners xD

  3. For some reason only Vol. 2 of both the full SA and SA2 soundtracks are listed while the 20th anniversary editions of each are listed. This feels like whoever was in charge of putting these in there foolishly considered the 20th anniversary tracks as suitable “Vol. 1s” for the full tracks, when in reality half the stuff in those is just way too edited down to be proper Vol. 1s. And no Unleashed music anywhere? What the heck!?

    1. There is Unleashed, but it’s under its japanese name of Sonic World Adventure instead. If you search for Planetary Pieces (the name given to the Unleashed OST), it should come up 🙂

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