Freak-Out Friday: Sonic Boom Roger Beats!

Kinda blowin’ my minds right now, dude.

Thought we’d bring back this fun little weekly feature, because why not? We’ve gone on for too long without the weekly what-the-hecks on The Sonic Stadium!

Longtime readers need no introduction, but to the newcomers among you who are unfamiliar with the idea, here’s the quick summary: Freak-Out Friday is where we show off the funny, the weird, the cringey, the creepy, the freaky, and the overall albeit reasonably questionable content put together by fans across the web!

The CGI-animated cartoon Sonic Boom will soon wrap up its first season on television, and a second season has already been greenlit and is currently undergoing production. With over 50 episodes under its belt, Boom has already spawned a sizeable cast of characters and a ton of humorous stories, one of the more notable ones being the recently aired “Designated Heroes”.

After yet another loss at the hands of Team Sonic, Eggman berates the heroes for their lack of fairness towards him in their battles – how’s an evenly matched evil villain who always loses supposed to win when it’s always 5 vs. 1?

So, in the interest of fairness, Sonic and friends agree to take him on one at a time… only for the odds to turn against them as the ruggedly handsome good Doctor tricks each member into defeating themselves, one by one. Amy, Sticks, Tails, then Knuckles all fell to his cunning, leaving only Sonic to save the day.

This brings us to that one moment in the episode with Roger Craig Smith… being Roger Craig Smith. Never would I have thought I’d actually see the day when noises like those would leave Sonic the Hedgehog’s mouth!

Naturally, it was decreed that it had to be mixed into song, complete with music video, and YouTuber Alex Amaralex actually took the time to put a track together out of Roger’s sounds! Here’s the end result!

Alex, if you’re reading this: I don’t know what’s going on in that head of yours, but I love it! Keep at it!

Found any other potential Sonic “Freak-Outs” out there on the web? Maybe you’d like to share one of your own creations? If so, you can either share your suggestions in the comments section below (as well as your thoughts on Alex’s video above!), or you can reach me via any of the following to see your choice on the next Freak-Out Friday:

Source: Tumblr

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  1. Pretty cool, actually. Are there any places anywhere to keep up with Sonic fan music like this? I’m kind of new here and I’m really interested to here what other cool music projects people are doing/have done with Sonic influences.

  2. This is one of the best moments of the show. I can’t believe I am saying this. XD

  3. I laughed when Sonic did this and I surprised myself finding that funny. He should do this again in his future games. Stand still and he’ll make those noises out of boredom.

  4. One of the best things to come out this show…and that’s a steadily increasing list thanks to the more recent episodes for the past few weeks. I hope as we get closer to the end of the season they give us even more meme/remix/etc worthy moments like that. X)

  5. I hope there’s an outtake file somewhere for this series. Either RCS cracks himself up doing this, or the producers in the back are laughing.

  6. I’m going to be honest, this part in the show made me cringe pretty hard. But this… this is on a whole ‘nother level. I do love how it grew into a music video though! Props to the person who made this. 😉

  7. I can’t be the only one who thought of the Dog of Wisdom when he started doing the “bwAH”s…

    That aside, good video! Very funny!

  8. Ugh, all the reasons why I loathe Sonic Boom in one vid. Please hurry with that anniversary game Sega… I miss the real Sonic. -___-

    1. Yet you took the time to click on an article with a Sonic Boom screenshot as the image then proceeded to waste your time watching the video. Nice logic there.

      1. Wanting to watch a vid for myself is fairly logical. Besides, why do you care what a random person over the internet thinks of it? I’m just stating my personal thoughts.

        1. I’m just saying, if you don’t like Sonic Boom to that degree, why did you even waste your time watching the video that’s quite clearly related to it? It just makes no sense to me. I’m not sure how failing to understand a persons actions equates to caring about what a random person thinks of something.

          1. I don’t know why I did dude; it was a involuntary reflex. I keep watching Boom just because its Sonic-related, and I’m starved for new SegaSonic games.

  9. I admire Sonic Stadium for doing anything they can to keep interest in this site because if you’re like me, and are indifferent to the whole Boom offshoot, you’re just sitting around passing time till the 25th.

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