Sega’s Booth At Brand Licensing Europe: 25th Anniversary & Boom Spotted

ble2015booth1More Brand Licensing news, several images of Sega’s booth have been posted on twitter by none other than Sega’s own Tadashi Takezaki!

The booth appears to at first be very Sonic Boom heavy, however there are other Sega games around the outside of the booth including a ‘retro collection’ area.

However, eagle eyed readers may also find the image at the top of this article of interest, we can see the 25th anniversary logo again but this one is on a mural of classic Sonic and Eggman from Sonic 1. Is this a further clue as to the tone/nature of next year?

But more interestingly… is the fact that it was Tadashi Takezaki who took these images in the first place, in previous licensing events, both in Europe and the United Stages, it’s normally the local staff who handle and run the event, this is the first time that someone from Sega of Japan has been brought over to oversee an event. Dare I suggest that there is something of high importance at Brand Licensing Europe which he has gone over to oversee?

You can see the rest of the images in the gallery, keep checking TSS for more updates as and when we get them.

Source: Twitter

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  1. you know i gonna say sense the 25th anniversary logo has been spotted again i was wondering SEGA could let other fans to come up with a title for next year sonic game for the anniversary but i was thinking Sonic Origins would be the best title yeah it got a nice ring to it i know i said that title before but i can say it again yeah however. i think fans are still shouting about another squeal of sonic generations and sonic colors yeah what will SEGA have against that because some fans on youtube and twitter keep shouting sonic generations 2 and sonic colors 2 yeah i don’t think SEGA will make a new sonic squeal for next year despite on making a sonic adventure style yeah they did a good job on making sonic adventure on the dreamcast.

    i was thinking SEGA could at least bring back Sonic Boost from sonic rush and bring back Modern Sonic and bring back the elements from sonic adventure and sonic unleashed so that way those graphics will be combining the style of the new sonic games but i know SEGA stop losing to fans and can’t trust them but what choice do they have even that they learn there lesson about get Big Red Button to make sonic boom on the WIi U and 3DS so i think its time for SEGA to pay there doubts about the modern sonic games and there mistakes about the Sonic Boom they publish in there company. :/

    1. You probably Sonic Origins it before because it was the original name for Sonic Boom :p

        1. Yes, it did used to be Sonic Origins according the Big Red Button. They have said it before and even showed proof of Sonic Boom being Sonic Origins.

          1. I thought Rise of Lyric was supposed to have (the incredibly ironic) title of Sonic Synergy… Origins was a thing too?

          2. Yes. And I brushed up on my sources, it was the original name for the Sonic Boom TV show.
            Sonic Origins and Sonic Synergy? Okay, Sega, any more edgy names you could make up?

          3. Sonic Origins as the name of the TV show?

            *puts on Sticks voice*

            You THOUGHT the games were a prequel to the show, the show is actually a prequel to the games! IT’S… A CONTINUITY SNARL! A SNARL IN THE FABRIC OF LOGIC AS WE KNOW IT! AAAAAHHHH!

            *goes back to regular self*

            Yeah, weird but strangely fitting names. If we’re just throwing words that sound cool out there with vague reference to the game, then I propose we rename Sonic Boom to “Sonic Volt.” ­čśŤ

  2. other than Sonic 2, i dont really care for classic sonic – since i wasnt brought up on it, it sucks that there isnt a lot of modern sonic merch out there.
    im excited to see what comes out of this event, perhaps more developers signing up to make games or releasing merch.
    looking forward to wave 3 of the toys. that orbot figure (not the only already out) and metal sonic figure are in there somewhere

  3. Wow… SoJ getting more involved with other countries. Maybe its finally not being so aloof to non-Japanese entities…

    It being heavy on Sonic Boom doesn’t surprise me. More announcements on the 2016 game aren’t scheduled until early next year after all.

  4. Again, this may be a minor thing… but the new renders of the Boom characters look cool. Normally in these events, they just reuse older renders of the characters, but for this, they made new ones. I have to wonder if they aim to do more, given how they’re still heavily promoting it. The more they advertise Sonic Boom, the more appropriate it seems to the franchise. Since the TV show is getting a second season, I’d really like to see it become the successful side-branch it intended to be.

    Now, then, how about that Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice news? S-SEGA? Please?

  5. Hard to think the anniversary title will feature classic Sonic in any form considering that Sega relies a lot in nostalgia to market new titles, like the trailer for Sonic Runners which was a compilation of all the Sonic Genesis games, I don’t think we will see anything solid, not even clues until next year.

  6. I have a god awful feeling that all this focus on classic sonic focus that we’ve spotted so far for the 25th anniversary, may lead to a user content game along the lines of Mario Maker. Joking aside, just looking at Sega’s track record of copying Nintendo into sonic makes me nervous. New super mario bros? Sonic 4 super mario galaxy? Sonic Colours and lost world. Mario Kart? All stars racing…

    1. Well if Sega makes a Sonic Maker then it’ll be guaranteed to crush anything Mario Maker can muster since people can mod the Sonic Maker itself and put things Nintendo would never dream off like a full-on campaign maker with cutscenes and hub worlds.

    2. Colours and Lost World didn’t entirely copy Mario Galaxy though, I don’t get why people are STILL claiming that… Only similarity with Colours is the planet-hopping (although Sonic went to space LONG before Mario so it only makes sense to me anyway) and Lost World’s much closer to Sonic Xtreme, just with a different camera angle thanks to newer tech therefore more capabilities than back then, even the entire plot’s VERY similar to one of the ones that was pitched for Xtreme. I mean, really, at what point in Lost World do you run around several SPHERICAL worlds or have a star helping you?

  7. Sonic the Hedgehog ’16
    Not ’06 but instead it’s own game
    keep it simple yet memorable for years to come

  8. Please tell me the Megadrive/Master System thing is a hint of a possible collection for PC/Xbox One/PS4/Wii-U?

  9. With all the Sonic Boom stuff around the picture, I still won’t be surprised if Fire and Ice is an anniversary game. If it happens, I told you so.

    1. I wouldn’t mind if it was. It would just mean Sega isn’t rushing another game out for an anniversary.

  10. I see all the new renders for the Boom series which makes me think that another Boom(other than Fire and Ice) is going to be coming next year alongside what looks like Generations 2 for the main 25th Anniversary title because the logo is mounted on a picture of Classic Sonic and Eggman. I am fine with it because it basically confirms that the game will be good, but I would like something a bit more original. Also, another Boom game coming to console might not be so bad if the devs at BRB get their heads out of their arses and try, while also not being limited to the Wii U, I think another console Boom game would be okay because SEGA is not on the “rush it out for holiday” sorta schedule anymore, giving devs more time, and not being limited to the least powerful console of this generation give them more freedom to make a more polished game.

    1. Pretty sure BRB tried, they’re not a big studio and porting something that was intended for PS4/XB1/PC to Wii U isn’t easy.

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