Opinion Zone 23: Ken Penders, What Are You Doing?

Well this is a mine field, isn’t it?

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Mr Penders is making his new comic series, slowly. This whole topic is a fascinating one, so join us as we discuss this complicated history of the Lara-Su Chronicles. Were they his characters to claim? Does he have a real plan of what he is doing? Does the universe he’s created have any depth or interest without the foundation of Sonic behind it? We go DEEP into this topic so please let us know what you think of our opinions and share your own!

We are joined today by the fantastically entertaining David the Lurker from Sonic Retro who has a lot to say on Penders as well as dishing out advice on the Uncle Poxxy helpline.



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  1. Well that was informative. And yeah, really it does feel like watching a little kid with too many ideas for a story try to actually scramble and scratch something together. I used to have SO MANY ideas for a set of Kingdom Hearts fan fics I wanted to do, but eventually I realized that as more games got released my ideas became more and more redundant, as well as most of my ideas revolved around my OC when I was struggling to come up with story lines for the official characters, and I never really developed the work ethic to continue it, so I just gave up all together, because I knew it was getting over my head. Watching Penders, it feels like it’s the same thing, only he’s refusing to acknowledge that it’s getting over his head right now. The result of this whole thing feels inevitable, it’s just more of a matter of time. I would have been a bit more fine with this if it didn’t negatively impact the Archie comics so much. It’s not fair that I never get to see most of my favorite characters again just because one guy who had a hand in their creation wants to hoard them all with only a half idea of what he wants to do with them.

  2. I read an article on TSSZ that Penders isn’t doing so well financially. So this could be a reason as to why he did what he did. Not that I agree, just chiming in.

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