Sonic Runners: How to Land on Whatever Spot You Want on The Roulette Wheel!

Ever since Sonic Runners first launched, users have been divided as to how if there is a way to manipulate the roulette wheel, for instance, tapping the screen whilst it’s rotating seems to influence when it will stop, but nobody was able to nail down a precise method to stop it at will or at a specific point.


Well it seems that those who were convinced that there was a way to manipulate the wheel so that it stops in a specific spot were right. A YouTube video posted by Premydaremy illustrates the trick in action, in the video the user is able to land the wheel on the character spot at will, multiple times in a row.

Now, the user calls this a ‘hack,’ however this isn’t correct, a hack would be the right terminology to use if you had to manipulate the games code or use some kind of modification to perform this. Call it a cheat or a trick at the most, however given how we’ve been able to make the wheel stop early since the soft launch, this seems to be deliberate behaviour¬†left on the wheel from the developers.

There are two methods to doing this, I have managed to get the first method to work exactly as show in the video, the second method didn’t work at all.

Method 1:

  • Spend 50 red rings and let the wheel start to spin.
  • On the first spin, when the dial reaches the 6 O’clock position on the wheel tap once.
  • Then on the second spin, rapidly tap the screen/wheel with your finger.
  • If done correctly, you will land just inside the character egg space.

Method 2:

  • Spend 50 red rings and let the wheel start to spin.
  • Let the wheel complete 2 full rotations.
  • On the third rotation, when the dial reaches 6 O’clock, rapidly tap the screen again.
  • If done correctly, you will land just inside the character egg space.

In both methods, odds are you will land on either the character egg or the golden eggs. I have tested method 1 and it worked first time. However as pointed out this is not a 100% guarantee, but from feedback from other users and my own testing, this seems to work most of the time after you’ve mastered the trick.

Whilst this trick is designed to work for the character and golden eggs, odds are if you adjust the timing as to when you first tap the screen, you can manipulate the wheel to land on whatever spot you want, including the daily spin wheel.

Give it a try and let us know if it works in the comments.


  1. Nice trick! Too bad I uninstalled this glitchy shovelware that proves yet again that SEGA no longer bears any intelligence.

    1. Yes, Runners is quite glitchy and generally puts the player through a lot of crap, but its a pretty big leap to claim that Runners is shovelware. The core gameplay is simply too good to fit the bill for shovelware.

      1. And that’s just it! The gameplay is solid! It’s exactly what I’d expect out of a mobile Sonic game. But the problem is that the glitches and cheapaf F2P model turns Runners into a game of carrot-dangling. A game of which I have NO intent in partaking in any longer.

        SEGA better get it right with the 25th, or else I’m done with this series for good.

        1. Sad part is, they said they would clean their act up.

          And then the proceeded to produce this cheap steaming pile of shit.
          But the soundtrack is nice.

          1. Actually, the worldwide release of Runners (i.e. when nearly all the major problems with Runners surfaced) came before that statement. Regardless, audience rectification plan was probably in discussion before it was officially announced, so take that as you will.

            Regardless, Runners is pretty disappointing. But its selling well and making Sega lots of money, so don’t expect too much to change about it in the coming years.

            As for the 25th anniversary, all we can do is hope for the best. Rest assured, however, that roulette BS and other idiotic microtransactions definitely aren’t going to be present for the 25th anniversary console title, because while those are annoying on mobile, they’re a PR nightmare on console. Sega may be incompetent, but its not at Konami levels of stupid.

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