Sonic Boom is the Number 1 Show on Boomerang UK

Well this was unexpected. Despite being limited to 14 episodes out of the 52 and only being broadcast in standard defenition for a while (it’s recently become a HD channel), according to a Press Release put out by Sega, Sonic Boom is the number 1 show on Boomerang UK.

“What say you now haters!?”

This is quite a feat since it’s beating popular shows like Loony Toons & Scooby-Doo which are shown around the same time. Whilst Boomerang isn’t an amazingly popular station, the fact that Boom has only had 14 episodes on it and remains the number 1 show is a very impressive feet.

Full press release is as follows.

SEGA® Europe Ltd. will be exhibiting at BLE 2015 on stand C030.

2015 sees the continued expansion of SEGA’s Sonic Boom™ licensing programme driven by the new CGI TV animation. Packed with action, adventure and comedy, this is Sonic unlike anything you’ve seen before! The series is already proving a hit with fans and is currently the number 1 show on Boomerang in the UK and a major hit show on Gulli in France. The show is set to roll out across other EMEA territories late 2015 into 2016.

The Sonic Boom licensing programme is anchored by master toy partner TOMY and is looking to extend into multiple categories across EMEA including publishing, apparel, accessories, back to school and more.

The Classic Sonic franchise, also available for license, celebrates the heritage of this global gaming icon. Celebrating his 25th anniversary next year, Sonic has an ever growing fan base with over 5 million Facebook fans. To date over 200 million video games have been sold or downloaded across multiple platforms worldwide!

SEGA will also be seeking licensing partners for its other brands namely, the Retro Collection featuring the iconic console Mega Drive™ and classic gaming favourites such as Golden Axe™, Altered Beast™ and Ecco the Dolphin™, as well as Football Manager™ and Total War™, both award winning PC strategy games with a huge loyal fan base.

To discuss licensing opportunities around Sonic Boom and other brands, visit SEGA Europe Ltd. on Stand C030 at BLE 2015.

Notes to editors:

About SEGA® Europe Ltd.:

SEGA Europe Ltd. is the European Distribution arm of Tokyo, Japan-based SEGA Games Co., Ltd., and a worldwide leader in interactive entertainment both inside and outside the home. The company develops and distributes interactive entertainment software products for a variety of hardware platforms including PC, wireless devices, and those manufactured by Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. SEGA Europe’s website is located at


  1. I can’t tell if this is good (decent kid’s show) or bad (absolutely terrible Sonic thing overall).

    1. I personally think that the animation is great, the writing is much more intelligent than other children’s shows but the characters could really use some more fine tuning.

      1. The writing is no way intelligent, alot of is plain embrassing and just plain stupid.

        Now Animaniacs had Intelligent writing and so did many other 90’s cartoons where it hid great adult jokes.
        Oh and the old Simpsons from season 1 – 9, now those we’re really intelligently written, had great humour, storys and character.

        Sonic Boom has non of that.

        1. “It was in the 90s. And had hidden innuendos. So therefor it’s intelligent.” I love Animaniacs, but that feels like an unfair comparison.

          1. Ok how about this for size then:

            Sonic Boom vs Gravity Falls: a recent show with intelligent writing, an engrossing mystery and so much disturbing imagery you wonder how in the world this show EVER got on Disney’s radar…and then it hits you like a brick as to why Disney keeps delaying the series over months or even years.

            The analogy still works, but I gotta give Boom props – with all the restrictions imposed upon them by committee, they still manage to make some of the jokes work.

          2. Sonic Boom and Gravity Falls aren’t really comparable though. Gravity Falls strives to be a dark dramedy mystery with an overarching plot and horror elements, while Sonic Boom strives to be a lighthearted comedy with “world resets” at the end of each episode. Obviously, they’re going to be treated differently and attract a different audience. They both have intelligent writing, but being completely different shows, that shows itself in different ways. Boom is intelligent in that it doesn’t use gross humor as a crutch (a common flaw in modern kid’s shows) and has a lot of great quips that (usually) don’t come off as forced. Its not easy to write a good quip without making your characters come off as obnoxious, believe me. Gravity Falls is intelligent in that it knows how to handle emotional juxtaposition properly and when to explain things as opposed to when to keep things ambiguous.

            In other words, the analogy still doesn’t work.

  2. I wish the same could be said about Sonic Boom on Cartoon Network, instead of that awful “Teen Titans Go!”…

  3. This is the biggest flipping of the bird I have ever seen to haters of the show. They say the show is bad and won’t do well, and this comes out. They have experienced the power of our trap card.

    Fun Fact: CN Australia has dropped Sonic Boom altogether and now the GO! channel plays it. It seems CN really doesn’t care for the show.

  4. It’s the United Kingdom. They love Sonic. Any new Sonic cartoon will be pretty successful, whether it’s good or not.

  5. I think I preferred Boomerang when it was about old cartoons, now it’s just CN part II. RIP Boomeraction.

    1. i can agree to this, i mean that was the whole purpose of its name right? it should of never came to cable if this was going to happen, but what can you do =/

    2. CN should stop chasing after Nick’s audience, it’s just pathetic. I mean, yeah, you have your kids shows like AT, Steven Universe, Regular Show and so forth and then you have your [adult swim] stuff for grown-ups, stoners and anime fans. But don’t forget your 14-18 audience: Use Boomerang to push old shows that they like and make new shows for older audiences, similar to Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc, The Looney Tunes show, and Sym-Bionic Titan.

      1. unfortunately they do this because nick isnt exactly there former self either,its a domino effect, CN became nick,nick became disney, disney became a combination of different channels all rolled into one

    1. Well, you know, it’s not every day you come across feet that have been so masterfully created.

  6. eh Loony Toons & Scooby-Doo aren’t that good of a show anyway xD if you said it was beating spiderman or batman, then i would get worried.

    1. The original Loony Tunes or the newer version?

      The original is brilliant. The newer version is also very good though. Way better than anything I ever saw in Sonic Boom.

    2. Lot’s of people would disagree with you there, but I suppose that depends on which era of those shows you’re referring to. Most people tend to prefer the original series from way back when, though I personally tend to prefer the more relevant modern stuff, provided it’s been good. The newer Loony Tunes Show was pretty good, and the last few newer Scooby-Doo shows have been…interesting to say the least. X3

  7. Cool! I’m glad to see that Boom TV has at least somewhat defied its situation. Can’t wait until tomorrow! 😀

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