Sonic Boom Fire & Ice to Get Fast Food Toys

sonicboomfireicecarlfastfoodAccording to a ‘now deleted’ tweet by the CDM company, Sonic Boom Fire & Ice toys are on the way to Carls Jr. and Hardee’s. For those who don’t live in the US, that’s a burger/fast food chain.

The exact tweet was as follows.

Meal bags are in! Sonic Boom Fire & Ice is coming to #carlsjr October 7 and #hardees October 5!

— The CDM Company (@TheCDMCompany) September 2, 2015

But this was soon deleted suggesting there was an embargo placed on this announcement for reasons we don’t understand.

Especially since the exact same announcement is still up and has been up for a rather lengthy period of time on the Carls Cool Kids website which CDM Company apparently handles (see pic above).

So anyway, it looks like fast food toys for Sonic Boom Fire & Ice are on the way, this is great news, now if only we could get a side order of a new trailer or a large screenshot of fires to go with that since there has been no news about the game at all since announcement.

What do you guys think? Excited about the toys? Going to go to Carls Jr. and Hardee’s just for the toot? Going to get Boom Fire & Ice despite there being no information about it? See that thing below that’s a comment box, you can say stuff like “I WANT TOYS!” or “TOYS!? YOU MEAN ACTION FIGURES!” Let us and your fellow blue believers know, Toys! Burgers! Fires oh my! TOYS! BURGERS! FRIES! OH MY!

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  1. I am willing to import Sonic’s Schoolhouse from the US, I would not be willing to import these.
    That about sums up my excitement for this.

  2. I do not have either of those restaurants in my region of the United States, and I’m not driving down south for some kids toys. But hey, at least Fire and Ice is getting promoted somehow. Though this combined with lack of representation at major Western gaming events does seem to imply that Fire and Ice is being treated like a licensed game for the show rather than a fully blown refinement of Shattered Crystal right now…

    Eh, I don’t really have high expectations for Fire and Ice anyway.

    1. *devilish grin*

      I just checked the website.

      The Carls Jr.’s website have games based on the current property being promoted.

      Carls Jr. is promoting Sonic Boom soon.

      More Sonic Boom games confirmed.

  3. Oh cool. This’ll be lovely.

    And you have a good point, Mr. Hogfather. Where is the information on this game?

  4. Eh, fast food toys always suck.

    As far as the lack of info goes, however, it USED to be the norm to make an announcement then leave a massive gap before giving more news closer to release rather than the modern method of giving info every week after the first announcement. I prefer the old method, at least then I don’t already have the entire game spoiled for me before I get to play it… Yes, I’m looking at you, Nintendo, especially Smash for WiiU and 3DS where EVERY unlockable character, the biggest surprises the games contain, was announced before the game even launched…

  5. This about sums up where Sonic’s at right now.

    Throw a paper airplane in my ear when Sega decides to stop jerking off.

    1. How? Its just a kids toy. I get using it as a secondary source to explain concerns that Fire and Ice is getting the licensed game treatment, but its not symbolic of what’s going on at Sega. Carls Jr. and Hardee’s kids meals are just too inconsequential to influence Boom in any way and too distanced from Sega and Sanzaru Games to really be affected by their actions.

      Heck, Pakistan got creepy advertisements for McDonald’s Happy Meals that included LCD sports games themed after Sonic Heroes. Is that symbolic of how Sega lost touch with what the people wanted with Sonic back in 2003? No, of course not. Pakistan McDonald’s isn’t connected or involved enough to the game development process of Heroes for that to be the case. And its the exact same case here.

    2. Where have you been for the past 25 or so years? Fast food chains have included toys based on the latest kids gaming craze since gaming became an actual thing and not just something creepy, weedy nerds did in their basements…

  6. Can SEGA stop feed us with crap and keep money for something decent in the next years?
    Sonic Boom is a failed product, no need to continue to push it.

    1. Wait, Sonic Boom in general is a failed product? You are aware that Boom has many parts, right? There’s the TV show, which is doing rather well considering that Cartoon Network shoves it into a 7:00AM timeslot and never advertises it, plus its surprisingly popular in the Sonic fanbase. There’s the comics, which from what I saw were good while they lasted but unfortunately cut short at Issue 11 primarily due to Archie’s management problems. There’s the toys, which aren’t paid much mind to but are evidently doing well enough for Sega to get a bunch of new licenses. And there’s Rise of Lyric and Shattered Crystal, which are terrible, sold poorly, and not canon to any of the other part of Boom, yet inexplicably treated by many Boom haters as the only part of Boom that matters. And then there’s Fire and Ice, which hasn’t been released yet and has had very little information released about it nor has it received much promotion.

      In fact, Sega of America in general has barely promoted anything or had much of a presence this year. This is likely due to the restructure meaning that Sega doesn’t want to allocate a lot of time and money towards promoting products– i.e. Sega is, contrary to your statement, keeping money for something decent next year.

      Case in point: I’d hardly consider Fire and Ice being pushed on us right now. If anything, as of now it should be viewed as a licensed game for the more successful show.

  7. Pro-tip – if you’re going to be eating at Hardee’s… don’t eat the fried food.

    Trust me. I used to work there. Just stick to the chargrilled burgers.

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