Opinion Zone 20: Has There Ever Been A Good Fan Film?

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Fan films. Sigh.

We have seen many in our time and to be honest, I haven’t personally been impressed by any of them. Am I judging to harshly on what is, at the end of the day, not a professional production? We discuss our thoughts on the history and future of fan films with our guest Jim Sass. Jim founded Sasso Studios, which he used to create, direct and star in the hugely popular Return To Little Planet series. A fan film based around each Sonic personailty being portrayed through human eyes. He also made the highly debated sequel. So if there is anyone to have an opinion on fan films, it’s this guy.

He also has a go at Defeating Donnie… and well… does Donnie get his first win?!

Check out Sasso Studios for all the awesome videogame entertainment! http://youtube.com/sassostudios


WARNING: (Explicit Tag)


    1. That’s the only one I’ve seen that actually impressed me.
      And out of many other Sonic fan films, that says a lot to me.

        1. It still manages to be a good fan film. It had it’s flaws, but it’s good enough for me when you consider other Sonic fan films.

          1. It was very good for what it is, especially being entirely made by what the film biz classes as amateurs (basically the film equivalent to indies). I think that’s what everyone forgets with that film, it’s incredible considering the fact it’s a completely amateur production but everyone seems to just assume and treat it like it’s made by SEGA themselves or something…

  1. The Eddie LeBraun one was…well, at the very least I was surprised with how many internet celebs they got for it.

  2. Who remembers that silent movie that was on the site a few months ago? I think it was called “the hedgehog”.

  3. Berserk – The Black Swordsman I remember was kind of cool. Also, Sonic Live Action Thriller!! XD

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