Opinion Zone 17: Your First EVER Sonic game

We all had our first Sonic game, but why did it get us in to the fandom?

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We all played that first Sonic game that made us think, “Wow, I love Sonic”, so It’s interesting to compare and contrast our journeys to the community. Some of the group was there from the start of Sonic and some played their first Sonic game on recent consoles (It makes me feel so old). It’s interesting to see that we don’t all have the obvious answer of a first game. Some people found Sonic via a spin off and one of us found Sonic through a children’s educational games console. We also read your comments left on our Facebook page on when your first played a Sonic game, did we read yours? We’d still love to know your stories on how you first found a Sonic game and what about it drew you in, so keep sharing your stories in the comments!

Today’s Defeat Donnie is a very special edition of the quiz as Donnie and our listener take on a Sonic Misadventures themed gameshow. Let us know how many of the questions you would have got right!

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  1. Clique as it sounds, my first Sonic game was the first Sonic Adventure. I was into the Sonic shows and comics from the age of 5 but I and my family could never afford a game console or PC right up until I was about 10 and even then, my first console was the original Playstation. I did, however, see lots of previews and adverts for the first Sonic Adventure before it released then I got my chance to try it in Argos on a display Dreamcast one day. That was the point where I decided I REALLY wanted a Dreamcast but, sadly, I would never get one. I did, however, later on get a Gamecube with Sonic Adventure DX after playing and loving both Sonic Adventures on a friends Gamecube and it basically went from there. I bought more and more Sonic games, both old (in the form of ports) and new and here I am now.

  2. Well, the first games I played was Sonic 2 at my Mum’s friend’s house. While my heart belonged to Nintendo, I had respect for the series. I had a passing interest in the series as time went on, taking a look at it whenever the opportunity arose.

    Sonic X was what convinced me to start getting the games myself, and the first one I got was Sonic Adventure DX. After that, I quickly got Adventure 2, Heroes, Classic Collection, and Shadow. And I’ve been a firm follower of the series ever since. (At least if it’s on a Nintendo console. So no, I didn’t experience the horrors of 06.)

  3. I still fondly remember the first Sonic experience I ever had. At the ripe age of 7, I had just gotten a brand spanking new DS Lite for my birthday and I was ecstatic. Then I went over to my aunt and uncle’s house because they had a birthday present for me. Don’t know how they did ,but they found out I had just gotten a DS so they bought me two games. Don’t remember the other game, but I’ll never forget the awe I had when I stared at the Sonic Rush cover for the first time. My uncle said he thought it looked cool so he thought I would like it. Turns out he’s the reason I’m a HUGE Sonic fan, lol. Never get the amazement I had going super fast as Sonic and burning it up as Blaze. The loops the rings the MUSIC…. It was all so awesome and I never wanted to stop (Sonic’s also the reason I like roller coasters and going at fast speeds on everything except cars… Tickets ain’t cheap!). I also left Mario because of Sonic, and it was the best decision ever, wild rides and fun times. It feels ages ago, but I’m so happy to have met the blue blur and I hope he keeps going cause if he does, I’ll be right behind him; no matter what.

  4. Sonic 1 back on the Master System, built in. I remember having to ask my folks numerous times if I could buy it. 24 years and 4 years in QA tells me I made the right decision!

    1. Same here! Sonic 1 on the Master System was my first Sonic. Followed by Sonic 2 on MS. Then Sonic Chaos. Then I got to play Sonic 3 a bit at a store that had it up as demo.

      I still have the boxes and instruction manuals!

  5. Told this story before, but whatevs. I played Sonic 2 on the genesis left by the original owners of my mom’s friend’s new house. I had no idea what I was doing on account of being 4, but a few years later, after much squeeing, I got the original PC port of SADX. Then, it just took off. I hadn’t played any real games before that, just weird derp liscenced shit. So, it was an absolute game changer (awful, awful pun. blame my dad) to be playing something about fighting an army of robots. To be going against a dictator sworn on control of the world, and the mysterious monster he planned to accomplish it with.

  6. My first Sonic game I can remember has to be Sonic 2. I was born in 94, which is when my favorite game EVER, Sonic 3 (& Knux) came out, but I remember owning a Sega and playing both games, and also going to play Sonic 2 at different family members’ houses. My mom had been playing Sega and owned all the OG Sonic games by the time I was born, so fresh out the womb, I was all blue all the way. It explains my impatience now that I’m 21, as well as my everlasting love for Sonic, even though I hate him in Smash. Lol….all bs aside, Sonic 3 & Knuckles is the game I will forever hold dear in my heart as part of my childhood. I’ll play it at least once every year, to this day.

  7. Sonic Adventure 2…. Yep… I’m pretty young, but I shan’t spoil anything. I just turned a year older yesterday, and the more I look back, the more old I feel when I remember that my very first Sonic game is… 14 years old now.

    After I played Sonic Adventure 2 and loved it, I proceeded to play a whole crapton of the Classics, and other Adventure Era games.

  8. For me, my first experiences with Sonic came from Heroes and Riders. My friend owned copies of Heroes and Riders, and I loved playing them with her. Another friend owned Sonic Gems Collection, so I played Sonic 2 and 3 whenever I saw her. I also played Labyrinth… once or twice. I owned a copy of Sonic 1 for the iPod Classic of all things as well, though I didn’t really like it. Still don’t enjoy it actually. Please don’t murder me.

    However, I didn’t really get into Sonic until around 2009 and 2010. I had been listening to Dreams of an Absolution for awhile, and had at the time recently watched some playthroughs for Sonic Adventure 2. Due to some comments I saw on Youtube, I actually believed that SA2 was the worst in the series and most importantly to me, the game where Silver debuted– man how I was wrong! Random Sonic fans on Youtube, you betrayed me! XD Anyway, despite that backdrop, I didn’t really get hooked until I saw Colors’s trailer on the Nintendo Channel. It looked amazing. Sonic was so fast, the trailer music was so catchy, and the graphics really awed me back in the day. I looked up more and more information on the game. When the game came out, I partook in my usual tradition of waiting for used copies to start cropping up, then asked my parents if I could buy the Wii version. They obliged and I absolutely loved almost every part of it. Then I got Generations and the rest, they say, is history.

  9. Sonic 1 on the Genesis. Still have them both. I’ll become 27 in a few weeks, and that was 24 years ago. Amazingly, the console remain functional when I played Knuckles’ Chaotix.

  10. I remember borrowing Sonic 1 game from my friend and enjoying playing it on my Genesis. But what made me obsessed with Sonic was when I played Sonic Adventure DX on PC years later. Shortly after, I got a GameCube to be able to play SA2, SHADOW and riders…

  11. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

    It took me five months to defeat that Big Walker. I feel so ashamed.

  12. First one was Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive all those years ago, where I’d play 2P mode with my sister.

    At least I can say I own Tails and the Music Maker, I guess. Granted, I’ve never owned a Pico.

  13. The first Sonic game I ever played was a friend’s Sonic Adventure 2 on Dreamcast, but my very own first Sonic game was Sonic Advance for GBA. To this day, I only have 2 Chaos Emeralds. I will always have a grudge against Ice Mountain and Angel Island Bosses.

  14. My first Sonic game ever was Sonic 2 on the Master System when I was 4. Couldn’t beat it until being 10-ish.

    1. Even playing the GG version now on the 3DS, I still have difficulty destroying the first boss. I eventually do, but not before losing a lot of lives. Thank you, instant save points!

  15. Sonic and Knuckles, or Sonic 1, can’t remember which I was pretty young. Friend had Mega Collection on PS2. First Sonic I actually owned was Heroes. Mega Collection was also my first ‘real’ game i ever played as well, I didn’t have consoles or anything till after that.

  16. For me it was Sonic 1 on the Sega Mega Drive, well it was kind of Sonic 1, 2 and 3 because my mum had bought them all for me. I played 1 and really got into the music graphics and gameplay, but I think Sonic 2 made me fall in love with this franchise. And of course once I got the Sonic & Knuckles cartridge and found out about lock on content, my happiness only grew.

  17. ( I hate to say that but ) Ultimate Flash Sonic was first , thought. And in my country Sonic X only aired on one TV channel and you had to pay a price to watch that TV channel , I couldn’t watch Sonic X but I watched Sonic Underground.
    Later I bought Sonic Adventure DX to my PC and after that I bought Sonic Heroes.And later I became a Sonic fan somehow.

    1. Same here!
      Don’t care what anyone says, I absolutely loved it and it got me hooked on Sonic. It made me go and buy both classic and modern games (Sonic 1-3, Adventure 1&2, Heroes etc) and I loved them too.
      I’m gonna be honest, Crush 40 had a significant part to do with my indoctrination. I could NOT get ‘Fight the Knight’ out of my head, it made me play the level over and over.

  18. Technically my first Sonic game was Shadow the Hedgehog, but my first legit Sonic game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, ironically enough. After that I played Sonic Unleashed, and I fell in love with the game and the series from that point on. But I had watched some episodes of Sonic X before I ever played any games, so needless to say I was confused that both the show and the games shared the same cast and similar plots, but they didn’t match up that well. Once I figured out the differences between them I was able to enjoy them individually for different reasons. So I’d like to think that due to how I was introduced to the franchise (through the versions of Sonic that most older fans tend to dislike), it’s given me an interesting perspective on the series, and I feel that it molds a lot of what I look for in a game. To be honest, I didn’t really see anything wrong with Sonic 2006 until I came across all the hate for it online, and even then I still enjoy it as a guilty pleasure.

  19. The first Sonic game I ever played was Sonic 1 for Genesis. It wasn’t mine though. It conquered me for the graphics, for the loopings and S-shaped tunnels and (something I didn’t understand then) for how responsive de game was to my commands. I was 5 then. The first game I owned was a pirate version of Sonic & Knuckles. It worked just fine, but it didn’t offer the possibility of locking-on. I also got Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 later. I still remember when I found out what S&K was really supposed to be.
    Then my Genesis broke and I spent half a decade without playing Sonic. I missed 3D Blast and both the Adventures. I only caught up with the series by the tone Sonic Heroes was released for the GameCube. And for a while that was the only game I had for that console. So, Sonic Heroes was for me something like a “second first Sonic game”. I got really attached to it.

  20. My first was Sonic the hedgehog 2 for Sega Game Gear lol, then played the Genesis games and loved them, then jumped all the way up to Sonic Adventure 2 and that’s when I really got hooked with the series!

    Off-Topic: There is a Sonic Adventure themed event right now in Sonic Runners where you can get Tikal as a playable character and Chaos as a companion!

  21. I got my first Sonic game for my Nintendo DS, my sister gave it to me on my 8th birthday. I liked the boost and the loops so much that i never touched any other Game console until i got my first REAL home console in 2009 the old PS2 from my brother, and my first game for the PS2 was: Sonic Unleashed. Since then im an big fan of the blue hedgehog. Now i am getting off-toppic but i think the series should expand to other platforms again than the Wii U and the 3DS cus´ i think Boom would be an MUCH better game on the PS4 or the Xbox One.

  22. The first Sonic game I ever played was Sonic 1 on the Mega Drive at my Aunt’s house. Until then, the only games I had played were for the ZX Spectrum so the speed, graphics and music are what first drew me in. My Mum bought me a Master System soon after and I’ve been playing Sonic games ever since.

  23. Well. I came into the Sonic Universe around the Adventure era. I was about 6 years old, & Mc Donalds had Sonic Heroes happy meal toys & i got hooked on those… & then 4kids was now showing Sonic X. So we went to gamestop & my father ended up buying me & my brother Sonic Mega Collection for the gamecube… I played Sonic 1 & it was a done deal. So basically the genesis games ended up being my first experience with Sonic anyways even coming up in a different era. Then one Friday night we went to blockbuster, & i rented Sonic Heroes & big bro rented Sonic Adventure. At the time i thought Heroes was way better but as time passed & as i got older I then realized that SA was the better choice. At school, i had another friend who was as much as a Sonic fan as I was, & he was telling me a whole bunch of stuff from SA2 & once he was done filling my ears w/ spoilers, i knew that I had to go buy it. Aaaaah memories like that makes you miss a more simpler time. I’m 18 now.

  24. My first experience of Sonic was back in 2003 or 2004, when I was 3 or 4. I used to play the Classic Sonic games in Sonic Plus Collection and play Sonic Heroes on the Orignal Xbox. I couldn’t beat any of them back then.

  25. My first Sonic game was Rush Adventure. I got it when I was six, and since my first-gen DS has become irretrievable and I don’t wanna get a new one, I can no longer play it.

  26. it all started when i was 4, i found a flash game called “ultimate flash sonic”
    i really enjoyed it and one day, my parents said that they bought me a new sonic game, when sonic can spin and attack the enemies. knuckles can break walls and tails can grab sonic and knuckles,
    this game was… SONIC HEROES!!!!

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