LBX: Little Battlers eXperience on 3DS has a mission called “Gotta Go Fast”


Memes so strong even your greatest rival references them! The newly released 3DS game LBX, developed by Level-5 (makers of Professor Layton, Fantasy Life, and the Japanese phenomenon Yo-Kai Watch) and localized and published by Nintendo, has a mission in the game with that all-so-familiar phrase.

LBX is a customizable robot fighting game that can be compared to franchises like Medabots and Nintendo’s own Custom Robo series (hell it’s not far from Sega’s Virtual-On series either).

It may not be via amiibo support (which the game doesn’t support, hell the thing came out in Japan in 2012 on 3DS, and is a port of a PSP game from the year prior in 2011, yeah :P), but it’s still humorous that Nintendo would throw that in there. It’s not the first time either that they threw in memes of competitors, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl referenced the terrifying, delicious, and apparently historically accurate Giant Enemy Crabs and them being prone to receiving Massive Damage in their weakpoints.


(To be fair, would you bat an eyelash if that meme didn’t exist? Likely not.)

Anyway, there you have it!

May as well just clarify as not everyone knows the meme, the meme Gotta Go Fast originates from the 4Kids dub of Sonic X and its opening features that lyric. 🙂 Guess it just took awhile to catch on. 😛

Huge thanks to Fandangox at NeoGAF for snapping the pic on top. 🙂

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    1. If I recall correctly, the lead translator for the Generation IV handheld games was actually a frequent poster on a forum called Something Awful. So in his translations, he drew from his experiences at Something Awful and slipped in popular (at the time) memes from that site as well as some Internet lexicon.

      Diamond/Pearl/Platinum had the most memes, what with referencing “for massive damage”, “My Pokemon is fight” and a few more. But Heartgold/Soulsilver had Prof. Oak use the “8)” emoticon once, so it’s not entirely devoid of Internet stuff..

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