It finally happened, Ken Sugimori (Pokémon) has drawn Sonic!

l_55e84605c3550Above you see the cover artwork for the just announced Sega 3D Classics Print 2, a compilation of Sega’s 3D Classics on 3DS, though only five games are confirmed right now, including Sonic 1.

What’s so special is that like the box of the first pack, this was drawn by the main character designer and artist of Pokémon himself; Ken Sugimori.

More surprises are teased, like the blurred out bit above. Any guesses?

The pack is due on December 22nd 2015 in Japan. The first never left Japan, so don’t expect the same for this.

Image and announcement came from Famitsu.


    1. Can’t think of a very fitting type for him though. Flying maybe since he’s got the whole “wind” thing, but he’s clearly also weak to water.
      Ground/Flying maybe?

  1. Hmmm….That’s not Pulseman, maybe Gillius thunderhead or Vectorman, I can’t tell who it is.

    1. And it implies he has written horrible fan fiction about him.

      …but seriously, so what if someone has drawn Sonic?

  2. Yo, the blurred artowrk is of Arle Nadja, Carbuckle and some Puyo’s from Puyo Puyo and some racer from Power Drift.

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