Covers and Solicitations for Sonic the Hedgehog #280, Sonic Universe #83 and Sonic Super Digest #15 Revealed

Mysteries abound, villains assemble…and déjà vu all over again? has revealed the first look at the covers and solicits for December! First up, in Sonic the Hedgehog #280, Sonic, Tails and Chip are in Mazuri for the next Gaia key, but they’ll be facing tough opposition from local Egg Boss Axel the Water Buffalo. And while in the temple, Chip discovers something incredible! Find out what it is along with him in “Keys to Victory”. Meanwhile, a young girl is going through a family emergency, and only Sally and Rotor can help in this situation in “A Special Occasion”.


Sonic, Tails and Chip head to the Efrikan settlement of Mazuri to find the next set of Gaia Keys—but they’ll have to go through the tough and menacing Axel, the Egg Boss of the Efrika Egg Army, to find them! While deep in the heart of the Gaia Temple, Chip finds something incredible—but you’ll just have to wait and see what it is! Then, in “A Special Occasion,” Sally and Rotor are one girl’s only hope in a family emergency! Featuring awesome cover art by jamming Jamal Peppers and an “Altered Beast” variant by the exquisite Erik Ly!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Jamal Peppers, Jennifer Hernandez, Terry Austin, John Workman & Gabriel Cassata
Sonic the Hedgehog #280 CVR A Reg: Jamal Peppers, Terry Austin & Ben Hunzeker
Sonic the Hedgehog #280 CVR B Variant: Erik Ly
On Sale Date: 1/13
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Meanwhile, in Sonic Universe #83, the good doctor is facing opposition himself as wizarding twins Walter and Wendy Naugus have taken over his base and his Dark Gaia energy operations! He’d usually bring out a mech, but that alone is insufficient in such a situation. Instead, he’ll need to bring together all of his Egg Bosses to tackle the danger by force! And he’ll start doing just that in “Eggman’s Dozen”: part 1.


EGGMAN’S BASE is UNDER ATTACK in, “Eggman’s Dozen” Part One:
Dr. Eggman’s plans for controlling the shattered world were going perfectly—until now! The wizard warlords—the Naugus Twins—have taken over Eggman’s base and Dr. Eggman’s source of Dark Gaia energy! No mere robots will do for this mission—the doctor’s going to need ALL his Egg Bosses! Featuring cover art by Mr. Sonic comics himself, Tracy Yardley, and an “Evil Genius” variant by CG artist supreme, Rafa Knight!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli & Matt Herms
Sonic Universe #83 CVR A Reg: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash & Matt Herms
Sonic Universe #83 CVR B Variant: Rafa Knight
On Sale Date: 12/23
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

And finally, we have the latest in the Sonic Super Digest line, Sonic Super Digest #15! Along with the usual reprinting you’ve come to expect, this issue comes with a new Sonic Comic Origins story spotlighting Razor the Shark!

…Does that sound familiar to you? We’ve covered it before! Both the cover and the new Sonic Comic Origins story were originally to feature in Sonic Super Special Magazine #15, but that line has faced some hiccups lately, so at least now you’ll get to have at it!


Sonic Comic Origins continues this month with an ALL-NEW story featuring Razor the Shark! This never-before-seen tale showcases an EXCLUSIVE back-story to the underwater side of the new Sonic Comic universe with one of the most popular new characters to debut in the series! It’s a real splash this month in Sonic Super Digest! Plus, don’t miss all the classic fun and adventure you love in stories from the comics’ 20+ year history as Sonic and his friends embark on daring adventures, face evil villains and save the day one chili dog at a time! Race into the fun that only Archie Comics and Sonic Super Digest can bring! Featuring super duper cover art from Tyson Hesse and story & art from the biggest names in Sonic comics history!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Adam Bryce Thomas, Rick Bryant, Jack Morelli, Matt Herms & Various
Cover: Tyson Hesse
On Sale Date: 1/13
128-page, full color comic
$4.99 U.S.

As always, we’ll have more on these issues closer to release. See out the year with the ante pumping up!


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  1. A story arc starring Eggman…reminds me of scrambled story arc. I hope it’ll really involve all egg bosses coming together.

  2. The alter beast variant so damn ingenious, Iam mad I didn’t even think about it.And I demand someone make a fan game using this concept idea now,hell I might do it myself

  3. Let me guess, the incredible thing Chip discovers is some Archie-fied version of the moment where he regains his memory and his purpose in the Sonic Unleashed game. Calling it now.

    On another note, however, THAT ALTERED BEAST VARIANT IS AWESOME. I swear I’m the only person who actually LIKES that game. ;_;

  4. I hope the Altered Beast variant becomes a trend for the rest of the covers: a variant for each SEGA franchise every month.

    Cause you might as well do something with the cameos you wasted in Worlds Unite. Ugh, what a waste of time and talent.

    1. Yeah, Worlds Unite was just a mess, really. It was just a big clusterf*** of fanservice for the sake of fanservice, really. No one aside from Sonic, Megaman, Sigma, Eggman, Wily and that weird, crazy, humanoid dude (forgot his name) even had any relevance once everyone gathered.

    1. I think Ben Bates stopped working on interiors altogether (For Sonic and Mega Man at least) after WC.

      Don’t quote me on that. I just remember reading it from somewhere. I think Bumbleking.

      1. Ben Bates is currently concentrating on TMNT for IDW and now moving to Los Angeles to work for Marvel Studios, plus the occassional creator-owned work. You can check out most of his info on his blog –

        Man is moving on up. Glad he got hyped, but a shame that he just became another cog in the Marvel Movie Machine. 🙁

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