Sonic Paradox Turns 10 Years Old! We React!


Every Monday, we upload a new video to our “Sonic Reacts” series. Members of the community sit and watch some weird and wonderful things and share their reaction with you the audience. We don’t usually post about these, but today’s is a very special edition.

^D5F25E49986C65A63A7A8DC0F83A4622261AB86D50578C14EA^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrYep, it has been ten glorious years since the inception of Sonic Paradox, so for today’s episode we (and two members of Sonic Paradox) watch back some of the best content to come from the Paradox team.

The Sonic Show have always been big fans of the S.P group. We debuted the “Knuckles Briefs” collection in 2009. And worked with a variety of their animators, including PiggyBank and The Wax. Not to mention Donnie. Never forget “The Don™”.

So here is to 10 more insane years of comedy and creativity from Sonic Paradox! Keep it up guys!

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  1. Man, Sonic Paradox was the bomb back in the day! I wonder how they’re doing now. I haven’t heard much from them since their Youtube channel got hacked. Hope everything is going well for those guys.

    BTW, do you know if Sonic F is still a thing that’s getting new episodes and such? I hope it isn’t going on another two year hiatus…

    1. Sonic F is still going. They did a Fifth Anniversary Commentary on the first episode of Sonic F the other month.

  2. I Love Sonic Paradox scene I watched it in 2012 three years ago is my favourite YouTube channel a lot hopefully Sega shorts will be familiar to Sonic Shorts in the past can’t wait to see new Sega shorts is better than Sonic Shorts to be a popular Sega Shorts! For Sega fans & Sonic fans to enjoy their reaction to review it is awesome or bad were gonna found out if Sega Shorts is coming on a fall spring winter & summer for 2016 or 2017?

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