Sonic Dreams Collection Brings Your Fan Fiction Nightmares To Reality!

Ever wanted to play the games that SEGA never got around to finishing for the Dreamcast? Well now, finally, we all can!

Sonic Dreams Collection was released today by Arcane Kids, a  studio that is known for putting together “unique” little projects together, such as the return of Bubsy3D.

The concept in this new collection is that after years of lurking in the depths of development hell, a leak has caused these prototypes of the 90s to rise back to the surface. This unique group of games will see you creating your own original character, playing an MMO and not to mention the most interesting look into the world of fan fiction. Oh, did we mention things get weird very quickly?

If you’re so inclined, the “leak” can be found here with the password “grandpa”. If you aren’t in the mood for torturing your mind, and would rather watch someone else who’s brain was burnt along time ago, enjoy the videos below![youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube][youtube][/youtube]


  1. Well this covers Freak-Out Friday this week (three days early of course). But seriously, these games (excluding maybe the ’96 one) are a nightmare.

  2. Wow Jay you found the old Sonic game released old Sonic game is Sonic Dreams Collection originally released Sega DreamCast in 1997, & now Sega released Sonic Dreams Collection today on Arcane Kids remake this old school Sonic game to make the Sonic fans worst in the community or fanbase so yep this old Sonic game is weird or strange but yeah, thank you Jay for researching it toady for the fans!

  3. First video: …. … ……Nope.
    And Sonic looks like those giant walking machines from Star Wars.

    Second video: ?!?!?!?!?!?

    Third video: *stops video immediately* No. No. No.

  4. This game shows that no matter how much Sega screws over Sonic, the fans can do worse.

      1. I suppose a better wording would be “anti-talent that the Sonic fanbase is capable of”. Not all fans suck after all. 😛

  5. I’m not sure why you’re covering this crap when there’s plenty much better fan games out there that get little to no recognition… Just saying…

  6. It’s clear that this “game” will probably be the biggest and best thing to happen to the franchise this year. It doesn’t help that the franchise seems to be dying (again, but this time it’s more serious), and it’s not like anything will save Sonic’s reputation at this point. This “fan-game” was meant as a big joke anyway meant for bizarre and horrific fun.

    1. “It’s clear that this “game” will probably be the biggest and best thing to happen to the franchise this year.”
      For Pete’s sake don’t make me laugh. 😐

  7. No. No. No. I Refuse To Believe This. And I Won’t, Until SEGA Itself Will Tell Me PERSONALLY About This. Internet Can Tell A Lot, But Nothing Can Be 100% True.

    1. The fact that you actually believe this would ever EVER be anywhere near a competent company is more disturbing than the actual collection itself.

  8. I’m also kinda annoyed you put this here because, come on, a lot of kids come here! Show some decency! What next? You post an article about the Sonic porn and/or vore community?

    1. > Implying a bunch of models being thrown together on a bed counts as Sonic porn

      And while I agree that maybe the vore was a bit too obscene, thinking of the children on the internet is like trying to protect a Jewish child in a holocaust concentration camp. They’re already fucked at that point, why bother?

      1. So you think a normally (relatively) competent website that has a lot of very young visitors on a regular basis should start posting this stuff? I mean, if it was a site that took itself less seriously, I’d just say “meh” and leave it but the fact this site is normally very good at avoiding the kind of stuff kids shouldn’t be exposed to at any time before they reach adulthood and even condemns commenters for posting things like this in the comments then it allows something like this out of the blue has left me dismayed and very disappointed. Just because kids do find ways to see things like this via Furaffinity etc. doesn’t mean it’s ok to shove it in their faces. After all, a lot of kids avoid looking at that kind of stuff, or at least, their parents avoid letting them so it’s very unfair to then put it somewhere they would normally consider safe, possibly robbing said children of any internet privileges and/or ever visiting this site again.

        1. Wait wait wait. This site actually moderates all those things? I never really thought that mattered. Well, go figure. It’s not like this site is always posting stuff like that, if anything this video is more of a parody of all of the messed up stuff that can come from the extreme sides of the fanbase. The only graphic thing was probably the vore section, which I am plenty disturbed by, rest assured, but it was probably about as far as it went in terms of “things that little kiddies should not see”. Everything else seems pretty fine in a surreal sort of way. There aren’t any boobs or penises anywhere (note that after falling out of Rouge’s vagina…or what ever that was, the entrance is no longer visible and she’s fully clothed), there’s no curse words anywhere, and the only disturbing things about it are how surreal this is. Really I’d be more concerned about my kids seeing this and having nightmares rather than them being exposed to the “naughty parts” of the Sonic fandom. And while sites could moderate what they show or be considerate of various users of different ages, does that necessarily mean every site should be cushioned and PG? This site is pretty good most of the time on the news it covers and the only inappropriate parts tend to come from the comments section themselves, so I see no big deal in a video like this, meant to be making fun of those sub-cultures in the fandom, being posted in a site that caters to the Sonic Fan Community AT LARGE, not just the younger audience members.

  9. dispite everyone getting butthurt over this i find it hilarious, peolple who dislike sonic will always so there really isn’t much point in trying to stop anything bad from being shown about the fanbase, as i think that damage was already done xD there is nothing wrong with harmless fun, it’s getting popular as it’s werid and lets players like to play odd and werid things. the person who made it spend a while putting it together so i commend them on their efforts really xD


    In other news: Why hasn’t SEGA hired Michael Bay to direct the Sonic film?

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