Sonic costume confirmed for Super Mario Maker on Wii U

As was long awaited since the confirmation of amiibos being supported in the game, allowing you to unlock the costumes of the corresponding amiibo (though they aren’t required, just an easy way to unlock them if you have them on hand), we now have confirmation from the Super Mario Maker Miiverse community that Sonic’s costume does exist, and will finally let you play as Sonic in a Mario game for the first time in history.


What’s really bizarre is that it appears to be Sonic’s Sonic 1 sprite… which is 16-bit. All costumes are meant to be 8-bit and only usable in the SMB1-style levels. You’d think they’d have possibly picked Sonic’s sprite from Sonic Pocket Adventure, his only 8-bit appearance in the Modern-era in 8-bit form.

Super Mario Maker arrives on Wii U on September 10 in Japan, September 11 in NA and EU, and on September 12 in Australia.

Thank you Nintendo Everything and GoNintendo for the find.

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  1. I wonder of any of these costumes can use the Super Mushroom. But at least they chose Genesis Sonic. I always thought it could’ve been something like this:

    -SMB1: An 8-bit pixel Sonic
    -SMB3: Master System Sonic
    -SMW: Genesis Sonic
    -NSMB: Sonic 4: Episode I Sonic

    1. 8-bit (pixel) sonic is also the same as Master System sonic. In addition, Master System sonic and Genesis Sonic are pixel-sonic. D:

  2. An official classic Sonic skin in Super Mario Bros.

    I know they’ve been together in Brawl, Smash 4 Wii U $ 3DS, five Olympic games, and (as a costume) in Mario Kart 8… But damn does this still feel strange. Also, the sprite looks pretty fucking sweet.

  3. I’m kind of disappointed that he’s 16-bit and not 8-bit, but that’s an incredible nitpick. Still awesome. XD

  4. At long last. Now for the totally much anticipated Mario DLC in Lost World where Sonic pulls a zipper down from the top of his head and reveals that he’s actually been Mario the whole time and you get to play the rest of the game as Mario. X)”

  5. It looks like an 8-bit version of the 16-bit sprite, but yeah, I was thinking Sonic Pocket Adventure as well.

  6. Those graphics are awful. As if the recycled 8-bit graphics on a modern game weren’t bad enough, they can’t even get them right. The sky in SMB is supposed to be blue, not purple.

    I swear, nostalgia is ruining games as much as casualization and monetization.

    1. Purple? I think most would agree that that colour is in fact blue. I even ran a tool that tells me the RGB codes of the colours, and that said it’s blue.

  7. Oh wonderful Sonic Amiibo is here in Super Mario Maker on Wii U to tap Sonic Amiibo in Super Mario Maker feels like an new Sonic game is here just teasing I made that one up you people.

  8. “You’d think they’d have possibly picked Sonic’s sprite from Sonic Pocket Adventure, his only 8-bit appearance in the Modern-era in 8-bit form.”

    The Neo Geo Pocket actually had a 16 bit CPU.

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