Sonic Boom Costumes Now Available at Amazon

stickscostumeThe costumes have landed.

A few months ago, Rubies Costume Co announced that it would be making costumes based on Sonic Boom, well it looks like the first wave of costumes are now available to buy on Amazon.


The costumes are currently only in child sizes and so far only Amy & Sticks have been released. However, Rubies did previously release Sonic costumes in adult sizes so if you really want them you never know.

So if you have any younger siblings who are into Sonic Boom, these might interest them.

Source: Amazon

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  1. I wanna be Sonic for Halloween again! Though I was him when I was 8 and 16. I also had the idea to be Steven Universe this year, but if these actually do come in adults sizes, I think I’ll pick one of these up.

  2. If there’s an adult size Tails that looks good, I may actually want to do it for Halloween. Maybe. I mean, one year I did Classic Robotnik.

  3. Well, this looks fun for any kids (or adults) that like Boom. I’m personally not into cosplay, but I always liked Amy’s dress design. If it didn’t look so cheap, I’d totally buy Amy’s dress for informal events.

  4. That Sticks head cap actually looks pretty well made. I may know some kids that will be interested in this

  5. Um, okay, well…
    I guess.

    It’s better than a lot of other Sonic costumes out there, that’s a given.

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