Preview: Sonic Boom #11

Sonic Boom is ending with more meta madness than ever in its final issue!


It feels like yesterday when we announced that Sonic Boom would be getting a monthly comic, but we’ve reached the final issue and Comic Book Resources has the preview of it. Sonic Boom #11 sees Eggman become frustrated with his usual fare of robotic warfare, so he decides to hire Kyle the Gorilla to aid him. But this may not be the greatest idea if the help doesn’t exactly want to help! Can Eggman turn the situation to his advantage? This is “Eggman Gets a Gorilla”.

STORY BY: Sam Sandak Freiberger
ART BY: Diana Skelly, Rick Bryant
COLORS BY: Matt Herms
LETTERS BY: Jack Morelli
COVER BY: Diana Skelly, Rick Bryant, Steve Downer
PUBLISHER: Archie Comics
RELEASE DATE: Sep 2nd, 2015
Follow up after the “WORLDS UNITE” crossover with a BOOM in this EXPLOSIVE eleventh issue! “Eggman Gets a Gorilla”: When Dr. Eggman’s regular robotic enforcers just can’t cut the mustard, he hires some additional help! (Because, seriously, how hard is it to cut mustard?) Introducing the mighty, Kyle the Gorilla! Is he really the next APE wonder of the world? Or will Sonic get yet another reason to point and laugh? You’ll be pointing and laughing too-but in a good way! Featuring cover art by rising star Diana Skelly plus a “BOOMTASTIC” variant with art provided by SEGA!

Sonic Boom #11 is due out this Wednesday. Start September out by sending off Sonic Boom’s monthly series for the last time!

Source: Comic Book Resources


    1. Lol, if you’re going to go out, may as well do it without regrets.

      Somewhere out there, there’s probably a SonicFan91 or EggFan91 ranting about this on their blog or something. X)”

  1. This is the second time Sonic Boom in its entirety has referenced the confusing fanbase. XD I love it. These comics are so wacky and out of the 4th wall that I can’t help but love them. It’s a shame this is the last one. Oh well… at least the characters are supposedly going to live on.

    And hey, the TV show is still running strong.

    1. I don’t think this one is going to be lobbed off an island for bullying Knuckles when he was younger though.

      1. The weird thing here for me is that it has the same first name as me…I don’t know how I should feel about this… O.o”””

  2. First thing, that first pages is gorgeous. EGGU-MAN…FINAAAH FOOORRRRMU!!

    Secondly, I’m kind of sad that this comic is coming to an end and that I slept on it for so long. Yeah, I found the serial comedic nature of the show and comic somewhat annoying at times, but I think the comic actually trumps the show in the way they pace their jokes and use the comic medium for their gags. And NOW, just when they’re about to end, the comic winds up with the perfect artist for Sonic Boom, Diane Skelly.

    I think the problem with these type of gag strip comedies is that no longer appeal to a monthlyissue audience; the invention of the comic book cliffhanger made sure that most weekly floppies has to have some form of ongoing narrative, even with monster of the week premises. One way gag books often survived is by having multiple stories in one book. Sonic Boom’s joke per month style made the entire run pointless to collect as a monthly. Maybe it would have sold better as a digest than a full comic. At least it will help with trades.

  3. Farewell Sonic Boom comic, I only read one issue of you and I would have like dot read more of you, but I just couldn’t handle seeing Ian Flynn take a dump over it all by Fubaring all the personalities and rehashing the same old jokes for the hundredth time.

    Ian “I don’t give a shit about keeping anyone in character” Flynn, you did it again.

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