Preview: Mega Man #52 (Worlds Unite part 12)

After three months, we’ve finally hit the end of the line of the second comic crossover!


It’s time for the final weekly song and dance as Worlds Unite wraps up for its finale! Comics Alliance recaps the events of the prior issue, has one last chat with Vincent Lovallo (amongst which is a confirmation that Sonic Universe’s upcoming Silver Age arc is a prequel to the prologue that leads into Worlds Unite) and contains the last preview for this 12+ issue event. Desperate times have called for desperate measures as Sonic and Mega Man have gone super, but even in this form Sigma may prove a challenge. On top of that, reality itself is falling to pieces with the Genesis Portal abuse! It’s going to take some super-powered teamwork, and perhaps some evil maniacs’ sabotage, to end Sigma’s threat for the last time! This is “Worlds Unite”: part 12.

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tyson Hesse, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: T. Rex
Variant Cover: Reilly Brown
Covers Unite Variant (12 of 12): Ben Bates
The ALL-NEW Sonic/Mega Man Crossover sequel comes to a chaotic close with “Worlds Unite” Part Twelve: The grand finale to “Worlds Unite” sees our super-powered heroes Sonic and Mega Man face off against the evil Sigma in his final, most lethal form! If that wasn’t enough, the Genesis Portal-ravaged reality is falling apart and time is running out to fix it! You don’t want to miss the stunning conclusion to the biggest crossover event of the year! Featuring the worlds of STREET FIGHTER, SKIES OF ARCADIA, NiGHTS INTO DREAMS, OKAMI, GHOSTS ‘N’ GOBLINS, ALEX KIDD and more! Featuring cover art from the legendary T.Rex, a special “SUPER-POWERED” variant by Reilly Brown and the final part of the epic 12-part connecting variant cover series by artist Ben Bates!
On Sale Date: 8/19 | 32-page, full color comic | $3.99 U.S

Mega Man #52 is due to come out this Wednesday. Pick it up if you want to see how this entire debacle concludes in its explosive ending!

Source: Comics Alliance

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  1. I may have a hunch that Comedy Chimp and Fastidious Beaver replaced Signas and Alia at the last minute before the crossover began.

  2. The Sonic Bible says only male hedgehogs can go super.
    But Flynn don’t take shit from Sega.

    1. Someone clearly hasn’t played Sonic Rush or Sonic Rush Adventure.
      Burning Blaze, it’s a thing. Has only has happened twice so far but it’s still a thing.

      1. The bible did point this out as an exception, but it also said that it got around it by not being called super (which was through a power source different to the Chaos Emeralds).

        As for the first post though, SEGA were the ones who permitted that Mega Man could go super (and it doesn’t affect that rule since it’s a different continuity). In contrast, SEGA forbade Mega Man X from getting a super form, and they presumably forbade Sticks as well.

          1. Non-canon even though they were in canon games and a big part of the plot? Nicole has gone super, kinda, in the comics just before Worlds Unite too and Knuckles and Tails had that weird golden bubble super form in Sonic Heroes…

          2. @Kamifox; Yep. The lock-on bonuses are considered non-canon, Sonic 3 and S&K are basically only canon as separate games. The bubbles in Heroes weren’t super forms, it was just Super Sonic casting shields around them. It can be contrasted against Sonic ’06 where they did all go super.

            As for Nicole, she gets around it in the same way Blaze does; she’s called Overclocked and her power source is the Red Star Rings. Plus it might only work in the digital world.

          3. Sonic 3 follows directly on from Sonic 2 and Sonic CD from Sonic 3 though so how the hell is Sonic 3 non-canon? Sonic & Knuckles adds all the unfinished content to Sonic 3, making it a complete game so that technically counts as half of Sonic 3..

          4. @Kamifox; I think you slightly misinterpreted. Sonic 3 is canon. Sonic and Knuckles is canon. THe locked on form of S3&K is effectively not canon. They can still follow on directly.

          5. if we’re discussing the comics both knuckles and tails had a super form pre sgw – hyper knuckles and turbo tails but they both used chaos emeralds to attain their forms

          6. yeah also hyper knuckles is based off super knuckles from the game just named differently to add variety so this would indicate super knuckles is canon

          7. The locked on form is the same game though, just the full version instead of the two seperate halves.

            Besides which, if Super/Hyper Knuckles and Turbo/Super Tails are in a canon game and part of the plot, as well as the comics pre-reboot, how are they not canon? You might as well be saying the many early iterations of Metal Sonic aren’t canon either at this point.

          8. Because SEGA themselves said so, and Iizuka explicitly brought up the stuff (bar Super Knuckles because that wasn’t lock-on exclusive…but is still non-canon) was just bonus content for locking on, not stuff to be carried over. Talk to them if you have issue with it, I’m just saying what their stance is.

            Plus their past presence in the comics (haven’t shown up since the reboot) isn’t indication of canon at all. You can look to the scrapped characters for proof of that.

    1. Technically speakng even without the chaos emeralds if megaman uses rush adaptor hes super megaman i only know that because i read the megaman gigamix manga

  3. Wow. What an anticlimactic ending. To me at least. That was just.. Wow. I really didn’t see that happening.

    1. Same here, the new comics seem to have a problem with endings. Every arc ending so far has had an awesome build-up then just kinda… nothing… I’ve also noticed it becoming rather repetitive. Big build-up then shock, horror, someone else comes in and saves the day at the last minute!

      SPOILERS: Sonic the Fighters arc: Build-up to the final fight then everyone and his mother jumped in to save the day and Tails wound up ending it all. Nicole and Phage arc: Sally jumped in last minute and saved the day. Then this arc: I won’t say. :p

        1. I’m also annoyed the biggest pull of this crossover, the multiple franchises coming in, ended up having little to no point in the overall plot. Everyone from the worlds that aren’t Sonic or Megaman pretty much came in, kicked a few hundred minions about and took a backseat. What was the point?

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