Opinion Zone 15: Why Do Trolls Live In The Comment Sections?

A troll is a supernatural being in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore. They are most commonly known to hide under bridges, and since roughly the 2000’s have found access to the internet.

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Ok, firstly I feel I should point out if you listen to the episode you will realise that we are talking mainly about Youtube and sites in general, not just The Sonic Stadium! Hugs and kisses.

Anyway, Segasky aka Skyler (best known for our Top 5 games fans like that are really terrible) joins us to discuss why comments sections seem to always have haters in them. Can we all be mature and discuss a different of opinion in a rational manner. Oh no, why do that when you can call someone a *#%* in capslock instead! Do people feel the need to be mean because they are actually insecure inside, or are they just blind sighted by their love for whatever may be discussed that day?

Every member of the team also reads the best hate comment they have ever personally received. We’ll let you decide if their comments are justified!

Plus while Donnie rests from his win last week, a viewer gets the chance to represent the Skyler haters and play Sabotage Skyler!

And as always we jump into Uncle Poxxy’s helpline to find out if it’s ok to be a Shadow “fan girl”.

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  1. This was an interesting discussion to say the least. Essay guy was something else, let me tell you. Its a shame because he put so much effort into, well, absolutely nothing. As for the Boom thing, I can confirm that some people really do want the internet to just stop discussing Boom so it can fade into non-existence. Heck, one of my former friends is convinced that Boom isn’t really Sonic and so no true Sonic fan would discuss anything about it except its flaws. Seriously. Although the worst comment I’ve ever seen still goes to the guy who straight told a mom that if she truly loved and cared about her children, she’d make them stop watching and enjoying Boom TV and start watching enjoying the Storybook games instead. Its only made worse by that fact that the guy has been around for such a long time, and has been so obsessive and consistent with his points, that he no longer qualifies for reasonable doubt. He legit believes this kind of stuff.

    As for if I’d ever found myself being part of the problem, yeah, I have. I used to be a hardcore Boost-above-everything fan. I mostly posted that stuff on Nickelodeon’s forum when I first got into Sonic, and said forum deletes posts after a certain period of time. So mercifully, a lot my stupid moments have been lost to the abyss. Regardless, after criticizing a lot stupid comments about Sonic, I started to notice how like myself those comments really were. So I made a conscious effort to change. While I’m still very much a fan of the Boost formula, my views have softened towards the Classic and Adventure era, and I’m more respectful of fans of those eras now than I was back then.

    1. Should say “watching and enjoying” before “the Storybook game”. Sorry for the typo.

  2. I don’t understand the mindset of people who put their effort into spewing so much negativity onto other people. There are so many better, positive things to do with your energy, writing harsh comments on the internet should be dead last on your list of things to do with your life. Go outside, take a deep breath, listen to the birds. The rest of the world doesn’t care about a cartoon show starring a blue stylized anthropomorphic rodent, so take a step back from the vitriol. Life goes on.

  3. I really don’t see why people waste their time and energy entering fanbases JUST to spread hate among them. Is it just boredom? In which case, go find something else to do! Is it a lack of self-worth, if so, stop putting that onto everyone else and get a life! If you genuinely dislike something, fair enough but don’t go spreading that hate among the fanbase just to please yourself. just avoid the fanbase and franchise. Simple.

  4. When it comes to specific negative things said about their favorite games, or worse, their favorite characters, then often people tend to link the hate you or some other person may give that to themselves. People tend to feel as though that when something they like is criticized an aspect of their character is indirectly criticized as well. When someone calls a character a shitty character and they say fuck him, it’ll rub off to them as though it’s an attack on their sensibilities because they like that character. Even worse when they see a bunch of people agreeing with that notion. They’ll react as though you had a specific problem with them rather then the actual subject matter and that in turn leads to a whole lot of conflict that simply saying “it’s my opinion” tends to not fix.

    It’s sad because there’s not much one can do about that since opinions suck but everyone’s entitled to their own. Now the comments you guys listed and talked about are of the hilarious extreme variety. I’m astounded by how many weird people there are on the internet.

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