Opinion Zone 13 (Taped Live): Should You Profit On Fan Projects?

Our first live taping of the show happened, with a very special guest call in!

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So SEGA recently announced a massive drop in sales against last year. This is hardly a surprise so what could possibly help turn SEGA’s revenue around. Well we could explore their franchises, we could explore merchandising. Instead we just seemed to be obsessed with SEGA arcades saving SEGA. Also when is it wrong to make money from community fan projects, some very different opinions on this one.

Plus, Donnie takes on a Canadian in Defeat Donnie and we go through Ask Uncle Poxxy. Did we mention there is a very special guest asking Uncle Poxxy a question today? You will love Poxxy’s reaction to this one off call!


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  1. No you should not. If you are going to put a significant effort into developing anything, you might as well make it your own/

  2. You probably shouldn’t because it is a copyrighted IP character and that is some tricky stuff to manage. I know people who make videos are safe, mostly if it is a parody because that is actually protected under copyright. Which is why tv shows can get away with that kind of stuff. But it is harder if you try to sell art that you’ve made of a copyrighted character.

    I know some artists do commissions but I’m not entirely sure where that lies in copyright laws. All I know is that it is illegal to make money off of an already copyrighted material. I think fan art could fall into that, because even though the artist made the art the characters belong to the company and the money should go to them as well. Most companies if they wanted could sue people for even drawing fan art but they don’t because it is free advertising. I think most companies don’t mind fan projects as long as it is non profit. I think if people really need to make money they should go with their own original material.

    But if someone else actually knows more about videos and fan art that is used to make money and still is okay within copyright law please correct me.

  3. I personally think it’s more of a moral issue than a copyright issue. Think, you spend weeks, even months, creating a character/franchise then spend years establishing said franchise and getting money from it. I don’t think you’d like it if someone then took that franchise, created their own things heavily involving it then made money off it. This is, of course, one reason why copyright exists so it does kinda double as a copyright issue but still.

  4. Absolutely not. I acknowledge that it’s the choice of the creators themselves, but if it were up to me, the hard and selfless work of dedicated fans of the series should not be milked by the company that has proven they don’t know shit about how to handle themselves, let alone the Sonic franchise.

    1. Yeah but these fans are also using the stuff that took hard work on SEGAs part originally so… Kinda goes both ways…

  5. No. Fan games and mods for games are the last area in gaming that isn’t corrupt with greed; it’s driven purely by passion. You should have a donate button, but as far as selling it for profit? No.

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