First footage of Sonic in Super Mario Maker


Following the first-look at his sprite in the game yesterday, we now have a bit of video footage of him in the game (skip to 2:26), here you can see it’s definitely the Sonic 1 sprite, and also when he runs, he spins!

And yes, even Pokemon are in! Why does it feel like Pokemon are now a bigger shock than Sonic?

To clarify, these outfits do not require amiibo, you can unlock them by completing the 100-Mario Challenges in the game.


  1. It looks a bit strange, sometimes he jumps normally but other times he doesn’t… And it is a little big in comparison with other characters.

  2. I wasn’t planning on getting Mario Maker cuz I’m not a hard core Mario fan but the fact that you can play as virtually every smash Bros character (without actually needing it’s amiibo) is very tempting. Maybe, just maybe I’ll get it…
    BTW, can anyone confirm if there’s a MegaMan amiibo? I haven’t seen one in Canada.

  3. not master system sonic 0/10 try again nintendo

    But seriously, going with any form of Mega Drive Sonic is really odd considering how much it stands out against the 8-Bit sprites. I suppose SEGA didn’t want Nintendo using anything other than the famous original?

  4. Having that character’s own victory theme play at the end of the level is a really nice touch.

    But…WHY? Why have him spin when running? It just seems….off. Would it count as an attack? If so, that’s OP. If not, it really defeats the purpose of the spin. That was a really bad idea…guess they had to incorporate his famous spin dash somehow, but it’s still a bad idea.

  5. Wait… you don’t need amiibo to unlock these costumes? Cool! But regardless, I’m gonna love popping in my Sonic amiibo for this game.

  6. Holly Molly that’s a lot of Amiibos Super Mario Maker has altogether today in the video for YouTube.

  7. Because the way that Pokemon rights are handled makes it more difficult to implement in a lot of Nintendo games. (Or so I have read)
    Like in Yoshi’s Wooly World, you can get skins from EVERY amiibo (including Sonic, Mega Man and Pac-man! Even the Splatoon amiibo) BUT the Pokemon amiibo for some reason.
    But overall it’s hard to find any actual proper Pokemon cross over or cameo (not including references or parodies) with other Nintendo properties besides Smash Bros. But I guess this is kinda nice.

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