Covers and Solicitations for Sonic the Hedgehog #279 and Sonic Universe #82 Released

I’m falling free in the…pages. And I don’t remember a verse where Sonic became Godzilla.

After a strange release schedule of the solicits last month, we’re back on track as Arcade Sushi brings us covers and info on two new releases! First up, we’ve got continuation of two stories in the same book. Sonic the Hedgehog #279 sees Sonic, Antoine, Big and their Freedom Fighter allies are now at the mercy of new Egg Boss Nephthys and troops in their pursuit of a Gaia key. Will they be able to save themselves before they can save the guardian? Find out in “Face of the Enemy”: part 2. Then, the fight between Sally and Bunnie against Egg Bosses Cassia and Clove has wrapped up, and each side thinks they’ve won. But did anyone truly win in the end? This is “Hidden Costs”: part 3.


Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Adam Bryce Thomas, Evan Stanley, Terry Austin, John Workman & Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Jamal Peppers, Terry Austin & Ben Hunzeker
Variant Cover: Rafa Knight
SONIC is in the FIGHT FOR HIS LIFE in—”Face of the Enemy” Part Two: Sonic and his friends are at the mercy of Egg Boss Nephthys and her Egg Army! They came to rescue a Gaia Key Guardian-but can they manage to escape with their lives?! Then, in the finale to “Hidden Costs,” revelations abound! Sally and Clove both think their plans have succeeded-but at what cost? Featuring cover art by jamming Jamal Peppers and Sonic CG artist supreme Rafa Knight!
On Sale Date: 12/9 | 32-page, full color comic | $3.99 U.S.

Meanwhile, in the bizarro tale of Silver, the unleashed evil is proving too much for Silver’s powers alone to handle in his current state. Gold the Tenrec and Professor Von Schlemmer may be able to offer a bit of extra brain power for the cause, and it may be a bigger effect than you’d think. Promising a conclusion you wouldn’t be able to predict, this is “The Silver Age”: part 4.


Script: Evan Stanley
Art: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli & Matt Herms
Cover: Evan Stanley
Variant Cover: T. Rex
ENTER THE FINAL FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE! “The Silver Age” part four: The finale to Silver’s latest adventure! Silver simply doesn’t have the might to stop the creature menacing his time. Maybe the combined brain power of Gold and Prof. von Schlemmer can help! It’s a knock-down, drag-out fight for the fate of the future with a shocking ending you’ll never see coming-even if you’re psychic! Featuring cover art by the “Silver Age” writer herself, Evan Stanley, plus a special “Movie Poster Variant” by the terrific T. Rex!
On Sale Date: 11/25 | 32-page, full color comic | $3.99 U.S

As always, we will have more information on both of these comics closer to their release. Stay tuned for now, because the next comic post will be the conclusion of the biggest story Sonic’s had to date!

Source: Arcade Sushi


  1. This made me sad because I got to the end and then remembered that Sonic Boom is over in the comics 🙁

  2. Fun fact: the new Egg Boss Nephthys is named after the Egyptian goddess who personified the process of death.

    Yep. Sonic’s gonna have a tough time with this one.

      1. Nephthys, AKA Nebt-het, is the mother of Anubis, depending on the source, and is one of the Ennead. She’s associated with numerous things and one of them is the processes of mummification, as she was given the title “Queen of the Embalmer’s Shop”, and she’s the protector of one of the Canopic jars.

  3. Why do those three remind me of Witchcart’s crew, or the Ultimax from Sonic the Comic.

  4. All 4 covers look amazing!

    That Silver Age saga looks really interesting, also I hope the next arc is about Blaze finally going against Dr. Eggman Nega, it has been teased for years now!

  5. I can’t feel but a bit miffed that we’re getting that far with the solicitations before the story is even out. I felt like I just read the entire arc without picking up the book.

    Plus, is it me, or is that evil, demonic ghostly enemy a nod to Evan’s own comic with Silver? “Ghost of Future Past” or something; read it a few times, not my cup of joe and I wonder how much of THAT is going into SILVER AGE. After all, Ian did the same thing with the DARK MOBIUS arc, ripping off his own OTHER M series.

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